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San Francisco Diablos

Diablos season ends without a trophy.

September 26, 2016

The Diablos playoff effort explained in four pictures...

1) Leftover post game beers. Sad.

2) Sad resting spot for the beers

3) Cooler magically flings itself across the yard

4) Kemo reflecting on our poor playoff showing


Diablos run win streak to 13

August 24, 2016

Hello friends. It’s been a while. Grab a seat because the Diablos have been busy. It’s been almost a month since the last update and so much has happened. Hudson has turned one, Donald Drumpf turned up naked on a corner in SF, Hillary still understands email security as well as your grandma, A Diablo contracted the kissing disease, Another Diablo tied the knot, And yet another Diablo blew up on GoFundMe and the Giants still can’t get out of their own way. One thing that hasn’t happened is a Diablos loss. 13 straight wins and counting. Just how you want to roll into the playoffs. This update will cover the past four games.

The first game was against the Braves. A game foreshadowed during the opening day ceremonies by having our teams stand next to each other. We were the new guys trying to show how disinterested we were in the festivities. They played the part of the team telling us they talk a lot of shit. Fast forward to game day and who knew these guys could get so flustered over dugout assignment. You can imagine how the game went after their representative had a hissy fit and called us bitches for taking the 1B dugout. Seriously the only thing missing was feet stomping. The Diablos put up 4 runs in the 1st inning and the game was never in doubt. Pretty shocking result considering they scouted almost every game we played up to the point. How they didn’t know what junk Lou was going to toss up there is mind blowing.  A final score of 6-1 was properly celebrated by about 20 Diablos fans. Signs were made and adult beverages were consumed. The Diablos dominated on and off the field. The league has been put on notice.

The second game was against Rieleros. I will now sit back and let Hudson do the recap of that game…

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That about sums up the game. It turned out to be a forfeit win for the Diablos. Their second such victory of the season. Sure forfeits are the absolute worst, but the hangover count was considerably high so it wasn’t too upsetting for the team.

The third game was against the Tomateros. Not sure there is anything that pisses off the Diablos more than a team that warms up on the infield. On the friggin infield! Who does that? It’s like opening the cooler and only getting yourself a beer or masturbating on an airplane. You just don’t do it. Either way your Diablos turned that faux pas into the motivation needed for a 12-2 mercy win. Notable highlights from the game involved Imbo not talking shit to the pitcher from RF since he was the pitcher. Brooksy inventing a new hat trick (1B RBI, BB RBI, HBP RBI). The HBP happened to be a walk-off too. So lame. Kemo gave some amazing stank eye to Bird when he didn’t lay out for a jam shot. Veteran stank eye. The defense turned 5 double plays in 8 innings. Most definitely a Diablos record. The defense also had like 13 errors. Jeff showed no ill effects from saying “I Do” and kept his pre-marriage swing. Atta babe.

The fourth game was this past weekend against El Valle. On 5 previous occasions the Diablos have said “This is the team we played in preseason”. All those statements were false. THIS was the team we scrimmaged against and they looked surprisingly different. Not sure if it was their lack of albinoness (Thanks Imbo) or their pay for play team concept. Either way the game turned out to be real gem. Lou found a way to go all nine with less than his A stuff. Meow Meow Ramirez used his Buster bat and smacked the ball around the yard. Brother took his rare chance to ride Imbo about his glove in RF. HerbaJoe refused to take a walk. Bird found a way to keep the shirt. Fredo ripped a triple and didn’t need oxygen. Having his understudy in LF helped with that. All of these things added up to a solid 3-2 win that pushed the Diablos winning streak to 13. The Diablos wrap up the regular season this Sunday with a 10am game against the Indians. Clear your schedule and find a way to Northgate Park.

Diablos stretch win streak to 9

July 26, 2016

Where were you? Where the hell were you this past Sunday? Your Diablos slogged their way through the UGLIEST mercy win of all-time and you missed it. Want to know how I know it was the ugliest? Because it took nearly three hours to finish! Let me put this into perspective. It only took the jury 4(!) hours to find OJ Simpson not guilty.  Now you can see what we were dealing with. Maybe if you had been there we wouldn’t have made 17 errors. Maybe your presence would’ve helped kick the offense into gear BEFORE the 6th inning. What I’m trying to say is you’re needed. So get out there this weekend and cheer on the greatest group of degenerates to carry around bats since the Baseball Furies(google it). On to the recap.

