Last Updated: April 16, 2014
Brendon Durfee launches grand slam out of Lojeski in Brewers victory 4/9/14  

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Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Apr 16
Minors 2nd Half
AA Dodgers @ AA Mets 1:30pm Windsor Field
AN 1 @ PA Royals 5:00pm Hamilton Park
Red Sox @ White Sox 5:00pm Lojeski Field
SM Nationals @ AA Cubs 5:00pm Windsor Field
Machine Pitch
Angels @ AA Cubs 5:00pm Baldwin Stocker
Nationals @ AN Red Sox 5:00pm Longden Yards
Red Sox @ Diamondbacks 5:00pm Lojeski MP
Thursday,  Apr 17
Minors 2nd Half
Tigers @ Indians 5:00pm Lojeski Field
Machine Pitch
AA Dodgers @ Mariners 5:00pm Lojeski MP
Saturday,  Apr 19
Minors 1st Half
Dodgers @ SM Giants 11:00am Heasley Field
AA Dodgers @ Red Sox 11:00am Lojeski Field
PA Royals @ Tigers 1:30pm Lojeski Field
White Sox @ SM Orioles 3:00pm Heasley Field
Minors 2nd Half
SM Nationals @ AA Mets 11:00am Windsor Field
PA Tigers @ PA Nationals 1:30pm Hamilton Park
AN 2 @ AN 1 1:30pm Longden Yards
SM Cubs @ AA Cubs 2:00pm Windsor Field
Reds @ Brewers 4:00pm Lojeski Field
A's @ SM-Tigers 5:00pm Heasley Field
AA Dodgers @ AA Yankees 9:00am Holly Avenue
Phillies @ Red Sox 9:00am Lojeski T-Ball
AA Cubs @ AA Tigers 10:30am Holly Avenue
Dodgers @ Blue Jays 10:30am Lojeski T-Ball
Machine Pitch
AA Cubs @ Nationals 9:00am Lojeski MP
Orioles @ AA Dodgers 1:30pm Baldwin Stocker
Mariners @ AN Red Sox 4:00pm Longden Yards
ANLL Blue Jays @ Orioles 8:30am Lojeski Field
Astros @ ANLL White Sox 9:00am Longden Yards
ANLL Athletics @ AALL Yankees 9:30am Baldwin Stocker
Diamondbacks @ AALL Diamondbacks 11:30am Baldwin Stocker
Dodgers @ AALL Tigers 4:00pm Baldwin Stocker
Monday,  Apr 21
Minors 2nd Half
AA Mets @ SM Cubs 5:00pm Heasley Field
Red Sox @ Indians 5:00pm Lojeski Field
Machine Pitch
AN Dodgers @ Angels 5:00pm Lojeski MP
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Minors 2nd Half
AN 2 @ SM Orioles 5:00pm Heasley Field
A's @ Brewers 5:00pm Lojeski Field
Machine Pitch
Mariners @ AA Cubs 5:00pm Baldwin Stocker
ANLL Athletics @ Red Sox 5:00pm Lojeski MP
Dodgers @ ANLL White Sox 5:00pm Longden Yards

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Upcoming Events

Friday,  Jun 6
SALL Closing Ceremonies 4:00pm Lojeski Field

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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