Last Updated: July 12, 2016
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  • Congratulations SH Red "Hot Wings" 2016 Pony Champions
  • Thank you to all who participated with the Cassel Vineyards Fundraiser!
  • Good Luck to all Lower Dauphin - Cal Ripken All-Stars!
  • Thank you to all players, coaches and volunteers for an enjoyable 2016 season!

South Hanover Baseball and Softball Association

Fall Ball registration is now open.  The registration process is run through Lower Dauphin Baseball Association.  You can print off the registration form and mail it.  The form can be found under the "Documents" tab.

South Hanover Baseball is a proud member of the Lower Dauphin Baseball Association.  We are thrilled to host this year's Cal Ripken 9u PA District 8 Tournament.  This year's format is double-elimination and will begin Saturday, July 2nd at Hanshue Park.

Click on the link to view the tournament bracket.



                               HUMMELSTOWN, PA 17036  

Congratulations South Hanover Red - "Hot Wings" - 2016 Pony Champions

Harrisburg Senators Mascot RASCAL visits South Hanover Tee-Ball!






Programs Offered:


Tee Ball:

Boys and Girls, Kindergarten/Age 5 through Age 7: Basic instruction; no scores kept. Coaches pitch, then use of a tee, if needed. Teams play other South Hanover teams. All games played at Grandview fields.

  • Colts: Ages 7-8. This is a transitional step between T-Ball and Ponies where Coaches will pitch until approximately mid season, then kids will pitch. No official scores kept; emphasis on learning fundamentals.
  • Ponies: Ages 9-10. More competition is introduced. Scores are kept, no coach pitching, stealing introduced mid season, and post-season play with All-Stars are introduced. 
  • Midgets: Ages 11-12. Continue to build baseball skills through competitive activity; Post-season play to include All-Stars and potentially tournaments.
     NOTE: League ages for the upcoming season are determined by April 30, 2016
      All teams are part of the Lower Dauphin Baseball Association.
Fast Pitch Softball:
  • 8-U: Ages 7-8. Build upon the basic softball skills of hitting, fielding and base running. Girls will START pitching 3 balls per batter, with coach assistance, and coach will then pitch 3 balls to complete the at-bat. Coaches will be placed behind the catcher as well to keep the game moving faster. No scores are reported.
  • 10-U: Ages 9-10.  Competitive softball environment and more rules will be introduced. Umpires will be used and girls will pitch without any assistance from the coaches. In the event of 4 walks in a single inning, coach will inherit strike count and pitch the remainder of the at-bat. Next batter will return to player pitch.
  • 12-U: Ages 11-12. Increased competitive nature from the 10-U division and will continue to introduce more rules. ASA umpires will be used. Players will pitch without the assistance the coaches.
  • 14U: Ages 13-14. Increased competitive nature from the 12-U division and will continue to enforce the ESFPL rules. ASA umpires will be used.

      NOTE: League ages for the upcoming season are determined by December 31, 2015.

      All teams are part of the East Shore Fast Pitch League.



Additional Playing Opportunities:

  • Fall Ball: Ages 8 to 15; Season runs from late August through October.
  • Lower Dauphin Travel & All-Star Baseball: Tournament baseball for ages 8-U to 13-U.  Visit for more information.