Last Updated: January 23, 2017
  • Potential Managers/Coaching Meeting - Saturday, January 7th - 9 AM - Field House
  • Walk-in Registration - Saturday, January 7th - 10 AM to 2 PM - Field House

Player Evaluation Continue Monday Night ! (See Below for Details)

AA and AAA Baseball Make-up for those who did not attend Sunday will be on MONDAY at  6:30 on Field 4.

All Major Baseball player evaluations will be MONDAY at 6:30 on Field 5.

There will be no additional make-ups for AA, AAA, or Majors after Monday night.  ALL registered players for AA, AAA, or Majors will be drafted Wednesday night.

50/70 Intermediate, Junior Baseball, Senior Baseball - will be scheduled for a later date.




Registration is CLOSED

We will have LATE REGISTRATION on a case-by-case basis only to fill vacant roster spots beginning on January 28th.




**** Do You Want to Manage or Coach a Team for the Spring 2017 Season? ****

Complete a 2017 Volunteer Application (Obtain through "Important Forms" menu item in the left margin and e-mail to SHLL at


Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How will league age be determined for Spring 2017?

A:  At SHLL we use the age chart from Little League International.  To determine the league age for your player(s), click on the link below to access the Little League web site age calculator. When you register for the Spring 2017 season, our registration database will automatically assign the league age for your player(s) consistent with the Little League age determination.


Q: Who is eligible to play at Safety Harbor Little League?

A:  To play at SHLL, the player must reside OR attend school within our boundaries. You may view our league boundary page or visit the League Finder application on the Little League web site (link below). When registering you must enter a valid ZIP code within our boundaries for your home or school address in order to complete your registration.


Q: What days are practices and games?

A:  Practices and games can fall on any day of the week. We do our best to be consistent with what days are practices and what nights are games (especially for the Sandlot Division), but it varies due to the number of fields per program. Complete game and practice schedules will be posted early in the season once the players are assigned to teams.


Q: Can my player play up to a higher age group or be kept down if he/she is inexperienced?


A:  We absolutely allow for that. However, you must register based upon your player's standard age group then e-mail SHLL with a request to play up or down. This request needs to be made before player evaluations and your player will need to attend both the tryout for his/her standard age group AND the division where you desire him/her to play. Our managers will evaluate your player against the other players in the program and determine where best to place your player. There are no guarantees about playing up and we will almost always honor requests to play down taking into consideration all safety concerns.


Q: Can my player be assigned to a certain manager's team?


A:  We have an open draft for all programs about Sandlot Division. This means each manager can pick any player they want from the available players in the player pool. They take turn picking players until everyone is assigned. You can let the Player Agent or your preferred manager know that you want your player on his team, but there are no guarantees.  This is the most fair way to ensure balanced teams and let's the managers pick who they want.


Q: Will siblings play on the same team?


A:  Yes, we account for that and make sure that brothers and sisters are placed on the same team, if desired.















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Danny Donovan


2011 Recipient of the District 12 Lou Caprara Volunteer of the Year Award
 District Administrator Tony Gisonni awards Danny Donovan the 2011 Lou Caprara Volunteer of the Year Award before the Junior Baseball District Championship game in Eastlake
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