Making his season debut on the mound was Scooby Noyes “Rodriguez”, fresh off his pilgrimage of handing out jerseys to young children around the world. The time away luckily rested his arm since the defense was spotty at best behind him.  The three infield fly rules called during the game has to be a record of some sort. Not sure we’ve seen that many called in a single season before. Either way he gutted it out for his first win of the season. Atta babe, Scoob. Bird swooped in to finish the game off and put the cherry on top. He created one of the nastiest pieces of firewood on a come backer to the mound. Said come backer also turned Bird into a grinning 6’ tall erection while throwing to 1B.

The Diablo offense decided to pull the 73’ Chevy routine and took a while to warm up. Gerald David Bobby was all over the place. Diving head first for everything (including the post game chip bag) and announcing his candidacy for the Home run Bounty. His dinger narrowly missed hitting a spectator relieving himself in RF. Meow Meow Jeff strapped on the catchers gear and also chipped in another fine day at the plate. His throws down to 2B were effectively wild since the Rays didn’t run much on the day. PR Sainz showed how to corral balls foul in LF and extended his team leading HBP total to 5. Brooksy has happily passed the HBP crown to him for the season. Speaking of Brooksy he hit his first triple since Bill Clinton was Prez. He wasn’t available for comment since he’s still taking oxygen. Imbo returned to the lineup with promises of beard sacrifice and RBI’s. At least one of those things happened. The beard sacrifice was a tad overblown. Yeti attempted to rip the ball clear over them mountains and the Rays LF had him played perfectly both times. His homecoming trip to Yosemite obviously didn’t help his power stroke. Marcus has made it a regular thing to drop in well timed Brooksy Special’s each week. For those that don’t know a “Brooksy Special” is a hit that usually drops just past the infield using anything but the sweet spot on the bat. It’s all skill and there is absolutely zero luck involved. Niko continued his hitting barrage. The mention of West Sunset has stirred some kind of beast inside him. HerbaJoe ended the game with a dirty ass pick at 1B. We would've made the ESPN highlight sound but who the hell watches ESPN anymore. Brother showed up with a red umbrella for the dugout. Besides providing wonderful shade it brought back memories of previous Diablo shenanigans that got someone fired. Celebrating previous employment mishaps is a great Diablo tradition.

This Sunday the Diablos play the Braves 1pm at Northgate Park. All signs point to this game being one of the better contests of the season. Come on out and support the Diablos. A BBQ/adult beverage social will immediately follow the game.


Diablos mercifully beat Vacqueros 11-1

July 18, 2016

This past Sunday your Diablos busted out the hitting sticks and got themselves a mercy rule 11-1 victory over the Vacqueros.

Once again Lou dropped a pin in any discussions as to who the best pitcher in the league happens to be. Chicken hawking his 6th complete game did have a few speed bumps. Like beaning the same guy for the 73rd and 74th times in his career. What a dick.

Gerald David Bobby gave out VIP passes to Pa, Ma and Lil Sis Berning and didn’t disappoint. He played a slick short, got on base all day, scored the winning run and even cleaned his apartment(The second day!) for their visit. Afterwards the fam got to postgame with the squad and I’m pretty sure they’ll be back.

Niko padded the old resume with a three hit afternoon. Pre-game talk of the merits of West Sunset obviously got the juices flowing. He also scraped up the final remnants of last week’s black magic and turned a pickle into an extra base.

Marcus continued his torrid hitting driving in 3 runs and locking down CF. His punishment for his late arrival was parking in the danger zone by the field. He sweated out a few foul balls, but ultimately his whip was safe. Brother and Lou's vehicles weren't so lucky.

Joe Mac made his Diablo debut in RF and didn’t disappoint. He got on base all damn day and even had enough speed to carry Brooksy’s ass on a double steal. Brother even showed his excitement for his debut by leaving some stains on his jersey. Seriously, it looked like a crime scene.

 Robbie didn’t have his usual day at the plate since his focus is more on veil purchasing and seating charts. You think Tiff would be on top of this, but she’s only planning which tux makes Rob’s ass pop.

Bird gunned down another runner and threw so well another guy tucked tail and ran back to first. PR ended his All Star hangover at the plate and sacrificed his wood to the Gods. Walk-off glory is the best glory.

All in all a solid day for the bad guys who now claim sole possession of first place. HA the league must hate us. Don’t forget to make it out next week when your favorite group of degenerates takes the diamond against the Rays. Another plus on the day was the number of Diablo faithful who wandered the park searching for Pokemon.....ZERO.


Today’s picture is titled “You know how this looks”. Kemo was replaying the game in his head while chatting up the league president. Good relations with league management is the hallmark of this classy bunch. He’s also showing what we did to the other team.

