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Silver Creek Duo Sport Tournament

July 11th & 12th, 2015

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Important Information about Score Sheets

Ensure the DATE and BOTH team names are on the score sheet.

Please have the umpire sign the sheet after the game. 

The winning team is responsible for handing in their score sheet after each game.  Drop them off in one of the following two locations: 

1) Strathclair Fields - There is a white box on the North side of the shack (the building where the bathrooms are). 

2) Elliot Field: In the referees room at the soccer fields. 

Upcoming Games

Monday,  Jul 6
Men's - Division 1
Dirty Birds @ Superior Crane 6:00pm Strathclair - B
Men's - Division 2
Roadhouse A's @ Centre Ice Reds 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Centre Ice Reds @ Northside Toyota 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Superior Crane @ The Harp Giants 7:00pm Strathclair - B
District 5 @ Dirty Birds 7:00pm Strathclair - C
Northside Toyota @ Superior Maple 8:00pm Strathclair - A
The Harp Giants @ Hardwood Hitmen 8:00pm Strathclair - B
Roadhouse Tankers @ District 5 8:00pm Strathclair - C
Men's - Division 3
Aces @ Canadian Mariners 6:00pm Elliott - C Field
Men With Softballs @ The Angels 7:00pm Elliott - C Field
Sault Airport Bioc's Bombers @ Aurora's/Real Estate Stop Pirates 7:00pm Strathclair - D
Staite Builders @ Ice Cold Pitchers 8:00pm Elliott - C Field
Aurora's/Real Estate Stop Pirates @ Rednecks Saloon Rampage 8:00pm Strathclair - D
Men's - Division 4
Upper Deck Brawlers @ Boston Pizza Upper Deck Athletics 6:00pm Elliott - B Field
Fast Nutz @ New A Propane Plus 6:00pm Strathclair - C
Wardlaw Heating and Cooling @ Isogenix Athletics 6:00pm Strathclair - D
Renegades @ NAPA Excelerators 7:00pm Elliott - B Field
Home Siding Sons Of Pitches @ Renegades 8:00pm Elliott - B Field
Men's - Rec
Coch's Corner @ Kris Rooley Group 6:00pm North Street
Draught Picks @ The Rockies 6:00pm Strathclair - E
Mets @ Kris Rooley Group 7:00pm North Street
MicroAge Nationals @ Maslack Pirates 7:00pm Strathclair - E
The Orioles @ Mets 8:00pm North Street
Try Hards @ Shack 801 8:00pm Strathclair - E
The Orioles @ Gemini Giants 9:00pm North Street
Tuesday,  Jul 7
Coed - Division 1
Rednecks Bandits @ Esquire Iron Pigs Coed 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Red Birds @ Esquire Iron Pigs Coed 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Car Ramrod @ Roadhouse Greyshirts 7:00pm Strathclair - C
Boston Pizza Cardinals @ Red Birds 8:00pm Strathclair - A
Coed - Division 2
Roadhouse Dodgers @ Lakeway NAPA Knuckleheads 6:00pm Strathclair - B
Here for Beer @ Lakeway NAPA Knuckleheads 7:00pm Strathclair - B
Wood Peckers @ Beer Factor 8:00pm Strathclair - B
Coed - Rec
Redneck Saloon Coed @ Balls To The Wall 6:00pm Elliott - B Field
Brew Jays @ Joe's Sports and Surplus 6:00pm Elliott - C Field
Upper Deck Misfits @ Wardlaw Heating and Cooling Coed 6:00pm Strathclair - C
The Gong Show @ World Cars Complex 6:00pm Strathclair - D
No Glove No Love @ Balls Deep 6:00pm Strathclair - E
Better With Beer @ Esquire Club Irwin 7:00pm Elliott - B Field
I'd Hit That @ Rum Runners 7:00pm Elliott - C Field
Coch's Rockets @ Havilland Line Drives 7:00pm Strathclair - D
#pitchplease @ BDO Bottom Liners 7:00pm Strathclair - E
Blue Jays @ Curt O'Neil Photo Beards 8:00pm Elliott - B Field
Esquire Club - Where My Pitches At @ The Brew Crew 8:00pm Elliott - C Field
Master Batters @ The Reel Deals 8:00pm Strathclair - C
Havilland Line Drives @ One Hit Wonders 8:00pm Strathclair - D
