Last Updated: July 22, 2014 
All make up games have been rescheduled. Check your team's schedule for the changes.  

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The July Tournament Registration

Divisions: Men's (Open, E), Coed (Open, E) 
Entry Fee: $300 (Due Saturday July 19th) 
Dates: July 25th, 26th, 27th 
Location: Strathclair Fields 
Contact: Steve McEwen 
Phone: 705-542-0181 

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Recent Updates

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Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Jul 22
Coed - Division 1
Esquire Iron Pigs Coed @ Angels 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Ziggy's Reloaded @ Dirt Devils 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Red Birds @ Upper Deck Dodgers 8:00pm Strathclair - A
Coed - Division 2
Reggies West Rockets @ Wood Peckers 6:00pm Strathclair - B
Brew Jays @ Boston Pizza Cardinals 7:00pm Strathclair - B
Here for Beer @ Roadhouse Greyshirts 8:00pm Elliott - C Field
NAPA Knuckleheads @ Beer Factor 8:00pm Strathclair - B
Coed - Rec
Esquire Club - Where My Pitches At @ GFL 6:00pm Elliott - B Field
Sluggers @ Blue Jays 6:00pm Elliott - C Field
Wardlaw Heating and Cooling @ We Have The Runs 6:00pm Strathclair - C
Redneck's Saloon Brew Jays @ Better With Beer 6:00pm Strathclair - D
Esquire Club Irwin @ McGlovin 6:00pm Strathclair - E
GFL @ Harp's Inglorious Batters 7:00pm Elliott - B Field
Sluggers @ Built Wright Construction 7:00pm Elliott - C Field
Wardlaw Heating and Cooling @ Balls Deep 7:00pm Strathclair - C
Hang Overs @ Redneck's Saloon Brew Jays 7:00pm Strathclair - D
Curt O'Neil Photo Beards @ Help Wanted 7:00pm Strathclair - E
Harp's Inglorious Batters @ Master Batters 8:00pm Elliott - B Field
Joe's Sports and Surplus @ Balls Deep 8:00pm Strathclair - C
Hang Overs @ Havilland Line Drives 8:00pm Strathclair - D
Pitch Slap @ BDO Bottom Liners 8:00pm Strathclair - E
Wednesday,  Jul 23
Men's - Division 1
Superior Crane @ Roadhouse Athletics 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Water Tower Pub Bulldogs @ The Slump Busters 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Esquire Club Iron Pigs @ Roadhouse Rockies 8:00pm Strathclair - A
Men's - Division 2
Men With Softballs @ Harp Hitmen 6:00pm Strathclair - B
Jayhawks @ Northside Toyota 6:00pm Strathclair - C
Harp Hitmen @ Blue Flame Gas 7:00pm Strathclair - B
Northside Toyota @ Centre Ice Cardinals 7:00pm Strathclair - C
Blue Flame Gas @ District 5 8:00pm Strathclair - B
Centre Ice Cardinals @ The Harp Giants 8:00pm Strathclair - C
Men's - Division 3
Sault Airport Bioc's SR Bombers @ Arturo's Dodgers 6:00pm North Street
Renegades @ Sault Airport Bioc's SR Bombers 7:00pm North Street
Propane Plus/Rock Star @ Canadian Marlins 8:00pm North Street
Harp Pub Grill @ Staite Builders 9:00pm North Street
Men's - Rec
Try Hards @ The Dodgers 6:00pm Elliott - B Field
Storm @ Soo North Fly Shop 6:00pm Elliott - C Field
Try Hards @ Not So Average Joe's 7:00pm Elliott - B Field
Bravo Orioles @ Neatlee Designed 7:00pm Elliott - C Field
Not So Average Joe's @ Upper Deck Brawlers 8:00pm Elliott - B Field
Neatlee Designed @ Bravo Orioles 8:00pm Elliott - C Field
Thursday,  Jul 24
Coed - Division 1
Esquire Iron Pigs Coed @ Red Birds 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Upper Deck Dodgers @ Esquire Iron Pigs Coed 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Ziggy's Reloaded @ Upper Deck Dodgers 8:00pm Strathclair - A
Dirt Devils @ Angels 8:00pm Strathclair - B
Coed - Division 2
Wood Peckers @ Roadhouse Greyshirts 6:00pm Strathclair - B
NAPA Knuckleheads @ Boston Pizza Cardinals 6:00pm Strathclair - C
Wood Peckers @ Beer Factor 7:00pm Strathclair - B
Here for Beer @ Reggies West Rockets 7:00pm Strathclair - C
Reggies West Rockets @ Brew Jays 8:00pm Strathclair - C
Coed - Rec
Hang Overs @ Joe's Sports and Surplus 6:00pm Elliott - A Field
99 Problems @ Coch's Rockets 6:00pm Elliott - B Field
McGlovin @ Better With Beer 6:00pm Elliott - C Field
Wardlaw Heating and Cooling @ Built Wright Construction 6:00pm Strathclair - D
Esquire Club - Where My Pitches At @ Havilland Line Drives 6:00pm Strathclair - E
Curt O'Neil Photo Beards @ Joe's Sports and Surplus 7:00pm Elliott - A Field
We Have The Runs @ Coch's Rockets 7:00pm Elliott - B Field
McGlovin @ BDO Bottom Liners 7:00pm Elliott - C Field
Built Wright Construction @ Free Agents 7:00pm Strathclair - D
Redneck's Saloon Brew Jays @ Balls Deep 7:00pm Strathclair - E
Curt O'Neil Photo Beards @ Master Batters 8:00pm Elliott - A Field
We Have The Runs @ Esquire Club Irwin 8:00pm Elliott - B Field
Help Wanted @ #Pitch Please 8:00pm Elliott - C Field
Free Agents @ GFL 8:00pm Strathclair - D
Harp's Inglorious Batters @ Pitch Slap 8:00pm Strathclair - E
Monday,  Jul 28
Men's - Division 1
Esquire Club Iron Pigs @ Roadhouse Athletics 6:00pm Strathclair - A
Roadhouse Rockies @ Superior Crane 7:00pm Strathclair - A
Men's - Division 2
Men With Softballs @ Centre Ice Cardinals 7:00pm Strathclair - B
Men's - Division 3
Arturo's Dodgers @ Harp Pub Grill 6:00pm Strathclair - B
Chilly Willy's Aces @ Redneck Saloon Thunder 6:00pm Strathclair - C
Boston Pizza Ice Cold Pitchers @ Propane Plus/Rock Star 6:00pm Strathclair - D
Canadian Marlins @ Renegades 6:00pm Strathclair - E
Sault Airport Bioc's SR Bombers @ Upper Deck Cardinals 7:00pm Strathclair - C
Home Siding Sons Of Pitches @ Aurora's/Real Estate Stop Pirates 7:00pm Strathclair - D
Men's - Rec
Bravo Orioles @ Shack 801 6:00pm North Street
Coch's Corner @ Neatlee Designed 7:00pm North Street
Try Hards @ The Soo Jays 7:00pm Strathclair - E
Draught Picks @ Upper Deck Athletics 8:00pm North Street
Upper Deck Brawlers @ Storm 9:00pm North Street

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Friday,  Jul 25
The July Tournament Strathclair Fields
Saturday,  Aug 9
Coed Playoff Weekend Strathclair Fields
Friday,  Aug 15
Men's Playoff Weekend Strathclair Fields
Thursday,  Sep 11
The Fall North St. Tournament North Street

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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