Last Updated: August 19, 2014

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Fall 2014 Registration Information (See Below)


Fall Ball Registration begins on-line August 1st.  Registration Closes on August 23rd at 6 PM.

Returning players may register on-line beginning August 1st.  New players should attend a walk-in registration.


Kids may now play Little League based upon where they go to school and/or live.

As a reminder or new information for those who don't know, Little League International changed the league eligibility rules in 2014.  Prior to 2014, a child's primary residence must have been within the league's boundary.  Eligibility for a league has now been expanded to include all children who attend school within a league boundary.  This means that your child may play ball as SHLL with all his neighborhood and/or school friends.  So if you live or go to school within the SHLL boundaries you may play at SHLL.

Major schools within the SHLL boundaries include:

Safety Harbor Elementary

McMullen-Booth Elementary

Eisenhower Elementary

Safety Harbor Middle School

Espiritu Santo Catholic School

Calvary Christian

Please help us spread the word about this new option for many local families.


New offerings for Fall 2014

Four year olds may play in the Sandlot Division

50/70 Intermediate Division - Players league ages 11-13

Little League Baseball introduced the 50/70 Intermediate Division (50/70) as a pilot program a few years ago and formally sanctioned local league implementation a year ago.  Safety Harbor Little League (SHLL) to date has not participated in the program, but we thing the time is right to offer this option to our participating families.

SHLL is part of Florida District 12.  District 12 officially runs the 50/70 program, sets local rules, and develops the game schedule.  So (50/70) is run by the District in the same fashion as softball and Junior/Senior baseball.

What is the 50/70 Intermediate Division?  Through the Little League Major Baseball Division, the dimensions are 46 feet from home to pitcher’s plate and 60 feet between bases.  50/70 simply refers to the measurements for this new division (50 feet from home plate to the pitcher’s plate and 70 feet between bases).

Why do we need a new Division?  The idea for this “Intermediate” Division is to assist players in adapted or “bridging” the gap between Major and Junior baseball.  Junior baseball is played on a full-sized diamond (60 ft. 6 inches from home plate to pitcher’s plate and 90 ft. between bases).  This represents a 50% increase in distance and size of the diamond between a player’s 12 year old and 13 year olds seasons.  So the 50/70 Division is a more gradual step as in addition to greater distances, players are allowed to lead-off of bases and pitchers must hold runners on base just as they do in Junior baseball.

Who is eligible to play 50/&70?  Baseball players who are league ages 11-13 (for now age of player on April 30, 2015).

Is the 50/70 Division a Stand-Alone Division?  It can be.  This is where we have some latitude at SHLL.  For the first two seasons, District 12 scheduled games on Saturday afternoon and the two or three local leagues who participated, most dual-rostered players to the Major and Junior games as appropriate.  However, as this offering gains in popularity many leagues will make it stand-alone.

What Happens Next?  If you have already registered you noticed a question which asked “Are you interested in a 50/70 Division (league ages 11-13)?  This is to gauge interest within the league.  On or about the time registration closes, SHLL will be holding an information meeting to discuss our options and determine what we will do.  An invitation will be sent to the parents of all registered 11 to 13 year olds prior to the meeting.


Volunteers Needed

We are an all-volunteer organization.  Your assistance in any capacity can make a difference.

If you are interested in being a manager or a coach, please e-mail the league at


Fees are the same as last Fall:

$50 - SANDLOT (Ages 4 thru 6*)

$90 - First child ages 7 thru 16*

$50 - Second and third child ages 7 thru 16*

$0 - Fourth child

* League age for a boy is how old he will be on April 30, 2015.  For a girl it is how old she will be on December 30, 2014.

Note that a $10 late fee will be charged to any registration processed after August 23rd.


Walk-in Registration dates are:

Wednesday August 20th from (6 PM to 8 PM)

Thursday August 21st from (6 PM to 8 PM)

Saturday August 23rd from (10 AM to 2 PM)


Practices and games will begin right after Labor Day and run through October.



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Danny Donovan


Congratulations to Danny Donovan
2011 Recipient of the District 12 Lou Caprara Volunteer of the Year Award
 District Administrator Tony Gisonni awards Danny Donovan the 2011 Lou Caprara Volunteer of the Year Award before the Junior Baseball District Championship game in Eastlake

Reminder: No smoking is permitted at City Park!

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Safety Harbor City Park 
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Walk-in Fall Season Registration 6:00pm Donovan Field House

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