Last Updated: August 26, 2015 

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Tackle and Flag schedules are now available and may be found via the Schedules link on the left.


Welcome, Parents and Players! Please join us in welcoming Bay City Youth Football Association (BCYFA) and Columbia Youth Football Association (CYFA) to the STYFA organization.

Fall 2015 registrations are now under way in your respective areas, please visit your associations page for registration information.

Do You Know ...

Do you know that you can find meeting minutes and other IMPORTANT STYFA DOCUMENTS by clicking on the STYFA Documents link to the left.

Concussion In Sports – What You Need to Know

In order to ensure we continue to provide a safe environment for kids to play football STYFA is in the process of developing a league wide “Return To Play” policy for those players who exhibit signs of a concussion. 

In the meantime, we recommend that all coaches complete the following FREE Training Class offered the NFHS (
National Federation of State High School Associations).

Additional information for coaches, parents and players can be found at the links below:

General Information

Concussion Physiology

CDC – Take Concussions Out of Play

Information for Coaches

Coaches Guide

Coaches Clipboard Sticker

Information for Parents

A Parent’s Guide to Concussion in Sports

Parent Fact Sheet

Information for Athletes

A Fact Sheet For Athletes

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 12
Freshman East
FR League City Cowboys Silver @ FR Friendswood Broncos Blue 9:00am Friendswood - Centennial Park #1
FR Friendswood Broncos Orange @ FR Bay Area Texans 10:00am Bay Area - Clear Lake Christian School
FR Friendswood Broncos White @ FR League City Cowboys Blue 10:00am League City - Hometown Heroes
FR Pearland Oilers @ FR League City Cowboys White 12:00pm League City - Hometown Heroes
Freshman West
FR Bay City Lil' Cats @ FR Angleton Wildcats 10:00am Angleton - Central Elementary School
FR Brazosport Longhorns Orange @ FR Brazosport Longhorns White 10:00am Brazosport - Clute Intermediate School
FR Shadow Creek Titans Blue @ FR Columbia Lil' Necks 10:00am West Columbia - Griggs Field
FR Shadow Creek Titans White @ FR Brazosport Longhorns Black 12:00pm Brazosport - Clute Intermediate School
Sophomore East
SO League City Cowboys Blue @ SO Friendswood Broncos White 11:00am Friendswood - Centennial Park #1
SO Friendswood Broncos Orange @ SO Bay Area Texans 12:00pm Bay Area - Clear Lake Christian School
SO Pearland Oilers @ SO League City Cowboys White 2:00pm League City - Hometown Heroes
Sophomore West
SO Pearland Eagles @ SO Angleton Wildcats 12:00pm Angleton - Central Elementary School
SO Shadow Creek Titans @ SO Columbia Lil' Necks TBA West Columbia - Griggs Field
SO Bay City Lil' Cats @ SO Brazosport Longhorns White 2:00pm Brazosport - Clute Intermediate School
Junior East
JR Friendswood Broncos Blue @ JR Friendswood Broncos White 1:00pm Friendswood - Centennial Park #1
JR Friendswood Broncos Orange @ JR Bay Area Texans 2:00pm Bay Area - Clear Lake Christian School
JR Pearland Oilers @ JR League City Cowboys Silver 4:00pm League City - Hometown Heroes
Junior West
JR Shadow Creek Titans @ JR Columbia Lil' Necks 12:00pm West Columbia - Griggs Field
JR Pearland Eagles @ JR Angleton Wildcats 2:00pm Angleton - Central Elementary School
JR Bay City Lil' Cats @ JR Brazosport Longhorns White 4:00pm Brazosport - Clute Intermediate School
Senior East
SR League City Cowboys Blue @ SR Friendswood Broncos White 3:00pm Friendswood - Centennial Park #1
SR Friendswood Broncos Orange @ SR Friendswood Broncos Blue 5:00pm Friendswood - Centennial Park #1
SR Pearland Oilers @ SR League City Cowboys White 6:00pm League City - Hometown Heroes
Senior West
SR Shadow Creek Titans @ SR Columbia Lil' Necks 2:00pm West Columbia - Griggs Field
SR Pearland Eagles @ SR Angleton Wildcats 4:00pm Angleton - Central Elementary School
SR Bay City Lil' Cats @ SR Brazosport Longhorns 6:00pm Brazosport - Clute Intermediate School
Flagger East
FLAG Friendswood Broncos Orange @ FLAG Bay Area Texans 9:00am Bay Area - Clear Lake Christian School
FLAG Shadow Creek Titans White @ FLAG Friendswood Broncos Retro 9:00am Friendswood - Centennial Park #2
FLAG Pearland Oilers @ FLAG League City Cowboys White 9:00am League City - Hometown Heroes
FLAG League City Cowboys Silver @ FLAG Friendswood Broncos Blue 10:00am Friendswood - Centennial Park #2
Flagger West
FLAG Pearland Eagles @ FLAG Angleton Wildcats White 8:00am Angleton - Central Elementary School
FLAG Bay City Lil' Cats @ FLAG Angleton Wildcats Purple 9:00am Angleton - Central Elementary School
FLAG Friendswood Broncos White @ FLAG Brazosport Longhorns Orange 9:00am Brazosport - Clute Intermediate School
FLAG Shadow Creek Titans Blue @ FLAG Columbia Lil' Necks 9:00am West Columbia - Griggs Field

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