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St. Isidore and St. Joan of Arc CYO Track & Field Program


CYO Track and Field Year-End Track Party

Date / time:  Friday, May 13th at 6:30

Place:  St. Isidore Campus - Cardelli Gym 

This is a fun celebration of the track season.  The event will be held at St. Isidore Campus - Benson Center (small gym). An  RSVP link has been emailed to everyone.  Hope to see you all there.  .


Meet results are currently listed under "Meet Results / Program Information " on the left nav bar. Until we receive a link for the meet results, you will need to download the Excel spreadsheet to view the results. 
CYO Track Parents:  Reminders
Please review the Track Parent Handbook on the website.  This can be found under the "Meet Results / Program Information" link, then click on "2016 St. isidore - St. Joan Track Program Handout."  Give special review to the section "About Track Meets - FAQ"
2. Volunteers:
Please double check your volunteer position check-in/start times so you are on time and won't be considered a no show and replaced.   Volunteers must sign in and out IN PERSON.  Upon sign in, please remain at the Volunteer tent (make your stop to the stands prior to sign in).  Do not forget to sign out IN PERSON before you leave, otherwise we have no record your shift was completed.
3. Uniforms:
We are no longer having any further uniform distribution dates.  Please let us know if you still need a uniform.  
4. Volunteer sign up :
The deadline for any meet shift changes or cancellations is  noon on Wednesday prior to the meet.  It is very important that if you cannot make your shift after this deadline, you are responsible for finding your .   No practice shift changes 48 hours before practice.  If you do not meet these deadlines, $75/20 (meet/practice) will be deducted from your volunteer deposits for each late change, cancellation or no-show. Thank you for understanding the need for these policies.  Late or no shows can be very disruptive and delay the meet for everyone as we are left unexpectedly short handed. 
Please check the CYO Track website for further meet information and general communication
It is recommended that families check the website regularly for updated information and for any changes to practice or meet schedules due to weather conditions (generally posted by 2:00 pm same day for practices and 2 hours before a scheduled meet time).  We try not to send regular emails, and rely on families to always check the website first.
February 26, 2016

Please Read - Important Program Highlights



1.         Registration and Drop Deadline

2.         Volunteer Sign-ups

3.         Key Volunteer Positions

4.         Upcoming events

5.         Uniform Distribution

6.         Confirming your athlete information

7          Track Meet and Practice Schedule 

8.         Communication

9.         Attendance / Rainouts



1.         Registration and Drop Deadline:


Registration will close on Monday, February 29th.  We will not have a wait list, or honor any late registrations.  If you know anyone that may be interested in joining our team, please inform them of our deadline.  This is also the last day to drop and to receive a full refund of registration and volunteer deposit.   After this deadline, NO refunds for the registration fee or the volunteer deposit will be granted for drop notifications.  Families would only be able to receive their volunteer deposit if they worked the required volunteer shifts.  If you ordered sweats, they can be refunded as long as you haven’t picked them up yet. 



2.         Volunteer Sign-ups:


There will be plenty more volunteer shifts posted on Sign-Up Genius in the coming weeks.  Once our final enrollment numbers have been established, the Section Coordinator will designate how many jobs our parish will be responsible for per track meet.  Please know that there will be plenty of opportunity for all families to be able to meet their volunteer obligation.



3.         Key Volunteer Positions: 


We also have a few “Key Volunteer” positions open for those of you wanting to be part of our leadership team.  These jobs will be in lieu of working volunteer shifts that are posted on Sign-Up Genius.  If you are interested, please email us immediately at  Job descriptions are listed at the bottom of this email.



4.         Upcoming Events:


War Path Invitational:  Saturday, March 5th @ 9:00 AM (Optional)


This is an optional event hosted by Ygnacio Valley HS Track and Field team.  This is a special all-comers meet to help raise funds for their track program, and the entry fee is $5 per athlete.  Adults and kids can participate.  It is a very low-key event, with no volunteer requirements.  It gives everyone a chance to see how a track meet works.  A flyer will be posted on the website – see program information link.



Track Meet Clinic:  Sunday. March 6th @ 3:00 PM:


This will take place prior to practice on Sunday at SRVHS.  A review of how a track meet is run and all the track meet volunteer jobs will be reviewed.  This is especially helpful for new families.  Kids are also welcome, as they will receive an overview of track meet protocol, events, and expectations.  Uniforms can be picked up after the clinic from 4:15 to 5:45.



