Last Updated: April 18, 2014 

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Check out the Photo Album link!
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Youth Baseball Night with the Trav's!
April 15, 2014


Monday, April 21st has been left open so that all our teams can attend Youth Baseball/Softball night with the Arkansas Travelers!  Please contact Rachel Abbott at the park office for tickets!  TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH OUR PARK OFFICE; DO NOT PURCHASE AT TRAVS BOX OFFICE AS OUR PARK WILL NOT GET CREDIT FOR THESE SALES.  Tickets are $6.00 each and $3.00 of that stays with the park.  We have 100 tickets now and would love to sell a tone more!

Call 501-835-5583 for more info!

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April 12, 2014

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  Apr 22
Babe Ruth League
Rays @ Cubs 6:00pm SHSOC Field 1
Braves @ Razorbacks 8:00pm SHSOC Field 1
11 and 12's
Cardinals @ Red Sox 6:00pm SHSOC Field 2
Pirates @ Jville Mets 6:00pm z-Jacksonville Dupree Park
Nationals @ JVille Cardinals 7:30pm z-Jacksonville Dupree Park
Braves @ Thunder 7:45pm SHSOC Field 2
9 and 10's
Bats @ Giants 6:00pm SHSOC Field 3
Sox @ Rangers 7:30pm SHSOC Field 3
7 and 8's
Rangers @ Giants 6:00pm SHSOC Field 4
Cardinals @ Razorbacks 7:30pm SHSOC Field 4
5 and 6's
Marlins @ Cardinals 6:00pm SHSOC Field 6
Astros @ Braves 7:15pm SHSOC Field 6
Bulls @ Reds 7:15pm SHSOC Field 7
4 Year Olds
Blue Jays @ Braves 6:00pm SHSOC Field 7

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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