Diablos Walk-Off in Thrilling Fashion

July 11, 2016

This Sunday your Diablos won an extra inning thriller 5-4 over the Koras. Save your ticket stubs so you can tell your grand kids all about this one. There were numerous heroics and it seemed like everyone had a hand in the victory. It all started at the top with Brother putting pen to paper and constructing a line-up that would creak out just enough runs to win it. He also showed some eerie fortune telling skills when he called the bottom half getting the tie and top getting the win in the 10th inning. I would tell him to head to Vegas with his new found abilities but then who would bring the tequila. Gerald David Bobby Berning sensation showed up to the yard dressed like a beach bum. The sandals worked since the other team underestimated his hitting abilities and he got the walk-off hit. Let’s hope he saved some fireworks for his family visit next Sunday. Cowboy Rob finally returned from his hiatus and didn’t disappoint. He knocked the ball all over the yard. He also threw it all over the yard as well. He actually tested the fence height behind 1B so we all now know how high we can miss without giving the other team an extra base. Meow-Meow Ramirez showed up talking a big game and then he went out and backed it up. The list of his accomplishments is endless. He played solid D. He ripped a oppo homerun. He stole a base on a rifle armed catcher. He got in and out of a pickle while simultaneously arguing with the umpire. He popped his hip out/in on a pickoff attempt. He showed the kids on the bball court how to dunk. I’m almost positive I saw him on the drive home carrying people from a burning building. PR Sainz didn’t have his usual day at the plate. He fielded as many balls in LF(1) as times he dropped his bat at the plate(1 very sad time). Luckily he won’t go cutting his ear off just yet. He told the squad to “be impressive” and while it didn’t seem like it during the game it was evident after. The team was damn impressive in getting this victory. Marcus had his usual steady day on the diamond. Knocked a couple hits. Made his plays in CF. He also chewed out/comforted Meow Meow on one play and it was awesome. It was apparent he missed Imbo in RF to rap about Lou’s pitch selection. Hurry back, Nick. HerbaJoe is okay for all those concerned. His attempt at fielding a pop-up in the sun with nothing but his face ended exactly how you would expect it to. The chipped tooth will have zero effect on his love life. Brooksy did a little of everything on Sunday. He looked completely over matched at the plate until the team absolutely needed a hit, lost a pop up in the sun(Did not attempt the face catch)and shoulder shivered a bigger dude to the ground on a pickoff attempt. Bird showed up squawking about how the shoulder would perform. He then went out and caught a solid game and gunned down the only guy silly enough to attempt a steal. His oppo approach at the plate looked good and his hustle from home to first was appreciated. Pin Drop Gardella once again proved to be the Diablo horse. Still feeling the All-Star game sting he went the distance tossing 10 innings. It looked like he would be the tough luck loser, but the Diablos reached deep and pulled a win straight from their arse for him. He was also involved in 13 strikeouts on the day. Scooby Raul Noyes made his season debut and got to score the winning run. He also found out that giving your jersey to adoring fans does have a price. Finally we come to Kemo who was a sorcerer on Sunday. What he displayed in the 10th inning rally could only be described as Black Magic. Let me set the scene for you. Zero outs, runner on 1st, down by one. Kemo sneaks a single into RF and we’re now sitting 1st and 3rd. He creeps off first and breaks for 2nd. The pitcher shits his pants, steps off the mound and looks the runner on 3rd back. Kemo grave diggers into 2nd and the entire park can’t believe what they saw. Next Bird grounds to SS on a drawn in infield. Normally an easy 6-3 put out, but Kemo conjures up one more spell and the SS hears the footsteps. His little dance number caught the SS attention and he turned with no chance to make a play on Kemo. It was just enough for Bird to beat the throw to 1st. He would later score the winning run in true Al Bundy fashion on the walk off. That trip around the bases will be a story I tell my son someday. The fan turnout was excellent and everyone in the post game circle had not downloaded Pokemon Go so there is still hope for humanity.




Diablos start 2nd half with 9-1 victory

June 27, 2016

update to follow...

