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     We have had another season of crazy weather and have seen it impact many games. This has brought us to the decision that the season will need to be extended by 1 week to accommodate the make up games and tournaments. We are aware of the impact on the players, coaches and their families with summer starting but this is a necessary move for us as a league.


     With this extension, we will see the tournaments played Monday 6/4 through Friday 6/8 with championship games being held Friday night. Closing ceremonies will now take place on Friday 6/8 following the championship games.

Further details are to come as well as the game times for that week.

Please stay tuned.


     Your flexibility, understanding and patience with this adjustment to the season calendar is greatly appreciated.


-Stansbury Park Little League-

2018 UPDATED Age Determination 
The date used to determine a players age and playing division has been changed for the 2018 season. Please follow the link above to review the new rule and understand the update prior to registering your player this year.

2018 NEW Bat Regulations 
Please review the new standards being adopted by Little League this season.  Click the link above.