Last Updated: April 21, 2014

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For the 1st-4th grade groups you have two colored shirts, a maroon and a gray. 
When St Joseph plays St Joseph the home team will wear maroon and the visiting team will wear gray.  Home and away teams are listed on the Schedule tab to the left.
When you play against Homer, Tolono or any of the other communities you will wear gray.

Kindergarten will use a reversible shirt and Jr High has a uniform shirt.

Our first game will be Saturday, April 5th and our last game will be Saturday, May 17th.

Kindergarten starts April 5th and will run until May 17th.
It will be each Saturday from 12:30 - 2:00pm at Crestwood Park.  Games will be at 1:15pm.

Everyone that registered was sent home with a medical information sheet (purple colored paper) and a parent/player promise sheet (golden colored paper).  Both of those will need to be turned into your coach at first practice.  Get them filled out now and hang them on the refrigerator so you don't forget!

Games have been added.  Please look under the Schedule tab to the left. Remember to check that often for changes.

FIELD REPAIRS:  You will notice that some major repair took place this fall/winter to help us make our soccer fields more level and to help drain the standing water our fields tend to hold.  We are asking all players to PLEASE stay out of the goal box area during non-game time to help with the wear and tear this area takes.  Every little effort you give helps us get these fields back into great condition.  Thank you

If you have any questions feel free to email us at or give any of us a call.

Thank you!



Medical form and Parent/Player Promise

Remember that both of these forms need to be turned into your coach at first practice.  If you have lost them you can print a new copy, it is located under the handout tab.

Thank you

SJSC Board Members

We wanted to share with you that the St Joseph Soccer Club has a board in place to represent our community.

Mary Hack, Rick Krall, Joe Duncan, Kevin Martlage, Dave Moore, Carl Roth and Jason Emmert.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any issue you would like to discuss.  You can email us at

We are always looking for more people to be involved with our Club and would love to have you join us as we continue to grow! 

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Apr 26
Session 3 @ St. Joseph 12:30pm St. Joseph
Prairie Fire 1 @ SJSC - Mitchell-Hale 10:00am St. Joseph
SJSC - Lockhart @ SJSC - Roth 10:00am St. Joseph
Prairie Fire 2 @ SJSC - Burkhalter 11:00am St. Joseph
SJSC - Duncan @ SJSC - Dahman 10:00am St. Joseph
U12 (5/6)
Prairie Fire @ St. Joseph 3:30pm St. Joseph
U14 (7/8)
Prairie Fire @ St. Joseph 5:00pm St. Joseph
St. Joseph @ Champaign Hearts FC 8:30am Champaign Dodds park
Sunday,  Apr 27
U12 (5/6)
Tuscola @ St. Joseph 2:00pm St. Joseph
U14 (7/8)
Tuscola @ St. Joseph 3:30pm St. Joseph
Tuesday,  Apr 29
U12 (5/6)
St. Joseph @ Unity 5:45pm Tolono
Thursday,  May 1
U14 (7/8)
St. Joseph @ Unity 5:45pm Tolono
Saturday,  May 3
Session 4 @ St. Joseph 12:30pm St. Joseph
SJSC - Burkhalter @ Prairie Fire 1 10:00am Homer
SJSC - Mitchell-Hale @ SJSC - Lockhart 10:00am St. Joseph
SJSC - Roth @ Prairie Fire 2 11:00am Homer
SJSC - Dahman @ Arcola 10:00am Arcola
SJSC - Duncan @ Arcola 11:00am Arcola
U12 (5/6)
Ford County @ St. Joseph 3:30pm St. Joseph
U14 (7/8)
Ford County @ St. Joseph 5:00pm St. Joseph
St. Joseph @ Urbana Felarca 11:30am Champaign Dodds park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

St. Joseph Soccer Club