Forfeit victory finishes off strong first half for Diablos

June 13, 2016


Diablos rise to the Challenge in 5-1 victory

June 6, 2016

This past Sunday your Diablos were challenged and came out on top. It wasn't a yellow challenge flag. It wasn't a challenge call to New York. It wasn't even a Double Dare physical challenge. It was the challenge of not falling into a trap with the Bandits coach. More on that in a bit. It was the easiest lineup Brother has had to make all season. Nine showed up so nine names was all he had to write. The offense was led by Meow Meow Ramirez who got himself on the board for the Homerun bounty. He also showed off his cheetah speed in stealing bases at will. DavidBobby also showed some speed around the base paths until he tore his hose(pictured above with his train riding hobo hand). He also missed the post game festivities at the Diablo Den so he will be taking a wonderful whiff of Brooksy cup this week. Avoid the public hairs. Imbo knocked the ball around the yard and introduced Liberty Court base running to the new league. It's not often the CF can pick you off after the age of 10. Kemo knocked a couple hits and even showed off a grave digger while swiping second. He also took offense to his range being called out as "old" by the opposing coach. You know how this looks right? Fredo got a kneeoctomy south of the border and looked pretty much the same. HerbaJoe added a hit so the carpool wouldn't go 0-fer. Always the team player. Niko strapped on the tools of ignorance and didn't disappoint. He gunned down a would be base stealer AND scored a sweet Diablo smelling shirt for the week. Charlie Sheen would call that Winning. Pin Dropper Gardella took the mound after his "week off" and pitched a solid game. He kept his pitch count under 200 so he was able to notch another complete game. The only problem was he didn't challenge enough hitters or so the opposing coach chirped in the 9th inning. It was quite the exchange after Louseefus punched out the final batter of the game to hear a losing coach whine about the pitcher being good at what he does. I believe his philosophy falls in line with Donald Drumpf in that he wants to "Make everyone throw fastballs again". Pin Dropper later challenged my back fence and won so the day wasn't a total failure for him. Either way the better team won and the Diablos have pushed their record to 6-1. The first half of the season wraps up this Sunday and you should be there. Bring a friend or a complete stranger.

Diablos rip Nayarit 14-7

May 24, 2016

This past Sunday your Diablos clubbed Nayarit into submission with a 14-7 victory. Clubbed actually may be too light a word. How about pummeled? Yeah that seems right for a team that produced 19 hits. Some of them went far(Marcus and Imbo). Some went only a few feet(Brooksy). Either way they all added up to a convincing victory for the good guys. Leading the way was Cowboy Rodriguez and Super Mario Jeff with 4 hits apiece. Jeff didn’t lose his hat once on the field which was an amazing feat in itself. Marcus regained the lead for the homerun bounty with a 2-run bomb in the 5th. His bat and CF range almost make up for his allergic reaction to keeping book. Almost. Imbo decided to toss his hat in the ring for the bounty as well with 3-run tater in the 7th. It’s towering trajectory was lessened by his watching in from the batters box. His postgame comments of “I thought it was going foul” were quickly and correctly called bullshit. PR Sainz quietly kept his hitting streak going and also found another team willingly to pitch around him. His reputation spans both sides of the Bay. On the other side of the diamond the heroics were plentiful. You had DavidBobby making a great catch in LF while eating the fence. I believe they made plans to get drinks this week. You had Imbo wandering in from the cornfield to settle down the game from the mound. He gives enough pitching advice from out in RF that it was good to see him put it to good use. You had Freddy throwing out three runners trying to steal second. I believe he spent the final three innings with his nuts hanging out just because he could.  You had Brooksy flashing leather and barehand all over 2B. If he had a scouting report it would definitely say “In lieu of athleticism he has a high motor”. The Diablos ended up using 4 pitchers on the day. Possibly a record since the original Diablo Constitution simply states that you ride the starting pitcher until he can't wipe his ass properly or he gives up 14 earned runs. Whichever comes first.  Yeti made an appearance while still on the DL. He looked good other than the terrible backpack, but hey those severed heads of wayward hikers aren’t gonna carry themselves. He also provided the pictures of the game. Well done. Another notable occurrence was the lack of Kangaroo Court fines. Probably a good thing since this season has seen a record number of IOUs. Cough up your bucks ya cheap bastards. Postgame BBQ was well attended and well stocked. This week your Diablos are off for Memorial Day. We’ll be back on 6/5 @ 1pm.