Elliott Engineering @ McGlovin 8:00pm Strathclair - E
Wednesday,  Jul 8
Men's - Division 1
Centre Ice Reds @ Superior Crane 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Superior Crane @ Esquire Club Iron Pigs 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Northside Toyota @ Reggies Rebels 7:00pm Strathclair - B
Esquire Club Iron Pigs @ Bulldogs 8:00pm Strathclair - A
District 5 @ Reggies Rebels 8:00pm Strathclair - B
Men's - Division 2
Superior Maple @ Roadhouse Tankers 6:00pm Strathclair - B
Hardwood Hitmen @ Roadhouse A's 7:00pm Strathclair - C
Men's - Division 3
Sault Airport Bioc's Bombers @ Ice Cold Pitchers 6:00pm Elliott - C Field
Ice Cold Pitchers @ Rednecks Saloon Rampage 7:00pm Elliott - C Field
Staite Builders @ Canadian Mariners 7:00pm Strathclair - D
Rednecks Saloon Rampage @ The Angels 8:00pm Elliott - C Field
Men With Softballs @ Staite Builders 8:00pm Strathclair - D
Men's - Division 4
NAPA Excelerators @ Renegades 6:00pm Elliott - B Field
Fast Nutz @ Renegades 7:00pm Elliott - B Field
Boston Pizza Upper Deck Athletics @ Upper Deck Brawlers 7:00pm North Street
Fast Nutz @ Isogenix Athletics 8:00pm Elliott - B Field
Wardlaw Heating and Cooling @ Boston Pizza Upper Deck Athletics 8:00pm North Street
Home Siding Sons Of Pitches @ New A Propane Plus 9:00pm North Street
Men's - Rec
Gemini Giants @ The Rockies 6:00pm North Street
Coch's Corner @ Try Hards 6:00pm Strathclair - C
Kris Rooley Group @ MicroAge Nationals 6:00pm Strathclair - D
Draught Picks @ Fecteau Athletics 6:00pm Strathclair - E
Fecteau Athletics @ Shack 801 7:00pm Strathclair - E
Mets @ The Orioles 8:00pm Strathclair - C
Shack 801 @ Maslack Pirates 8:00pm Strathclair - E
Thursday,  Jul 9
Coed - Division 1
Roadhouse Dodgers @ Roadhouse Angels 6:00pm Strathclair - B
Ziggy's Reloaded @ Roadhouse Greyshirts 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Lakeway NAPA Knuckleheads @ Esquire Iron Pigs Coed 8:00pm Strathclair - A
Coed - Division 2
Ziggy's Reloaded @ Here for Beer 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Car Ramrod @ Boston Pizza Cardinals 7:00pm Strathclair - B
Beer Factor @ Car Ramrod 8:00pm Strathclair - B
Rednecks Bandits @ Boston Pizza Cardinals 8:00pm Strathclair - C
Coed - Rec
Centre Ice Sliders @ McGlovin 6:00pm Elliott - A Field
Coch's Rockets @ One Hit Wonders 6:00pm Elliott - B Field
No Glove No Love @ The Gong Show 6:00pm Elliott - C Field
Upper Deck Misfits @ Balls Deep 6:00pm Strathclair - C
Elliott Engineering @ Rum Runners 6:00pm Strathclair - D
Brew Jays @ Esquire Club - Where My Pitches At 6:00pm Strathclair - E
Base Slappers @ Centre Ice Sliders 7:00pm Elliott - A Field
One Hit Wonders @ #pitchplease 7:00pm Elliott - B Field
Wardlaw Heating and Cooling Coed @ Balls To The Wall 7:00pm Elliott - C Field
I'd Hit That @ Upper Deck Misfits 7:00pm Strathclair - C
The Brew Crew @ Blue Jays 7:00pm Strathclair - D
BDO Bottom Liners @ Built Wright Construction 7:00pm Strathclair - E
World Cars Complex @ Base Slappers 8:00pm Elliott - A Field
Curt O'Neil Photo Beards @ Master Batters 8:00pm Elliott - B Field
Esquire Club Irwin @ Redneck Saloon Coed 8:00pm Elliott - C Field
The Reel Deals @ Better With Beer 8:00pm Strathclair - D
Built Wright Construction @ Joe's Sports and Surplus 8:00pm Strathclair - E

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Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Jul 11
Silver Creek Duo Sport Tournament Garden River Fields
Friday,  Jul 24
The July Tournament Strathclair Fields
Friday,  Aug 14
Coed Playoffs Strathclair Fields
Friday,  Aug 21
Men's Playoffs Strathclair Fields

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