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It's Time for Team Pictures!  







Team Pictures have been rescheduled for Saturday, May 30th.

Click Here to view the revised schedule.  Make sure your team arrives in full uniform at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  To view and complete the order form, please Click Here.





Sylvan Hills All Star Tournaments!

May 11, 2015

Tournament Dates

Battle of the Bats: June 5-7th

Father's Day All Star Bash: June 19th-21st

Firecracker All Star Jam: June 26th-28th

7/8 State Tournament: July 3-7th

AGE DIVISIONS:  5-6,  7-8,  9-10,  11-12,  13-15

Rules: 12 and under - Cal Ripken, 13-15 - Babe Ruth,  STATE TOURNAMENT RULES

TEAM COST: $150 to be paid at SHSOC office or to tournament contacts before play begins for team’s first game.  

TOURNAMENT CONTACTS:  Ballpark (501) 835-5583; Robert Birch (501) 804-9548;

INFORMATION NEEDED: team name, age division, contact, contact numbers and any schedule time conflicts (while no guarantee will make best effort to schedule around conflicts).


TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: Rules for 12U is 50/70 lead off and 10U is 46/60 closed. There is a Three (3) Game Guarantee weather permitting. Confirmation of acceptance into tournament is to be made by phone prior to finalization of brackets. Communication of scheduled game times will be the Wednesday prior to the tournament.


Thank you in advance for volunteering for Concession Stand duty.  The Concession Stand is an important source of revenue for the SHSOC Youth Baseball and Softball Program.  It helps keep baseball/softball registration costs low and helps pay for improvements to the facilities and equipment.

Your volunteerism also sets a great example for our players and is a great time for the parents to get to know each other!  Please take a moment to review the following guidelines and click the link below to see when your team is scheduled to work!  We hope that you enjoy your time volunteering for the SHSOC program!



  1. Every effort has been made to schedule each volunteer team so that their assignment time does not conflict with their team's game schedule.
  2. If a team cannot meet their obligation at the assigned date and time, it is that team's responsibility to reschedule by making arrangements to switch assignment times with another team.  If a switch is made the team making the switch must inform the Concession Stand Manager.
  3. At the start of each volunteer shift (weeknights arrive by 5:15pm, Saturdays arrive by 9:15am), volunteers should report to the concession stand for instructions on assigned duty.
  4. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.  Due to insurance reasons, no volunteers less than 16 years of age will be allowed in the concession stand or grill area.
  5. Only staff of the concession stand will operate cash register and handle all cash.
  6. Volunteers in the concession stand will fill customer orders, restock the beverage cooler as needed, and help prepare, serve, and restock food items. 
  7. Please contact the Concession Stand Manager, Kim Housley @ 501-681-2608, with any questions you have on fulfilling your volunteer assignment. 






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Click the "Spring 2015 Schedule" tab from the menu on the left, then select your age group and team name from the drop downs to view the league game schedule for your team.


You can sync game schedules to your smartphone's calendar and set up game time reminders! 

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  May 26
3 and 4's: Instructional T-Ball
Iron Pigs @ Wicked Cute 6:00pm SHSOC Field 5
Royals @ Giants 6:00pm SHSOC Field 6
Storm @ Marlins 6:00pm SHSOC Field 7
Cubs @ Pirates 7:15pm SHSOC Field 7
7 and 8's: Pitching Machine
Dodgers @ Yankees 6:00pm SHSOC Field 4
Royals @ Red Sox 7:30pm SHSOC Field 4
9 and 10's: Live Arm Closed Bases
Red Sox @ Cubs 6:00pm SHSOC Field 3
Mets @ Cardinals 7:30pm SHSOC Field 3
11 and 12's: Live Arm Open Bases
Brewers @ Orioles 6:00pm SHSOC Field 2
Rangers @ Red Sox 7:45pm SHSOC Field 2
13-15's: Babe Ruth League
Thunder @ Giants 6:00pm SHSOC Field 1
Cardinals @ J'Ville 6:30pm z-Jacksonville Dupree Park
Cubs @ Brewers 7:45pm SHSOC Field 1
Softball 10U
Lil' Lizards @ Crush 6:30pm SHSOC Field 11
Bunkers Bombshells @ Lady Punishers 7:45pm SHSOC Field 11
Softball 12U
Lakewood @ SWAT B 6:30pm SHSOC Field 12
Lakewood @ SWAT A 7:45pm SHSOC Field 12
Softball 14U
SWAT @ 50 6:30pm SHSOC Field 8
50 @ Comets 7:45pm SHSOC Field 8
Softball 6U
Diamond State Dolls @ Cuties 6:00pm SHSOC Field 10
Jville @ Sugar Bears 7:15pm SHSOC Field 10
Softball 8U
Angels @ Base Burnerz 6:30pm SHSOC Field 9
Diamond Dolls @ Jville 1 7:30pm z-Jacksonville Dupree Park
Jville 2 @ Base Burnerz 7:45pm SHSOC Field 9

For a complete schedule listing, click here!