Last Updated: August 26, 2016
  • !!! Due to the success of registration we will close August 15th
  • Players after August 15th will be waitlisted and put on a team if there is space.
  • check out the FAQ's under handouts to answer your questions.

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St. Raymond CYO Basketball

Registration Closing Early August 15th, waitlist will be started.

St. Raymond has seen an increase in participation over the last few years, as have our neighboring parishes.  With only limited gyms available for training we need to keep our participation in line with our facilities. As a result we need to start waitlisting players on August 16th instead of August 21st like previously announced.. 

Linda Byrne

2016-2017 Opens June 20th

Dear CYO Parents,

We are ready for another exciting season of St. Raymond CYO Basketball located in Dublin California.  Our registration is now open, and I wanted to bring a few important items to your attention.

Registration: We are asking parents to Register for St. Raymond CYO sooner than later so we can better serve your children.  Early registration is important because it allows us to secure facilities and coaches and develop our programs more fully.  If the links above do not work, copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

Evaluations: Evaluations will be held sometime in late August or early September, date to be determined.  It is important to register your child prior to evaluations.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow any player to participate in evaluations unless the player is registered.  We will not have walk-up registration so please register on time.

Interested Coaches: Those interested in coaching should select the Coaches Link andregister. If the link does not work, copy and paste the following URL into your browser

New CYO Athletic Director: My name is Sean Kullman, and I am the new CYO Athletic Director for St. Raymond. I want to personally thank Rob Stubbs for his work the preceding seasons. Rob will stay involved in CYO as a coach and Board Member.  Other members of our board include Eric Hom, Linda Byrne, Marian Gomez de la Vega, Andrew Walker, Chuck Acquisto, and Eric Andre. I will send another email at a later date for those interested in serving on our Board.

About Sean Kullman: I’m excited to serve the CYO community and look forward to getting to know you.  My background is in education and athletics. I’ve taught college, high school, and middle school English. I served as an intramural sports director at a private boarding school and have been involved in Little League Baseball and CYO for over 6 years as a coach and board member. I currently serve as the Communication Specialist for St. Raymond Parish and continue to write in the field of education.

To Register: Please select Register for St. Raymond CYO or copy and paste the following URL into your browser

Thank you for your participation in CYO and we look forward to another exciting year of St. Raymond CYO Basketball.


Warm Regards,

Sean Kullman

Athletic Director

St. Raymond CYO Basketball


Check out the New FAQs under handouts on the left panel for all your CYO questions.

Here is a highlight!  Check all FAQs on the handouts page.


How old does my child have to be to play?

Saint Raymond's CYO Basketball offers both boys and girls leagues. All boys and girls in grades 3-8 are invited sign up. We are no longer accepting 2nd graders in the program due to a lack of gym space.

Can I register in person?

Registration is on-line only. is the website.  A registration link will appear on the right side of the website when registration opens. If you are unable to register on-line you can contact the registrar at

What are the eligibility requirements?

You must meet one of the following criteria to play for St. Raymond.

  1. Attend St. Raymond School.

  2. 2. Be enrolled in St. Raymond CCD for this year and the previous year.

  3. Live in the SR Parish boundaries (Dublin City Limits, or in San Ramon from MonteVideo south including Windemere if you live off East Branch Parkway).  If you are not sure please check at the following website. .

****** If you register your child and you  do not meet one of the three eligibility requirement a $50 refund fee is assessed.

What are the fees?

The fee is $235 per player.  There are discounts for 3 or more players in the same family.

After August 20th all registrations will be waitlisted.  We recommend if you register after August 20th that you contact the athletic Director to see if there is room before registering.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Financial assistance is available, please contact the Athletic Director if you need assistance.

Will the league provide a uniform?

No, there will be a fee of $38 for the uniform shirt and shorts which your child will keep and can use for multiple years.  For returning players with uniforms we will ask for the number so that we do not duplicate numbers.