Last Updated: October 5, 2015

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  • After going through the first 3 levels
  • of the criteria for determining tie
  • the first, second and third place 8th grade
  • teams will be determined by coin toss
  • on Tuesday evening. See "HEADLINES" for more
Determining Ties


According to the Stateline Junior High School Football Conference Rules and Regulations (Article VII; Section 9) ties are determined according to the following criteria:

     1) Conference Record

     2) Head to Head

     3) Conference points (this is NOT points scored for or against)

     4) Coin toss

As the top three teams in the 8th grade division are even in levels 1 through 3 in the criteria, the determination will come down to a coin toss which will happen on Tuesday evening.  The results will be posted on this website and the Stateline Facebook page as soon as possible after the positions are determined.

With such good play this year, the Commissioner, the Secretary, the Athletic Directors and Coaches hate to see a determination come to a coin toss, but this year, that is the position we are finding ourselves in.

The complete Rules and Regulations (3/15) as well as the By-laws (10/10) for the Stateline Conference can be found on this website by clicking on "Handouts" to the left of your screen.


Upcoming Games

Monday,  Oct 5
8th Grade
Northwood @ Creekside 4:30pm Creekside
7th Grade
Kirkland- Hiawatha @ Genoa - Kingston 4:30pm Kirkland Hiawatha
Creekside @ Northwood 4:30pm Northwood
Thursday,  Oct 8
7th Grade
Roscoe - Purple @ Kirkland- Hiawatha 4:30pm Kirkland Hiawatha

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