Last Updated: July 18, 2014

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Week #2 recap: Gray Matters off to slow start

July 11, 2014

One week after absorbing a lopsided 25-8 defeat (5 of those 8 runs were came in the 7th), Gray Matters continues to falter with a slow start. This week they were badly beaten by True Blue Slime 22-1. Other than that five-spot in last week's 7th inning, Gray Matters has scored only 4 runs in the other 13 innings over 2 games.

Great White was and skinned the Black Cats 16-8.

The Green Beans are feeling blue after The Blue defeated the Green Beans 21-13.

And, after trailing 8-0 to Orange Crush, the Red Devils woke up and made a close game of it, dropping a close 23-19 decision. The bottom half of the Crush line-up continuously delivered offensively all game long.

Yellow Gold had the week's bye.

Reiteration of our "flip flop" rule

July 11, 2014

The Warriors' League's "flip flop" rule has been on the books for many, many years. Our rule is that when the VISITING team has a lead of eight (8) runs or more after 5 1/2 innings of play, then the home team bats twice and the visitors then come up (if necessary) in the bottom of the seventh inning to finish the game.

The Warriors League does not permit side arangements between managers/umpires to contravene our rules regardless of the situation and regardless of the score. So, for example, if after 5 1/2 innings, the score is a worst-case scenario of 25-0 in favor of the home team, then that home team will indeed come to bat in the bottom of the 6th, with an opportunity to make it 30-0 if they can.

I hope this clarifies our long-standing "flip flop" rule for everyone.

We welcome back our league's great sponsor for Fall 2014

July 1, 2014


June 27, 2014

Ronnie Sanchez's bat, arm, glove and legs lead Yellow Slime to a 16-6 win over Gray Matters


It wasn't supposed to be like this: the best ofensive team this season held to ONE RUN in the first five innings. After five innings Yellow Slime led by a whopping 16-1 score. Gray Matters managed five runs in the sixth but were shut-out again in the flip flopped seventh. Gray Matters were scoreless in five of the seven innings played.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Sanchez ran wild on the bases, made shoestring catches in the outfield and smacked the ball hard each at bat.

Yellow Slime manager Ron Yardley, joined a select few Warriors managers, with his third championship trophy of his managing career. Since we switched to our current format in 2007, Yardley's three titles (tied with Ben Maloney at three) trails only Ed Torrence's four, as the most successful manager in league history. No other Warriors manager in the past seven years has won the championship more than once.

Congratulations to Yellow Slime, sho started the season slow, but were gangbusters through the end.


Rickey Hoelck awarded the Brad Betz Memorial Award

June 27, 2014

Rickey Hoelck, who played on the Blackhawks this season, became the 10th recipient of the Brad Betz Memorial Award given each season to the Warrior player who is the "best teammate". Congrats. Rocketman.

The "use any bat they want" players

The following players either are 69 years of age now or will become 69 years of age sometime during 2014. As such, we allow these players to use any softball bat of their choosing in the Fall, 2014 season.

Bob Allen, Jeff Crispell, Tony Devine, Jim Felfoldi, Oran Houck, Jaime Rios & John Spadea.

HappyJune/July birthday to:

June 29th: Blackhawks' OF Mike Rask. Age 54

July 2nd: Three-time championship manager Ben Maloney. Age 64

July 6th: Larry Isom. Age 66

July 24th: Jeff Herrera. Age 51

July 26th: Dale Olson. Age 58

July 29th: Ed Cook. Age 56

July 30th: Lance Osborn. Age 63

July 30th: Jim Konrath. Age 68

July 31st: Chris Hughes. Age 58


We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us if there are any.

Basepath safety issues

October 19, 2012

Our league would like to reiterate our rules regarding player safety on the basepaths. If everyone always followed these three simple rules we would have fewer basepath safety issues:

1. When running to first base, if a play is potentially going to be made on you (you hit a ground ball) you MUST run to the base that sits in FOUL territory while the first baseman uses the bag that sits in FAIR territory.

