Last Updated: November 20, 2017
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  • Good Luck to all teams
  • Sayreville Softball (Adult Division) PO Box 8 Parlin, NJ 08859


2017 Fall Sunday A Division Finals November 26th:

Seed 1 Big Wally’s vs Seed 2 Diablos 8:45am Rec Complex


2017 Fall Sunday B Division Finals November 26th:

Seed 2 SSR Rebels vs Seed 4 Smoking Bases 8:45am Laurel Park


2018 Fall Sunday C Division Finals  November 26th

Seed 2 Bada Bing vs Seed 4 Brickhouse 8:45am Burkes Park


Wednesday November 22nd

Weeknight "Blue" Division

Seed 1 South Amboy Plumbing vs Seed 6 One Bad Inning 6:45pm Senior Field

Seed 2 Diablos vs Seed 4 Star Plumbing 7pm Rec Complex


Weeknight "Gray" Division

Seed 1 Rustoni's vs Seed 6 BayWay 8pm Woodland Park

Seed 2 Skunked Beers vs Seed 4 Lake Seals 6pm Woodland Park Pit








2017 Spring Co-Ed Division Champions: Vintage Wines
2017 Sunday "Blue" Division Champions: Diablos
2017 Spring Sunday "Grey" Division Champioms: Hit It and Quit It
2017 Spring Sunday "White" Division Champions: Benchmark Lending
2017 Spring Weeknight "A" Division Champions: Hulk America 
2017 Spring Weeknight "B" Division Champions: VIP
2017 Spring Weeknight "C" Division Champions: Taco Bell Tuesday




Nico’s Story

Nico is an amazing 9 year old boy who brings light into everyone's life that he touches. He was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia with FLT3/ITD mutation on December 11, 2014. To date Nico has undergone 4 chemo protocols full body radiation and research studies for his aggressive AML. In May of 2015 Nico received a bone marrow transplant. His FLT3/ITD mutation increases the aggressiveness of his AML. There is currently no cure for Nico's condition

Email address is
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Donations can be made at 




Rule Change for Co-ed - You may play with only three (3) girls however if you only have 3 girls then you cannot use one of the girls as the catcher.  If you have more than 3 in the field then a girl may play catcher.  Home and Visitors are set in the schedule, please refer to the schedule for home and away each game.  You may be playing two games in a night, please refer to the schedule...



Good Luck to all teams. Please remember to report your scores each week. Clean up your dugouts after each game. No drinking is permitted at any borough park. Thanks and good luck. 


Bats:  There is no composite barrel or core allowed in any division.  Aluminum or wood barrel or core is allowed.  You may use a composite handle bat with aluminum or wood barrel.  I do not have an accurate list so be sure when using or purchasing a bat make sure there is no composite in the barrel or core.



Bonfires and Drinking are prohibited in all Borough Parks. If you are caught drinking in a borough park you can get a summons. If you are caught drinking during a game you will automatically be ejected from the game. Also, please clean up after yourselves. We are in jeopardy of losing fields due to the trash left on the fields, in the dugouts, and around the fields after our games. If you do not clean up after your game you will lose your forefeit fees. We do not want to lose the fields because they are difficult to come by. So please after each game clean up after yourselves. The umpires will be making sure you do.

Banned Player List
For an up to date list of banned players please visit the handout section of our website.