Diablos win nail biter in 11 innings

May 16, 2016

This past Sunday your Diablos played a game for the ages. All those in attendance saw a tense battle filled with excellent pitching and timely hitting. In the end the good guys pulled it out 3-2 in 11 innings. The heroics were too numerous to chronicle so I’m going to break down each players day. I guess the best place to start would be with Mullet Gardella. His 11 inning gem was a throwback to the days of Christy Matthewson, Juan Marichal and Jack Morris. He also showed super human speed when smelling a win on the base paths. It could’ve just been his arms were flailing faster than normal, but damn white boy was burning around the bases. He also rounded out his day by creating a new Kangaroo Court fine for being yelling across the diamond like a twat. Don’t do that. David Bobby flashed some leather in LF and left the Toros with a Berning sensation when he hit the game deciding rbi triple in the 11th inning. He also was able to navigate B2B traffic in under 6 hours. I still blame him for all traffic in the area. PR Sainz continued his torrid hitting gathering two more hits. He even legged out a double on his run flats. His day also included telling a knee brace to take a hike. Jeff allowed the 330’ sign to creep into his head until he came up with a clutch hit in the 9th inning. Robbie Trejo came up with a game tying hit in the 9th inning. He also scored the go ahead run by looking directly into the catchers eyes and glamouring the ball out of his glove. Seriously, he was out by 20 feet. He probably tries that on Tiff at home and she sees right thru his BS. Imbo broke his own personal record and possibly the world record for put outs by a RF. All that work out there probably affected him at the plate since he finally got the K-shirt. A shirt he said he would NEVER earn. This is a good lesson for the kiddies. Never say never. Marcus had a rare quiet day at the plate, but his outfield fundamentals were on full display. His angle and cut off of a ball in the gap turned a surefire double into a single. The degree of difficulty was high since the outfield didn’t have a flat spot anywhere. Freddie performed his usual magic blocking everything and handling the staff (Lou). He also worked a couple big walks that factored in the final score. His public relations game needed a little help since the home plate umpire decided to stick his hand down his pants instead of ring up homeboy for the final out. It’s not fair but that’s on you HA. Bird came in as a pinch runner for possibly the first time in his life. He didn’t disappoint. HerbaJoe came up with the game on the line and predictably ripped a double that started the 9th inning rally. It was a huge turning point and can only be chalked up to meal replacement. He also had his pants high and looks skinny as hell. Basically all the single ladies in the Bay Area have been served notice. Brooksy pulled off the amazing feat of not using his bat for 4 AB’s. Luckily he brought his leather and flashed it accordingly. He and Lou also picked off their 273rd runner off second base. Shit was surgical. Brother put together a lineup that found a way to win despite 14 strikeouts. He also showed us his “special” money. Next week the game is at 1pm so y’all have no excuse to miss it.


Diablos get back to their winning ways

May 9, 2016

This Sunday your San Francisco Diablos returned to Northgate Park for a match with EL Rockies of 

somewhere south of the border. “Oil Can” Lary took the start for the Diablos and proceeded to dart the

strike zone with a variety of pitches, all with sprinkles on top. The Diablo defense showed up ready to

field anything that came their way, including a grounder to Bird at second that took a Hayward hop off

his head, but with cat like reflexes David Bobby was there to scoop it, fling right past the rattled head of

Bird to get the runner at first. After which time was called to evaluate the endangered Bird through the

league’s concussion protocol, with a few simple nods & guesses he was cleared by the medical staff.

The Diablo offense came ready, from the 1 st inning baseballs were being peppered around the yard.

“Skeet Shooter” Robbie lined a couple hits, “Ageless” Marcus Reed performed a clinic on how to hit line drives

into the other team’s gloves, finally getting one to fall later in the game, “Herbal Joe”, continued to

show off his slim physique and swung the bat well. As the game progressed the Diablos continued to

steal bases, score runs and take full advantage of the snowball fights EL Rockies produced. “PR” Sainz

tossed his hat into the home run race with a towering blast down the right field line, which for once

didn’t hook foul. The Diablos cruised into the 7 th inning up 8-1, and then the CURSED inning reared its

ugly head. A couple of walks, grounders through the wickets and you know the rest… with body

sacrificing diving catch in left to save a potential base clearing play, the Diablos went to the pen and

called “Browns Hat” Boylan who came in and got the elusive final out. In the top of the 8 th , the

determined Diablos came out swinging, getting runners on 1 st & 2 nd , a timely double steal from David

Bobby and “Skeet Shooter” Robbie put runners in scoring position. For 2 nd game in a row, PR Sainz was

intentionally walked to bring up the Bird. The concussed Bird man made El Rockies pay for their

decision with a laser that scored 2 runs. With runners on 1 st & 3 rd , PR Sainz screwed Freddy Molina out

of an RBI with poor reflexes and bad tires on a fly to left. Downshifting and revving high, PR Sainz

scurried down to home on a pass ball and slid into home to add another run for the Diablos (the umpire

would later call a “perfect slide”). Bird climbed the hill in the 8 th and shut down EL Rockies, and in the

bottom of the 9th to close the game, Concussed Bird made bird feed out of EL Rockies line up. He got

some nice help from Nico in right on a line drive that required the big man to use all 14’ 3” of his wing

span to snatch it out of the sky. Hats off to the Diablos for playing hard all 9 innings and more

importantly, playing for the name on the front of the jersey. Honorable mention to the right side of the

defense for being stuck soooooo close the mariachi band that jammed all fucking game…