If you run to the wrong bag when a throw to first base is coming, you will be called OUT even if you beat the throw or even if the first baseman doesn't catch the throw. This rule has been listed in our rules for years. Our rules are available at the left on the Main Menu.

2. When running from first base towards second base, all base runners MUST slide or avoid the second baseman or the shortstop covering the bag. We do not want player-to-player contact. Unavoidable contact during a clean slide is just a part of the game with which we have to live. Making contact with an infielder's upper torso while coming in standing up (contact with your shoulder, elbow, hip or knee) is entirely another story. Please slide into the bag or peel away.

3. When running from first base, if you are put out at second while you are still far away from the second base bag, GET OUT OF THE WAY and do not block the defensive player's throwing lane. You could get drilled unless the defensive player voluntarily opts to alter his throw so as to avoid your forehead.

As our Commissioner Bob Johnson put it, if a player cannot go to work on Friday, because of something like this that happened with us on Thursday, then it was not a good night.

Top Fourteen Things To Know About the Warriors Softball League

1. Our primary reason for existence is to have fun in a safe way and build male friendships.
2. To accomplish that we only allow the use of league-furnished, ASA approved bats, in 26oz, 27oz, 28oz and 29oz weights. Any other bat, other than those provided by the league, is prohibited, except for players 69 years of age, or players turning 69 that year. These players may use any bat of their choosing.. Currently we use the Mizuno "Craze" and the Mizuno "Frenzy" composite bats.
3. We use a 375/.44 polyurethane-core softball.
4. We re-draft teams each season, so players are not with the same teammates each and every season. Eventually, everyone plays with (and against) everybody else.
5. We have "AAA"-type tournament-quality players, and we have "A"-type recreational-quality players, and everything in between.
6. We have 45-year-old players and we have 70-year-players and every age in between.
7. We have a true draft, but even though we do not make promises or issue guarantees, we bend over backwards to make every effort to try to make special accommodations to players who need to be on the same team for whatever reason (siblings, carpool together from afar, etc.)
8. We allow the use of courtesy runners once a batter reaches first base.
9. Outfielders must station themselves behind an arc of orange cones until a ball is struck by a batter. If a batted ball touches the outfield grass, the batter can do no worse than a single and does not need to run/walk/crawl/get to first base. Batters may not be put out at first base on a throw from any outfielder.
10. We hire our own real paid umpires.
11. Every team participates in the first round of the post-season playoffs.
12. Every player receives a new shirt each season and it's theirs to keep forever. We do not issue faded, shrunken, ill-fitting hand-me-down shirts to our players.
13. The league hosts all players, from all teams, to a pizza party immediately after conclusion of each season's championship game, at no charge to the players. At the party, usually attended by 60-70 players, the Brad Betz Memorial Award is presented to the league's "best teammate". For information on this award, click on the Brad Betz tab on the left side of this homepage near the top.
14. All games have not only a fully-stocked first aid kit on site, but also a cardiac defibrillator at each backstop. Most league players have been trained on how to use it.

This Week's Schedule

Thursday,  Jul 24
Black Cats @ Gray Matters 6:30pm HourGlass Field #1
Great White @ The Blue 6:30pm HourGlass Field #2
True Blue Slime @ Orange Crush 8:00pm HourGlass Field #1
Green Beans @ Yellow Gold 8:00pm HourGlass Field #2

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Upcoming Events

Thursday,  Nov 6
Regular season ends
Thursday,  Nov 13
Playoff quarter-finals 6:15pm
Thursday,  Nov 20
Playoff semi-finals 6:30pm HourGlass Field #2
Thursday,  Nov 27
Thursday,  Dec 4
Warriors Championship Game 6:30pm HourGlass Field #2
Post-championship party 8:00pm Giovanni's Restaurant

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