Last Updated: May 23, 2016
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Results and Standings

May 22, 2016 – 03:57 PM

Game results up through 5/15 have been entered. Standings can be viewed by division on the Standings page.

Rained Out Games Rescheduled

May 20, 2016 – 10:34 AM

All rained out games up through 5/17 have been posted to the website. Please see the Schedule page to confirm your team's date, time and venue.

2016 Season Schedule & Playoff Brackets

April 2, 2016 – 08:38 AM

Complete schedules for the 2016 regular season have been loaded. Please be aware when making plans that games can be rescheduled due to weather, safety or park issues. Playoffs begin after the regular season and are also scheduled. The playoff brackets will be updated as the playoff picture emerges later in the season.

Rainout Info

May 22, 2015 – 03:29 PM

Please bookmark for up to the minute information on future rainouts or install the Rainout Line app on your iOS, Android, or Nook device. 

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 24
10U Boys (American)
Team10-Droste Construction @ Team4-County Flooring6:30pmMcN5
Team9-The Dilly Agency @ Team5-Optimist Club of SC6:30pmMcN6
Team8-SC Orthopedic Surgery @ Team6-Interstate Battery8:15pmMcN5
Team11-Extreme Electrical @ Team3-Weber Law8:15pmMcN6
Wednesday, May 25
10U Boys (American)
Team1-Villa Roma Apartments @ Team6-Interstate Battery6:30pmMcN5
10U Boys (National)
Team7-St. Andrews Mini Mart @ Team12-FifthThird Bank8:15pmMcN5
14U Boys
Team3-Patriot Machine @ Team7-Alexander Insurance6:30pmMcN2
Team8-Safeway Tire & Auto @ Team4-Treasured Tymes Photography8:15pmMcN2
20U Boys
Team1-Black's Discount Carpet @ Team3-Appraisal Advantage6:30pmBL2
10U Girls
Team2-Fasterhouse @ Team4-Baue Funeral Home6:30pmMcN4
Thursday, May 26
Coach Pitch Boys
Team5-Roy Cox Plumbing @ Team4-Moore Trailers6:30pmBC
Team6-Frenchtown Transmissions @ Team1-SC City Firefighters6:30pmBL3
12U Boys
Team6-Knights of Columbus @ Team5-St. Charles Decorating6:30pmMcN3
Team1-Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions @ Team3-UB of Carpenters Local 328:15pmMcN3
14U Boys
Team1-Kilwins Ice Cream @ Team2-County Flooring6:30pmMcN1
10U Girls
Team2-Fasterhouse @ Team5-Optimist Club of SC6:30pmMcN4
14U Girls
Team4-Banta and Stude Construction @ Team5-Besselman Transport6:30pmMcN2
Team2-County Flooring @ Team3-St. Charles Jr. Service League8:15pmMcN2
Tuesday, May 31
14U Boys
Team2-County Flooring @ Team7-Alexander Insurance6:30pmMcN1
Team5-Villa Roma Apartments @ Team1-Kilwins Ice Cream8:15pmMcN1
12U Girls
Team3-Tubby's @ Team1-Band Instrument Service Co.6:30pmMcN3
14U Girls
Team2-County Flooring @ Team3-St. Charles Jr. Service League6:30pmMcN2
Team5-Besselman Transport @ Team1-Treasured Tymes Photography8:15pmMcN2
Wednesday, Jun 1
10U Boys (American)
Team4-County Flooring @ Team6-Interstate Battery6:30pmMcN5
Team5-Optimist Club of SC @ Team3-Weber Law6:30pmMcN6
10U Boys (National)
Team8-SC Orthopedic Surgery @ Team7-St. Andrews Mini Mart8:15pmMcN5
Team10-Droste Construction @ Team9-The Dilly Agency8:15pmMcN6
20U Boys
Team2-Patriot Machine @ Team3-Appraisal Advantage6:30pmBL2
Thursday, Jun 2
Coach Pitch Boys
Team4-Moore Trailers @ Team1-SC City Firefighters6:30pmBC
Team3-The Appraisal Team @ Team5-Roy Cox Plumbing6:30pmBL3
14U Boys
Team4-Treasured Tymes Photography @ Team6-Pios6:30pmMcN1
Team2-County Flooring @ Team1-Kilwins Ice Cream8:15pmMcN1
10U Girls
Team5-Optimist Club of SC @ Team3-Meyer Real Estate6:30pmMcN4
12U Girls
Team4-Blue Haven Pools @ Team1-Band Instrument Service Co.6:30pmMcN3
Team3-Tubby's @ Team2-Terminix8:15pmMcN3
14U Girls
Team5-Besselman Transport @ Team3-St. Charles Jr. Service League6:30pmMcN2
Team4-Banta and Stude Construction @ Team2-County Flooring8:15pmMcN2
Friday, Jun 3
10U Boys (National)
Team4-County Flooring @ Team9-The Dilly Agency6:30pmBC
Team2-Plaza Lanes @ Team11-Extreme Electrical6:30pmBL3
12U Boys
Team5-St. Charles Decorating @ Team7-Perez Family Chiropractic6:30pmMcN2
Team4-Cardinal Towing @ Team2-Valenti's Meat Market8:15pmMcN2
14U Boys
Team8-Safeway Tire & Auto @ Team7-Alexander Insurance6:30pmMcN1
20U Boys
Team1-Black's Discount Carpet @ Team2-Patriot Machine6:30pmBL2
10U Girls
Team1-County Flooring @ Team4-Baue Funeral Home6:30pmMcN4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!