Diablos drop first game of the season

May 3, 2016

This past Sunday your Diablos played their first morning game in Fremont. It was a rather forgettable 7-6 loss to Veracruz. Did they get out to an early 5-0 lead? Yes. Would they eventually cough it up in Buckneresque fashion? YOU BET! All in all there wasn’t much to write home about.  9-5 Gardella had a solid start, but the new bat may not be a great purchase. Imbo and Rob returned from their trip to Pleasure Cove ready to hit and talk about each others “ribs”. Yeah I think it was code too.  Bird Nielsen continued his cycle of steroids and rapped three more hits. Nobody talk to him about it. Seriously you’ll get him out of the zone. Niko had his first Sac Fly of the season AND helped attend to an injured fan after the game. Another line added to his loaded resume. Atta boy. Huddy Brooks made his first appearance and got to see us puke all over ourselves. He felt right at home. Other than that it didn’t feel like Diablo baseball. Hopefully this first loss will be the wake up call these guys need. Let’s get back to backing each other up and playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

Diablos win ugly affair over the Orioles

April 26, 2016

A win is a win is a win. This is what all Diablos players, fans and front office personnel went home muttering to themselves. After utter domination in Week 1 the baseball gods humbled the Diablos in countless ways. Whether it was making Brooksy do the Candlestick pop up dance (At Yeti's request) or the floating strike zone that ended more than a few players AB's. In the end it didn't matter because their intestinal fortitude and solid relief pitching sealed the 9-7 victory. Climbing the hill for his first start (in a decade?) was “Oil Can” Lary. With the confidence of Satchel Paige and the mechanics of Bartolo Colon he gutted his way thru 4 innings. Luckily he was well versed in the leagues hit batters policy so he kept his totals just under the ejection threshold. Another mound debut was made by Bird Nielsen. World leaders could take lessons from him on composure. The numerous pitches down the dick that were called balls would have made Ghandi start shooting. His patience paid off and his relief stint led to a chicken hawk victory. Coming in for the Bruce Sutter 3-inning save was Lou “95mph” Gardella. With his combination of 95mph fastballs and 95mph off speed pitches he made quick work of the Orioles. He also failed to mention his OBP even once during postgame. Breaking his own Ripkenesque streak. The offense was once again a solid team effort. What I’m most proud of his the SEVEN 2-out runs scored on Sunday. No inning was conceded. Starting things at the top was Marcus scoring 2 runs and showing the wheels. PR Sainz once again put on a clinic going the other way with authority and a lob wedge. One of his hits looked foul as a mutha, but the only person who mattered called it fair. He also skinned his knee. Jeff “Hunter Pance” Ramirez showed some hustle on the base paths taking anything the defense would give him. He also showed a fine ability to take the bat out of Niko’s hands and should never, ever be called out in the postgame circle. He no likey. Yeti Pacheco murdered a bat, but got 2 rbis in the process. He also had an impressive streak of calling out the wrong fielder every time a ball went in the air. He lives 10 miles away from Brooksy, but I’m positive I just heard Yeti call for him to grab the fork that is falling off his kitchen table. This was Yeti’s last game for a while. Too many stump removals and chasing hikers off the mountain has landed him on the DL. Good luck, Brother. Freddie Yadi Rodriguez Sierra got his first hit as a Diablo and promptly enrolled in the Liberty Court base runners skool. Well done. You may now have your own name. Imbo made his season debut in RF and didn’t disappoint at the plate. His stealing of Brooksy oppo hits was pre-approved and always enjoyed. Also getting into the action was Courtney and Ally from the bleachers. Homeboy from the Orioles was about an hour and half late on a pitch and fouled it directly at them. Like a cat Ally leaned 2 inches to her left and Courtney just screamed in the general direction of the field. All were ok, but we’ve petitioned the league to have extra netting put around all our fans. We’ll see what they say. Next week the Diablos have an early one against Veracruz. Bring a friend!

**Pictured below is Lou showing the proper Union posture for a 15 minute break**


Diablos open new season with dominating victory

April 18, 2016


Field has been changed for this weeks game to Sunset High School. Directions have been added to the schedule. Now you can invite your loved ones to the game.

This past Sunday your Diablos ventured into new territory. Now playing in the Bay Area Bay Bridge Baysball league in Hayward/Fremont/Union City/Oakland they were forced with ceremonies and pageantry they hadn't seen in years. The above picture is how we presented ourselves. We put our best pair of youth pants forward(Thanks Fredo) and told the league we're here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. The breakdown of the day went like this...

