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Another Project Of The Eldorado Kiwanis
Altoona Area Teener Baseball League

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  Apr 21
Aker (Majors)
Tom Dickey Law Offices @ Postal Express 8:00pm Seitz Field
Isenberg (Majors)
American Family Chiropractic (AFC) @ Furrer Beverage 5:30pm Seitz Field
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Teener Minor-Kulik Division
III-D Plumbing & Heating @ McMullen Furniture 8:00pm Seitz Field
Teenor Minor-Ellis Division
Eldorado Kiwanis @ J & P Auto Mart 5:30pm Seitz Field
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Teenor Minor-Ellis Division
Gingrich Insurance @ Altoona Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center (AAOC) 5:30pm Seitz Field
Cumming Motors @ Burgmeier Hauling 8:00pm Seitz Field
Thursday,  Apr 24
Aker (Majors)
Sheetz @ Cumming Motors (Majors) 8:00pm Seitz Field
Isenberg (Majors)
Altoona Lions @ Police 5:30pm Seitz Field
Saturday,  Apr 26
Aker (Majors)
Cumming Motors (Majors) @ Postal Express 5:30pm Seitz Field
Isenberg (Majors)
Police @ American Family Chiropractic (AFC) 12:30pm Seitz Field
Furrer Beverage @ Altoona Lions 3:00pm Seitz Field
Lowey (Majors)
Professionals Auto Body @ C&G Savings Bank 10:00am Seitz Field
Teeter Group @ Juniata Civic Association 8:00pm Seitz Field
Sunday,  Apr 27
Teener Minor-Kulik Division
McMullen Furniture @ III-D Plumbing & Heating 5:30pm Seitz Field
Eldorado Kiwanis @ Gingrich Insurance 8:00pm Seitz Field
Teenor Minor-Ellis Division
J & P Auto Mart @ Altoona Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center (AAOC) 12:30pm Seitz Field
Burgmeier Hauling @ Cumming Motors 3:00pm Seitz Field
Monday,  Apr 28
Aker (Majors)
Sheetz @ Tom Dickey Law Offices 8:00pm Seitz Field
Lowey (Majors)
Juniata Civic Association @ Professionals Auto Body 5:30pm Seitz Field
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Teener Minor-Kulik Division
III-D Plumbing & Heating @ Eldorado Kiwanis 5:30pm Seitz Field
Gingrich Insurance @ McMullen Furniture 8:00pm Seitz Field
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Teenor Minor-Ellis Division
Altoona Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center (AAOC) @ Burgmeier Hauling 5:30pm Seitz Field
Cumming Motors @ J & P Auto Mart 8:00pm Seitz Field
Thursday,  May 1
Isenberg (Majors)
Sheetz @ Altoona Lions 8:00pm Seitz Field
Lowey (Majors)
C&G Savings Bank @ Teeter Group 5:30pm Seitz Field

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Altoona Area Teener Baseball League