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Reedy Creek
South Little League Field 1

South Little League - 810 W. Clemmonsville Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27127

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South Little League


Full Concession Schedule is now finished.  You can find it under the Concession Tab on the Left hand side of the webpage.



 Parking:   We have two parking lots at our complex.   We have the top parking lot and we also have a parking lot at the bottom of our complex.  The bottom complex can be accessed by using Krites field.


 Congratulations RAFFLE WINNERS


1st Kayla Soffera

2nd James Markland

3rd Karen Parleman




South Little Leagues new email address is


You don't need a ticket 

to see some of the

best players in the world,

you just need to drive them to the game!










Saturday, Sep 24
Pee Wee
Braves @ Reedy Creek10:00amReedy Creek
Orioles @ Reedy Creek 210:00amReedy Creek
Nationals @ Reedy Creek 112:00pmReedy Creek
Braves @ Davie 210:00amDavie 2
Davie 1 @ A's10:00amSouth Little League Field 1
Reds @ Davie 312:00pmDavie 2
Northwest 1 @ Nationals12:00pmSouth Little League Field 1
Northwest 2 @ Indians2:00pmSouth Little League Field 1
Minor Softball
walnut cove leffler @ Bombshells12:00pmSouth Little League Field 3
Senior Girls Softball
@ Northwest10:00amNorthwest
Bandits @ Northwest10:00amNorthwest
Sunday, Sep 25
Senior Girls Softball
@ Northwest2:00pmNorthwest
Tigers @ Kernersville2:00pmKernersville Little League
Monday, Sep 26
Davie 3 @ A's6:30pmSouth Little League Field 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!