Last Updated: November 21, 2017
  • Scrimmages are posted. It is a great time to work on new rules and mechanics
  • Meeting dates are Jan. 3, Feb. 7, March 21 (dinner)
  • Officials have the ability to accept/decline schedules online with Section XI
  • Congrats to those officials who moved to the next level
  • 3-person scrimmages are posted. Sign up and learn the system

Welcome to the home of the

Suffolk Board of Womens' Basketball Officials

2017/18 NYS Modifications

NCAA Interpretation updates

NCAA Rulebook updates

Meeting Dates

Jan. 3 (business,  game situations)

Feb. 7 (election, playoffs)

March 21 (dinner)


The following officials were promoted  to varsity:  Marc Negrin, Chris Hahn, Rich Maggio, Mike Barry

The following officials were promoted to JV: Charles Lloyd, Jr., Rich Romito, Joe Zawistowski, John Halpin, Ira Kohansov, John Perugini.



Once again, we are going to offer the deal with NASO to save you some money for those who like Referee Magazine and the NASO benefits. The cost is $79. It is not mandatory, but those who choose to join must pay by the Oct. 25 meeting. Secretary-treasurer Jeff Fried will be collecting checks or cash tonight and at the Oct. 25 meeting.

Dues are $120

The deadline for dues was March 1. If you failed to pay your dues on time, please reach out to Jeff Fried, 13 Spruce Court, Selden, NY  11784 for the total amount due to include the late fine. 

Injury claims contact info

Contact American Specialty Insurance

Donna Rudicel

1-800-566-7941 x 306

NYSGBO Accident Form

Guidelines for the Option to Advance the Ball

Minutes have been posted

Minutes from both the Oct. 7 and 28 meetings have been posted


Sportsmanship Card
The New York State Public High School Athletic Association requires officials to enforce all sportsmanship rules for athletes and coaches. We will not tolerate negative statements or actions between opposing players, especially trash-talking, taunting or baiting of opponents. If such comments are heard or actions seen, a penalty will be assessed immediately. We have been instructed not to issue warnings. Let today's contest reflect mutual respect.

3-person areas of responsibility
3-person areas of responsibility are shaded to show Lead, Trail and Center primary areas.

3-person mechanics quick guide
Stacey's quick guide to 3-person mechanics. A must read for all 3-person playoff officials.

JH Rules/Section XI

Click Here To Download

If you plan to work JH contests, please print a copy of the rules as provided by Section XI. They are listed under Handouts.