Welcome to the Spring Grove Legion Baseball Organization!!!


What is American Legion Baseball?

With an alumni base that includes more than half of current Major League Baseball players, American Legion Baseball is one of the most prominent and tradition-rich amateur athletic leagues in existence. The program is always growing, and participation is easy.

About 4,000 teams compete each year. Players can only sign up for the post that is the shortest driving distance from their residence.  Players who are cut from a team, or try out but don't make the roster, can play for the post that is the next-shortest driving distance from their residence. If a player doesn't make that team, he can try out with the next-closest post. He can continue until he finds a team to join.


SG Legion Organization Mission Statement


The mission of the Spring Grove Legion Baseball organization is to provide a competitive experience for elite players wanting to continue their pursuit of baseball at a higher level.  The team will strive to develop improving players playing skills and promote a healthy attitude toward competition, sportsmanship, and leadership. The Spring Grove Legion Baseball organization is an extension of the High School Baseball program.  We want to provide all of our athletes the opportunity to advance their careers to the college level.  Playing American Legion baseball WILL provide your athlete the ability to be seen by college coaches and scouts!!   


Who we are

The organization sponsors two teams.  We sponsor a Sr. Legion Baseball Team (Ages 16-19) and a Jr. Legion Baseball Team (Ages 13-15).  Cut-off date is May 1st.  So for example, if a player turns 15 after May 1st of the current year, he will be required to move up to play in our Senior Legion program.  If the player turns age 15 before May 1st of the current year, the player is required to play in our Jr. Legion program.

Both Jr. and Sr. Legion baseball teams will compete in the York Area (District 4) Legion baseball league (Wood Bat) which consists of all YAIAA High Schools.  Both teams will play roughly an 18-20 game regular season schedule.  Both leagues provide all teams the opportunity to advance to their respective league playoffs as well as qualify to attend American Legion state, regional and national tournaments. The coaching staffs of both Senior Legion and Jr. Legion will strive to field the best TEAMS possible with the best baseball players from the Spring Grove Area School District. Additional games/tournaments may be added by the coaching staff of each team.

The 2017 Legion baseball season will begin off –season workouts 1 day per week starting in December 2016 at the Spring Grove Tech Center (there will be an additional cost per player to attend the off-season workouts). We will look to add additional days once we get into 2017. We will post dates and times for our off-season workouts on our website!!

The 2017 Jr. Legion season will begin April 1s and run thru till the end of July.  The Senior Legion program will begin immediately following the Spring Grove Area High School Varsity season. Normally the TEAM will practice 2-3 times per week starting in April and early May (weather permitting). By American Legion rules, both teams are allowed to carry a maximum of 18 players.  The amount of players that are carried on each roster is determined by the coaching staff of their respective team.   Both teams will be selected following a try-out process.  For more information on tryouts and times, please visit our organizational web site at

Below is an example of what the tryout will consist of:

What we look for in our players:

  • Athletic ability (running ability and overall strength)

  • Baseball ability (throwing, catching, hitting and the ability to make the routine play, understand how to play the game)

  • Coach ability (hustle, attitude, attentiveness, listening ability and the ability to follow instructions)

  • Throwing - throwing is probably the number one reason players end up being cut from our program.

The first day of tryouts we can watch kids warm up and immediately a red flag goes up on some players. These players stand out because of poor throwing mechanics which generally result in poor arm strength and lack of velocity.


Our Tryouts consist of the following:

  • Outfielders - Any player who thinks he might be an outfielder goes to right field. We hit them fly balls and they throw to 3rd base and then home.. We look for ability to judge fly balls, arm strength and accuracy.

  • Infielders - Any player who thinks they are a 3B, SS or 2B goes to the shortstop position. We hit them a series of ground balls (at them, right, left and slow rollers) and they throw to first base. We look for ability to field ground balls, athleticism, arm strength and accuracy.

  • First Basemen - We do the same for these guys except they are stationed at first base and throw to third base

  • Catchers - We put them behind the plate and evaluate their times on throws to second base (POP Times). We look for timing and accuracy. We put them behind the plate during the hitting tryouts and pitching tryouts to judge their ability to receive pitches.

  • Pitchers - We will put these players in game situations during the tryouts. We are simply looking for arm motion, especially players who don't "shortarm" the ball. Obviously, accuracy and velocity are a factor.

  • Hitters - We watch swing mechanics.  Do their swing mechanics show that they have the ability to be a potential hitter?

            Timed Running – Players will be timed in the 60 Yard Dash


            Other various offensive and defensive drills




Being a part of the Spring Grove Legion baseball program is a major commitment for the player and the family.  All players are expected to attend all games as scheduled by the team’s head coach.   If you have vacation commitments during the season, please let your coach know ASAP if your son is chosen for the 2017 team.    


Registration Fee and Additional Costs 

The registration fee for the 2017 season is $125/player plus a $40 dollar business sponsorship. Also, each player/family will be responsible for participating in our 3 organizational fundraisers.   The fee is due at the time of registration. The player will not be allowed to participate if the registration fee has not been paid.  If the player does not make either team after the tryout, a full refund will be issued to the respective family. You can register for Tryouts at the link provided in the upper right hand corner of our home page!!

The registration fee covers only a portion of the cost involved in playing travel baseball.  The Spring Grove Legion baseball program will have 3 fundraisers to help reduce the additional costs to families as well as solicit sponsorship opportunities.  Listed below are the additional costs that the registration fee covers:

  1. Insurance

  2. League Fees

  3. Umpire Fees

  4. Uniforms (hat, jersey, pants)

  5. Field maintenance supplies


The registration fee does not cover the following:

  1. Wood Bats

  2. Hotel costs (for state, regional, or national tournaments)

Thank-you for considering being a part of our 2017 Spring Grove Legion Program and we hope to see you at our off-season workouts beginning in December.  If you have any additional questions about our program please contact our secretary at