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  • Welcome to South Fayette Men's Softball!

It's that time of year again when everyone is getting the itch to get out of the house and enjoy the thought of warmer weather and maybe playing some softball.
So I would like to thank everyone from last year that played in our 25th year of SF men's softball. We are opening the applications for this year and are hopeful to have a great 26th season with everyone coming back to play.
I know that everyone would like to play again, but life sometimes gets in the way. If you played last year and are unable to play this year we ask that you put the word out that sign ups are open and to have them come join us on Friday nights for some laughs,drinks and maybe some softball. We hope that everyone had a wonderful and healthy end to 2015 and hope that continues through out 2016.
So in ending, welcome to our 26th year of men's softball and we will see you at the ballpark.


Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday, May 13
Balls Deep @ Class Act6:30pmFairview A
Who's Next @ Killer B's8:00pmFairview A
redruM @ Back to Basics9:30pmFairview A
Friday, May 20
Who's Next @ redruM6:30pmFairview A
Killer B's @ Class Act8:00pmFairview A
Balls Deep @ Back to Basics9:30pmFairview A
Friday, May 27
Killer B's @ Back to Basics6:30pmFairview A
redruM @ Balls Deep8:00pmFairview A
Who's Next @ Class Act9:30pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 3
Class Act @ redruM6:30pmFairview A
Back to Basics @ Who's Next8:00pmFairview A
Killer B's @ Balls Deep9:30pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 10
Balls Deep @ Who's Next6:30pmFairview A
Class Act @ Back to Basics8:00pmFairview A
Killer B's @ redruM9:30pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 17
Killer B's @ Back to Basics6:30pmFairview A
Balls Deep @ redruM8:00pmFairview A
Class Act @ Who's Next9:30pmFairview A
Friday, Jun 24
Back to Basics @ redruM6:30pmFairview A
Killer B's @ Who's Next8:00pmFairview A
Class Act @ Balls Deep9:30pmFairview A

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