Last Updated: September 15, 2014

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2014 12U Double Header Fall League
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Field update for Sunday September 14

All games are playing as scheduled.

Fontbonne Reverse Exposure Schedule

Everyone is invited to come and watch some nice games and see some colleges in action right in our backyard. ABC Park Sept 20 & 21. It is $5 admission per person but covers both days

Click HERE for the Game Schedule

St. Louis ASA Reverse Exposure Tournament

Coaches, I want to thank you for supporting St. Louis ASA this year, I think we had a very good year. We had some very good tournaments with great competition. We have worked real hard over the last few years to improve all aspects of our tournaments. We really appreciate your support over the years and hopefully in the future.

We are working hard to bring in newer and younger umpires to our organization. We feel we have the best trainers in the area. In order to keep improving our association we are going to offer a reverse exposure tournament. A reverse exposure tournament is basically an umpire training tournament. These are held throughout the country for ASA/NCAA umpires. We are using this concept for St. Louis ASA youth softball


How the Reverse Exposure Tournament works.


Teams will play the tournament like any other tournament. They will play 3 pool games followed by a single elimination bracket THERE WILL BE MINIMAL DISRUPTION OF THE GAMES. While the games are being played umpires will be evaluated, and in some cases, shown exactly where to go and what to do. In between innings the clinic umpires will be given tips on how to improve their umpire skills. These will be short comments and quick fixes. THE GAMES WILL NOT BE ON HOLD FOR UMPIRES TO BE TRAINED. After the game the umpires will go through a more in-depth conversation on how to be a better umpire. This is very effective in advanced training and will only improve our association.

This will be a perfect opportunity to see your new team play and get at least 4 games in for a low price. If your team has participated in St. Louis ASA Tournament this year your fee’s for this event will be $150. Teams that have not participated in any St. Louis ASA Tournaments will pay $275. I hope this will give back to the teams that have supported us this year and make our association stronger.


You can register for this tournament at



October 11&12 2014

Fees ASA teams $150

Non ASA teams $250

We can only take 32 teams in this event. All games will be played in the quad at Woodlands

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Sep 21
8th Grade
Pattonville @ Francis Howell North 12:00pm Field 21
Washington @ Marquette 12:00pm Field 24
Christian High @ Fort Zumwalt South 1:30pm Field 21
Wentzville Holt @ Pattonville 1:30pm Field 22
Francis Howell North @ Fort Zumwalt West 1:30pm Field 23
Marquette @ Wentzville Liberty 1:30pm Field 24
Francis Howell Central @ Francis Howell 3:00pm Field 21
Wentzville Liberty @ Washington 3:00pm Field 24
Fort Zumwalt South @ Francis Howell Central 4:30pm Field 21
Fort Zumwalt West @ Christian High 4:30pm Field 22
Francis Howell @ Wentzville Holt 4:30pm Field 23
7th Grade
Lutheran St. Peters @ Francis Howell Central 12:00pm Field 22
Wentzville Timberland @ Ritenour 12:00pm Field 23
Fort Zumwalt West @ Fort Zumwalt South 12:00pm Field 25
Fort Zumwalt South @ Francis Howell 1:30pm Field 25
Ritenour @ Lutheran St. Peters 3:00pm Field 22
Francis Howell Central @ Wentzville Timberland 3:00pm Field 23
Francis Howell @ Fort Zumwalt West 3:00pm Field 25
Saturday,  Sep 27
8th Grade
Francis Howell North @ Francis Howell Central 9:00am Field 21
Marquette @ Francis Howell 9:00am Field 22
Wentzville Liberty @ Pattonville 9:00am Field 23
Fort Zumwalt South @ Christian High 9:00am Field 25
Washington @ Wentzville Liberty 10:30am Field 23
Christian High @ Fort Zumwalt West 10:30am Field 25
Francis Howell Central @ Marquette 12:00pm Field 21
Francis Howell @ Francis Howell North 12:00pm Field 22
Pattonville @ Wentzville Holt 12:00pm Field 23
Fort Zumwalt West @ Fort Zumwalt South 12:00pm Field 25
Wentzville Holt @ Washington 1:30pm Field 23
7th Grade
Fort Zumwalt West @ Fort Zumwalt South 9:00am Field 24
Lutheran St. Peters @ Francis Howell Central 10:30am Field 21
Wentzville Timberland @ Ritenour 10:30am Field 22
Fort Zumwalt South @ Francis Howell 10:30am Field 24
Francis Howell @ Fort Zumwalt West 12:00pm Field 24
Ritenour @ Lutheran St. Peters 1:30pm Field 21
Francis Howell Central @ Wentzville Timberland 1:30pm Field 22

For a complete schedule listing, click here!


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