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The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is a youth sports program for grades 4 to12.  Participants play for the parish in which they reside, and play competitive games against other parish teams on Long Island.  Players learn basketball/volleyball skills, team concepts, self-esteem, and sportsmanship.  CYO continues to strongly maintain a commitment to Catholic values and excellence in sportsmanship.


Boys selections being posted tonight.

 Boys 2017-2018 Roster

We want to thank all of the boys that have tried out for our times.   Choosing the teams is a difficult process.   We had on hand impartial Coaches with many years of experience from different grade levels helping with the grading.  We also had current and former high school and college basketball players.  If your son was not selected for on our teams, please have him consider Three Village basketball.  Their signups are October 3rd at Nassakeag cafeteria from 6:00 to 8:00 Pm.  


4th Grade   This is an instructional league.   Although they keep score, it is erased every quarter.  There is no A or B team in this grade level.  Many boys tried out for this grade and it is one of the harder ones to grade as they are all just starting out.    These teams do change going forward and making the team this year does not guarantee a spot on a team next year.   We have two very experienced Coaches at this level who will give the boys a great experience.   For those who were not selected, Three Village Basketball is highly recommended.      This is travel basketball and there is a certain amount of travel involved.    10 games.  % are home and 5 are in different towns in Nassau and Suffolk County. 


4th Grade

Coach  Edson                                    Coach Turnstead

Sean Edson                                        Thomas Turnstead

Edward Shields                           Thomas James Poor

Jack Rella                                              Logan Valeiko

Daniel Cornish                                     Luke Jantzen

Jake Sfakis                                             Jack Salgado

Ethan Honan                                          Luke Erickson

Nicholas Failla                                        Liam Riley

Gavin Lohmann                                      Harry Horian

Jack Degen                                              Chase Patrie

Jeremy Guise                                           Will Schmitz

Derek Guise                                              Christopher Zematy






Boys 5th

Coach Spero                                       Coach Stiles

Kyle Fagan                                            Jason Stiles

Jack Ryan                                              Daniel Nemesure

Ryan Caravello                                     James Ellin

Brody Delvallez                                    Callan McNamble

Jacob Lippe                                          Anthony Giantinoto

Logan Seta                                             Cameron Fiorella

Matthew Valerie                                   Michael Germano

Braden Mutschler                                 Devon Larsen

Dylan Guise                                            Aidan Ayers

Anthony Cerulli                                     JT Lips

Jacob Rosensweig                                   Jonathan Scott


Boys 6th

Coach Rosano                 Coach Sudaley                 Coach Reyling

Stephen Rosano                Jake Sudaley                   Brady Reyling

Zachary Brittman              Tyler Jean Noel               Aidan Riley

Lorenzo Beaton                 Jeffrey Ellin                      Nicholas Pascale

Chase Boals                       Brendan Hughes                Ben Bruno

Aidan Kilduff                      Devin Lynch                        Christopher Orlando

KJ Anderson                         Kyle Erickson                      SeverinBailey

Steven Forte                        Andrew Disimone               Davon Difede

Eddie Hughes                     Steven Dellisola                     Colin Vonthade

Luke Chitkara                      Luke Bernhard                        Dalton Rutt

Dominic Muratore               Brian Leibowitz                     Ethan Schuler

                                                Norman Bergmaschi             Rowan Shortell



Boys 7th


Coach Formato                                         Coach Cosenza

Nichaolas Formato                                    Nick Cosenza

Fletcher Brown                                            Ben Sano

Lucas Samuel                                                  Dylan Fagan

Lorenzo Velez                                                Jake Hendel

Aidan Valeiko                                               Teddy Lorenzen

Ramsey Heilbron                                            Will MCMullan

Joseph McKenna                                Tommy Hendrickson

Tyler Caravello                                                Jessie Guise

Dylan Moore                                                    Matthew Kukta

Alex Martell                                                      Shane Murnane-Maher 


Boys 8th

Coach Engel                               Coach Woods                            Coach Case

Tommy Engel                             Nolan Woods                            Daniel Case

Jonathan Verbesey                   Justin Martell                              Wes Silverman

Mick Dargan                                Zack Metz                                 Sam  Riberio-Dicanio

Frankie Carrol                             Daniel Sobel                              John Ramilu

Tyler Ruffini                                Jerry Williams                              Peter Hildebrand

Santiago Burgis                        Drew Nicholson                               David Ramos

Joshua Horvath                          Aidan Larson                                  Emeka Okeoma

Jacob Petruzzi                             Michael Comerford                     Christian Powell

Kevin Dolan                                 Michael Petraco                           Erez Rosenband                                  

Dane Cosby                                    Nick Stoecker                                   Jake Bernhard                    


Your coach will be contacting you next week.    The fee is $250.00 for CYO registration and the uniform is $100.00 if you don't have one.   You can use the same uniform from prior years.


  •  GIRLS GRADES 4 to 8...Season is October thru January *Tryouts hosted w/o 6/12 - results will be posted by player piney # to the BULLETIN BOARD section of this site on Saturday 6/24
  •  BOYS GRADES 4 to 8...Season is November thru February
    • Boys Tryouts hosted in September


  • GIRLS GRADES 6 to 12.....Season February thru May




QUESTIONS regarding the boys program contact John Case

QUESTIONS regarding the girls program contact Dianne Fitzpatrick