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2018 Rules of Play

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Opening Day is almost here!
We are so excited to be on the eve of the 2018 Opening Day. We have been anticipating the start of this season for the past four months, and are thrilled to have all our young athletes back on the fields.
As we are all aware, mother nature might throw a small wrench in the festivities, and provide us with some much-needed rain. As of now Friday, March 2, 2018, at 1:00 pm we are hopeful that we will have opening ceremonies tomorrow at as scheduled. The city representative and I will be monitoring the fields closely over the next hours.
Should we be forced to cancel due to in climate weather, we will notify managers immediately, and an alternate ceremony day will be announced via Facebook, our website, and manager notification.
For now, we will stay hopefull the rain will come after we play games tomorrow. Hope to see you all at opening ceremonies.
Thank you,
Esmeralda Mendoza
Santa Maria Girls Softball

We can't play with out you!

We have 6 umpire positions available 
Earn $25 per game (1hr 20min) 
Umpire 10 games successfully and receive a $200 Bonus 
For more information visit:

(restrictions and requirements apply)

Teams have been selected.

Coaches will be calling players over the next week.

If you are not contacted by 2/20/18 please notify one of our board members.

Thank you for your patience!