Coach Certification Clinic:  Monday March 7th @ 7:00 PM


Parents who are either in a primary coaching or leadership role, or would like to be a more active volunteer at track meets, should attend the “Coach Certification Clinic.  This clinic will be held on Monday, March 7th at 7:00 PM.  Registration will begin at 6:30 PM.  Location is at Christ the King parish hall in Pleasant Hill.  Please notify us of your interest and planned attendance.  If you are a “certified” coach / volunteer, you will then be able to be present on the field assisting the kids without being in a volunteer shift role.



5.         Uniform /Sweats Distribution:


Your athletes track uniform will consist of a track shirt, and must be worn during all track meets.  The youth sizes are short sleeved shirts, and adult sizes are sleeveless, fitted ladies and men.  Uniforms will be distributed on the following practice days from 4:45 to 5:45 PM.  Pre-ordered sweats and a limited number of extras will also be available.  We will also need volunteers to help with distribution.  There will be special practice shifts posted on Sign-Up Genius for this role.


·       ·       Sunday, March 6th:  (SRVHS) – extended time starting after parent clinic from 4:15 to 5:45 PM

·       Thursday, March 10th:  (Diablo Vista MS)



6.         Confirming your Athlete information:


In the next few days, you will be receiving an email with a spreadsheet listing all registered athletes.  You will be asked to confirm your athletes name (spelling), grade and gender.  If anything is incorrect, then please notify us immediately via email.  This information will be used to generate athlete labels, and will be entered into the DVCL Sectional database for meet results.  This must be correct, and cannot be changed once our roster is submitted to the section. 



7.         Track Meet and Practice Schedule:


Please check the website calendar regularly to confirm track meet and practice dates.  The track meet locations should be finalized soon.  We do know that our first two track meets will be at Dougherty Valley High School. 



8.         Communication:


All communication will be on the website homepage. Please check multiple times per week for any updates.  Emails will only be used for any urgent / last minute updates or changes. 



9.         Practice Attendance / Rainouts:


Starting next week, we will be tracking attendance by giving each athlete a name label at the start of practice.  This will also greatly assist the coaching staff with your child’s name.  If your child has an isolated absence or illness, there is no need to contact us.  However, please inform us if your athlete will be absent for multiple practices.  On days of unpredictable weather, please check the website prior to practice.  It will be updated by 2:00 PM.



Please let us know if you have any questions,



Coach Rafael and the CYO Leadership Team


CYO Track Program

St. Isidore / St. Joan of Arc


Key Volunteer Jobs:   We need you!!


1.         Equipment Manager:  We need (2) families to assist with our track equipment.  You would be responsible to organize and transport our track equipment to and from the track meets from week to week.  Best to have a larger vehicle (SUV or Van), and be able to either store it in your garage during the week.  The two families can create a schedule of who can be present during the track meet schedule.


2.         Ribbon Coordinator:  We need (3) families to assist with managing the track meet ribbons.    Ribbon boxes will need to be organized for the 2016 season to include a file for each family.  Following the track meets, ribbons and stickers will need to be picked up from our Section Coordinator in Walnut Creek.  Ribbons will need to be stickered, organized, and filed in our ribbon boxes.  Distribution takes place at practices and track meets, so families can alternate and create a schedule of who can be present on set days.


3.         Volunteer Coordinator Assistants:  We need (2) families to assist our Volunteer Coordinator, Gayle Coleman.  Gayle has done an amazing job over the years, and is nearing retirement.  If you are interested in being a part of the program in the coming years, then we need you!  You would shadow and assist Gayle with the volunteer coordination behind the scenes. 


4.         Photographer:  We need (2) families to assist with photography.  Photographers will take pictures primarily at our track meets, and shall consist of action and buddy shots.  Select photos can be edited and put on our website.  At the end of the season, all picture should be edited, and ready to submit for our year-end party slide-show.  Families can alternate and create a schedule of who can attend each track meet.


5.         Lead Data Auditor:  We need (2) families to serve in a lead data auditor role at the track meets.  The lead auditor will be trained ahead of time and during the first track meet and will understand how all the event results are recorded.  They will serve as a trainer and resource to the volunteer shift assigned to recorder and data auditor at the track meets.