The Opening Day ceremony:

The announcement was for teams to arrive 0830 SHARP. When the ceremony started promptly around 915ish all Diablos were present and accounted for. Unfortunately, what we had to stand through was an abomination highlighted by the desecration of the American Flag. Letting a child drag it through the dirt and essentially wipe his ass with it was enough to make this players blood boil. Everything else that transpired was on par with that. Luckily this only lasted 20-25 mins.

The Game:

After traveling along 880 we arrived at McConnell field. Whomever McConnell pissed off in his life to have this placed named after him is still holding a grudge. I guess the only positive is that you can get a great deal on some Axe Body Spray from the locals. Yeti didn't make the purchase. With the faint pops of gunshots your Diablos put forth a textbook ass whoopin. Skinny Lou made the declaration he was "Going 9 today" and didn't disappoint. Tossing a 1-hit shutout en route to a 7-0 victory. He also swung the bat well enough to earn a (insert middle finger) OBP. The early leader for the Homerun bounty is the ageless wonder Marcus Reed. His 1st inning jack would be described by Jon Miller as "Soaring and Majestic" He also ran the bases like a madman so he definitely slept good last night. PR Sainz (and his aforementioned pants) was a Sac Fly machine. He also added a few knocks and was done dry by the base umpire. Fortunately he didn't have to field anything or else he would've wanted the league MVP trophy right then and there. Cowboy Robbie Rodriguez played some solid 3B and wore a pitch off his metal ass. Yes you had to be there. Brooksy flashed some leather like a stud and ran back to the dugout with his head down. They don't make them like this anymore ladies and gentlemen. The only thing missing was Brother telling him "You still got it, Brother!". All in all a solid debut which will get word around the league that we aren't messing around. PLUS we all made it home safe and didn't become "collateral damage". The Diablos play at the same park next week so fans please don't come.

1st half schedule has been announced!

April 13, 2016

Well gents the first half schedule has been finalized. As you can see the Diablos have announced their presence with authority and been saddled with Visitor status for our first 8 games. Not quite sure why that is. Hopefully Brother can talk to Berkhalter down at the league office and explain we don't roll on Shabbos. Field locations have been updated so check the schedule and no excuses!

Now the important information. We are "required" to attend the opening ceremonies at 830am SHARP (not my emphasis) at Northgate Park (Paseo Padre). If we do not get minimum 9 players to this ceremony we will forfeit our first game. Let me repeat that WE WILL FORFEIT OUR FIRST GAME if we don't get 9 players there. I'm not happy about this. You're not happy about this. I'm going to quote Bruce Willis from The Last Boy Scout "Water is wet, the sky is blue, women have secrets. Who gives a fuck?" That sums it up. It will be a full day across the bay for ALL OF US. Be an adult and forego that 12th beer Saturday night and make it to the field. Players who aren't registered will most likely have the opportunity to do it at this ceremony. I want all of you (Even the loyal fans who live with these degenerates) to take one thing from this update FORFEIT, FORFEIT, FORFEIT. If Brooksy can abandon his 8 month old child to spend the day on the Hayward fault then none of you have a better excuse.

Season opener announced

April 5, 2016

The season opener has been scheduled and the baseball gods have given us a afternoon first pitch. Sunday 4/10/16 we play El Valle (They'll look familiar because we just played them) 1pm @ Treeview(Rancho verde) park. You don't know where that is. I don't know where that is. Once I found this gem I will put directions on this update. There is also a Opening ceremony 0830am @ Apertura (Paseo Padre) park. Brother is telling me this is mandatory which kind of blows my mind. Let me dive into this a little further because 4 hours of down time in Hayward will almost guarantee a non-sober Diablo line-up. Keep your eyes open for the updates.


Location for game has been updated in the schedule section of this website. Click on the location link and it will give you the google map view of the location. I will update all the ballparks as soon as the schedule is updated.

Final(only) practice game 4/3/16

Diablos first and only practice game of the season is this Sunday 4/3 at Tennyson park in Hayward. First pitch is at 1pm and we need to be in full uniform. Team picture and ID pictures will be taken. A prize will be awarded to gnarliest facial hair for the ID picture. Think serial killer or toothless hobo.

Diablos complete 2016 Winter Meeting

February 18, 2016

Well, well, well another season of Diablos baseball has begun. In true Diablo fashion the records are already being broken. This time it was attendance for a Winter Meeting. Pictured above you can see there were 1, 2, 3.....like 27 people there. The beer flowed, shots were poured and baseball was discussed. It's looking like the same cast of characters will be taking the field for Brother (Of course everyone and their mom has a guy who can pitch 200 innings or hit 20 homers with a gold glove if only they can get off the couch....HA friggin liars). The off-season saw many changes for your Diablos. Some got engaged, some joined pyramid schemes and some had kids. The most important news from the meeting is that a bounty has been raised for this seasons homerun leader. The pot is already up to $160. Can't wait to watch the overweight guys round 3rd with dollar signs in their eyes and irregular heartbeats in their chests. Spring training officially starts Feb 21st, 1pm at Balboa Park. 

