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  • Welcome to South Fayette Men's Softball!

Even with our lack of winter (so far), it’s hard to believe the softball season isn’t too far away.  We are opening the applications for this year and are hopeful to have a great 27th season with everyone coming back to play.

This year’s season will begin on June 2, 2017, with the championship being played on August 25th (keeping September 1st as a rain out date).  We will be bringing back the doubleheaders, beginning on June 23 and ending on August 4 (each team playing two doubleheaders); game time starts will be 6:307:45, and 9pm.  Family Fun Night is scheduled for June 16th, and we plan on introducing some special events throughout the season.  July 14th will be left open due to a South Fayette Girls’ Softball Tournament.  If you played last year, please use the “2017 Veteran Player Registration” link.  If you know of guys who are interested in playing for the first time, please make sure they register using the “2017 New Player Registration” link.  We hope that everyone had a wonderful and healthy end to 2016 and hope that continues throughout 2017.


Here is the link for registration:


Welcome to the 27th year of men's softball in South Fayette and we will see you at the ballpark!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday, Jun 2
Basically Loaded @ GMen6:30pmFairview A
Balls Deep @ Who's Next7:45pmFairview A
Class Act @ Killer B's9:00pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 9
Class Act @ GMen6:30pmFairview A
Balls Deep @ Killer B's7:45pmFairview A
Who's Next @ Basically Loaded9:00pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 16
Basically Loaded @ Balls Deep6:30pmFairview A
Class Act @ Who's Next7:45pmFairview A
Killer B's @ GMen9:00pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 23
Who's Next @ Killer B's6:00pmFairview A
GMen @ Balls Deep7:45pmFairview A
Basically Loaded @ Class Act9:00pmFairview A
Class Act @ Basically Loaded10:00pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 30
Balls Deep @ Class Act6:30pmFairview A
Basically Loaded @ Killer B's7:45pmFairview A
GMen @ Who's Next9:00pmFairview A
Who's Next @ GMen10:00pmFairview A
Friday, Jul 7
Basically Loaded @ Who's Next6:30pmFairview A
GMen @ Class Act7:45pmFairview A
Killer B's @ Balls Deep9:00pmFairview A
Balls Deep @ Killer B's10:00pmFairview A
Friday, Jul 21
Class Act @ Killer B's6:30pmFairview A
Who's Next @ Balls Deep7:45pmFairview A
GMen @ Basically Loaded9:00pmFairview A
Basically Loaded @ GMen10:00pmFairview A

For a complete schedule listing, click here!