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Programs Offered:


Tee Ball:

Boys and Girls, Kindergarten/Age 5 through Age 7: Basic instruction; no scores kept. Coaches pitch, then use of a tee, if needed. Teams play other South Hanover teams. All games played at Grandview fields.

  • Colts: Ages 7-8. This is a transitional step between T-Ball and Ponies where Coaches will pitch until approximately mid season, then kids will pitch. No official scores kept; emphasis on learning fundamentals.
  • Ponies: Ages 9-10. More competition is introduced. Scores are kept, no coach pitching, stealing introduced mid season, and post-season play with All-Stars are introduced. 
  • Midgets: Ages 11-12. Continue to build baseball skills through competitive activity; Post-season play to include All-Stars and potentially tournaments.
     NOTE: League ages for the upcoming season are determined by April 30, 2018
      All teams are part of the Lower Dauphin Baseball Association.
Fast Pitch Softball:
  • 6-U: Ages 4-6. Basic softball skills of throwing and catching, hitting, fielding and base running. Coach will pitch 6 balls, then bring out the tee, if needed, to complete the at-bat. Coaches will be placed behind the catcher and in the field to help instruct and keep the game moving faster. 1 hour time limit or 3 inning max. All players bat each inning.  No scores are reported.
  • 8-U: Ages 6-8. Build upon the basic softball skills of hitting, fielding and base running. Girls will START pitching 3 balls per batter, with coach assistance, and coach will then pitch 3 balls to complete the at-bat. Coaches will be placed behind the catcher as well to keep the game moving faster. No scores are reported.
  • 10-U: Ages 8-10.  Competitive softball environment and more rules will be introduced. Umpires will be used and girls will pitch without any assistance from the coaches. In the event of 4 walks in a single inning, coach will inherit strike count and pitch the remainder of the at-bat. Next batter will return to player pitch. ASA umpires will be used.
  • 12-U: Ages 10-12. Increased competitive nature from the 10-U division and will continue to introduce more rules (consecutive base stealing, infield fly rule, etc.). ASA umpires will be used. Players will pitch without the assistance the coaches.
  • 14U: Ages 12-14. Increased competitive nature from the 12-U division and will continue to enforce the ESFPL rules. ASA umpires will be used.

      NOTE: League ages for the upcoming season are determined by December 31, 2017.

      All teams are part of the East Shore Fast Pitch League.



Additional Playing Opportunities:

  • Fall Ball: Ages 8 to 15; Season runs from late August through October.
  • Lower Dauphin Travel & All-Star Baseball: Tournament baseball for ages 8-U to 13-U.  Visit www.leaguelineup.com/ldtaba for more information.