Pissy warning letter translation from former league

Your Diablos beat the AB's this weekend 12-6. Many homers were hit on the little league field we played at, but the best part of the day didn't happen on the diamond. We were yelled at by two non-players in a fashion that usually leads to fisticuffs away from the field. Calling our manager a jerk will not be forgotten. Biting our tongue and turning the other cheek got us this warning from the league. We had it translated by a wise veteran who speaks this language.

Nieves and Members of the 2011 Diablos,
Brother and the coolest motherfuckers in the SFNABA

Based on the events of the past two weeks and on past history with your team, I am officially issuing the Diablos a strict and final warning on the use of alcohol and/or drugs at SFNABA games. We will hold a zero-tolerance stance on the matter moving forward.
Based on the Sun rising in the East/Setting in the West and Diablo Team Tradition, We are officially pointing our finger in your face and saying “Stop that right now!”. We will continue to have a “wide stance” on this matter like Senator Larry Craig.

If at any time for the remainder of the 2011 season the Diablos are found in violation of NABA's stated rules about alcohol/drug use, they will forfeit the game and will be disqualified from the playoffs altogether. Drug & alcohol use is strictly forbidden before, during, and after SFNABA games including on the field, in dugouts, at facilities where our games take place and on/in the nearby streets and surrounding neighborhood.
If you degenerates decide to act like Prohibition Bootleggers at any time for the remainder of this season you will forfeit the playoffs and not be invited to the Boards party celebrating your exit. Drugs and Alcohol are BAD,BAD,BAD and if the Police Officers who don’t bother you won’t instruct you on how to live your lives then we most certainly will.

You and your team all have ready access the official NABA rule book. We've spoken about this via email and phone. You spoke to one of our board members in person this past weekend... and still the message seems to be falling short.
We are going out on a limb and assuming you guys know how to read so put those skills to use and read the official rulebook. Of course these rules are suggestions because sometimes our umpires decide to make up the rules as they go. One of our members blew up on you guys like a toddler on a playground this past weekend and you still don’t seem to get it. I have instructed him to jump up and down and stomp his feet next time so you guys will understand.

Violation of these rules puts the entire league at risk of losing its insurance, may result in loss of access to our fields (which are rented from organizations that ALL share the same prohibitions on drug/alcohol), and is detrimental to the competitive environment that we promise to our members in exchange for their league fees.
Basically whether you guys are in attendance or not this Leagues demise will be placed squarely on your shoulders.

Know that this is a very serious issue, that you will all be held responsible for your actions, and that the stakes are very high. If you'd like to drink or smoke after a game, you MUST get in your cars and leave the area altogether.
I’m serious! You guys better stop laughing because this shit ain’t funny. I suggest you use your cup holders in your vehicles and roll up the windows while driving home after a game.

You will not be asked or warned again.
Please throw a kegger this Thursday in San Leandro so we don’t have to deal with your ghetto asses for the remainder of the year.

***UPDATED*** Kangaroo Courts Fees

March 24, 2008

The fees for stupid shit are as follows:

Getting Picked off a base: $1.00
Striking out looking: $1.00 ***Suspended due to terrible umpires in 2012***
Over throwing your cutoff man: $1.00
Infielder over throwing around the horn: $1.00
Hat Trick: $1.00
Missing a sign: $1.00
Failure to execute sign: $1.00
Wearing a white hat to a game: $1.00
No Hustle: $1.00
Wearing pants high with wrong color socks: $1.00

Leaving your shit at the field: $1.00

Giving away your jersey before you retire: $ Market price of a jersey


Acting like a douchebag when a non-game winning homerun is hit: $2.00

Section 2.69 Liberty Court Baserunning: $2.00

Golden Sombrero: $3.00
Letting go of bat during AB and almost killing dude on-deck: $3.00
Calling your own Infield Fly from the batters box: $3.00
Barfing during Infield and being a bitch when you're not in the line-up: $3.00

Late for Game: $5.00
Crying like a bitch at a movie: $5.00

Not bringing Strikeout shirt to following game: $5.00

Pissing in your own dugout aka "The Ivan Rule": $5.00

No Show/No Call at Game: $20.00
Thrown out of game: $20.00

Remove uniform before last out: $20

Yelling at Coach across the diamond like a Ho: $20