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  • Welcome to South Fayette Men's Softball!

Welcome to the 25th season of South Fayette over 35 Men's Softball

South Fayette Snowball Softball Classic Rules and Information

February 6, 2016


 February, 6th, 2016

To register a team or to be placed on a team, please contact John Kosko at 412-292-8156


 All players participating in the tournament receive a free lunch!

 Concessions will be available at the fields.

Games begin promptly at 11:00 am



All team players must sign the team waiver.

All team players must be present and ready to play by the appointed game time. No grace time will be allowed (exception of day’s 1st game).

Teams must help keep the playing areas clean by taking all garbage with you or putting trash in bins at fields if available.



Playing Rules

1. No snow will be removed from the fields. Teams must play under the weather conditions presented.

2. No metal spikes.

3. Double elimination.

4. This is a Co-ed tournament, each team must have 2 females on the team roster.

5. Games will be five innings each.

6. Eight players are required to start the game. AH’s are allowed.

7. 10 run rule after three innings will apply to all games, except for the championship game(s).

8. No grace time will be allowed after the first games each morning. (10 minutes)

9. A person can not play for more then one team.

10. No protests of any kind are permitted. This is a charity tournament with umpires who are volunteering their time. Any team or individual may be asked to leave if unsportsmanlike conduct is displayed.

11. This is a one-pitch tournament. All batters begin with a 3-2 count.

12. Any pitch that is hittable will be called a strike; with the ultimate decision made by the umpire.

13. The batter is allowed one foul. The second foul is an out.

14. Height of pitch determined by USSSA Rules, 6-10.

15. No alcohol is permitted at the fields or during the games. 

 16. Team registration fee is $20.00 per player, and is not refundable. Checks must be made out to SF Men's Softball League.

17. The event will not be rescheduled for any reason.

18. Playing Rules are in accordance with the U.S. Slow Pitch Softball Association, with the stipulations outlined in the rules.

19. Core 40 Balls will be provided for all games.

20. The winner of the WINNER’S BRACKET will be the “Home Team” in the 1st game of the Championships. Thereafter, a coin toss will determine the “Home Team” in 2nd Championship Game, if a 2nd game is necessary.