Last Updated: January 29, 2015
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Welcome to the home of


If you have any questions or would like information concerning our 13-18 year old divisions

Please contact Karen Marsillo 917-842-6627 text or email

If you have any questions concerning our 4-12 year old divisions

Please contact Christina Flashner 718-887-5078 text or call



To All Managers Playing Federation:

for all teams 6U, 8U, 9U, 10U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,17U and 18U

(This includes independent teams, organizations, and Ripken teams)


Under handouts section on our web site you will find the following:

Player Registration Form which each player must have filled out completely

Background Check form for all managers and coaches - this includes any backup coaches you may have

Team Info sheet

Blackout Calendars ( they are printable under the calendar portion locate on left side of main page)

If you have not completed your coaching certification yet you MUST got to the fee is about $20 and is good for a lifetime.

We need to keep in on file so you must provide a copy if you have not done so already.

In addition if you are an independetn team or comign in with an organization please make sure to bring copy of u=insurance which list minimum 2 million per occurance and 5 million aggregate. You must also have all 4 listed - NSLL, GKLL, NY Prospects Sports Complex and SIUFB


Also: Please call Christina Flashner in order to schedule a time for your team to meet to have their photos taken - this applies to all players, coaches, managers and back up coaches.


If you have any questions concerning any of the above please call or text 718-887-5078 or emial


Thank You




8UA ChampsTitans - Macchiarola

Runner Up - Nationals Miro


8UB Champs Dynasty - Levine

Runner Up - Bulldogs - Pascale


9U Champs Titans - Menella

Runner Up - Dynasty DiNardo




10U A Champs Cadets- Nesonsohn

Runner Up Dodgers - Montello


12UB - TBA


12U A Champs Cadets - Sedutto

Runner Up Cadets Moylan



Note to All Managers:
Please check this web site daily for any changes to your schedule - It is your responsibility to make sure you know when your games are and to show up ready to play. Please also remember if you are playing on a public field ( any field other then a little league complex) it is your responsibility as the home team to set the bases, pitchers mound and home plate up prior to the game.
If you have any questions regarding your schedule please contact Eric Flashner 917-295-8225
Please remember that when your game is over please submit your scores and pitching stats along with any highlights you may want to add or any of your home run hitters names to any questions regarding this please contact Christina Flashner 718-887-5078
Thank You

Email your scores to be posted on the website to:

Cal Ripken Tournament Roster Link

You need to print out the Tournament Roster!!!!!!