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Sturbridge Rec Youth Soccer, email:sturbridgerecsoccer@yahoo.com / sturbridgetrysoccer@yahoo.com

2017 U8 Spring Soccer Program

~U8 2017 Spring Rec Soccer~

*Spring season will start mid-April / end mid-June *

  Potentially--Games to be held on Saturdays starting at 1pm to approximately 4pm located @Holland Rec Fields across street from the Holland Elementary School and some games may be played out of the district 5 town fields. More details regarding the season will be determined by late February. 


Sturbridge Recreational Soccer will be hosting a SPRING U8 recreational soccer program for 1st and 2nd graders (6 & 7 year olds). Details of the program are still being worked out and online registration will be available soon.


Children from ALL of the 5 "TRY" TOWNS ARE ELIGIBLE TO REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM. PLEASE SHARE AND HELP GET THE WORD OUT. THANKS so much, all help is greatly appreciated as this takes a village to get the word out!


Rec Spring Soccer Program: 

  • U8 Boys Spring Recreational Soccer Program.  Ages 6&7 as of 12/31/2016 ; registration fee is $65
  • U8 Girls Spring Recreational Soccer Program.  Ages 6&7 as of 12/31/2016; registration fee is $65

Program Time Frame: Season will run from midApril to midJune

Location-   Potential Information--Games to be held on Saturdays starting at 1pm to approximately 4pm located @ Holland Rec Fields across street from the Holland Elementary School, w/some games possibly being played outside the 5 town district soccer fields More details are still being worked out.

Online Registrations-  Please keep checking back to the Sturbridge Rec Soccer Website as registration sign ups will be available ONLINE soon @www.leaguelineup.com/sturbridgerecsoccer.

Contact Information-  Kelly Parent currently is working out the  details of this program with the help from Jennifer Bailey and Heide McGibben!


If anyone else would like to help out, please don't hesitate to reach out


Kelly@tantasquasoccer.com, Jennifer@tantasquasoccer.com





"General Information on Recreation & Travel Soccer"

There are 2 programs available for kids to play soccer within the Town of Sturbridge and the 5 Town School System.  (1) Fall Rec Soccer and (2) the Fall and Spring Travel Soccer Program.  More details on both programs below.


Information about the first program available to kids to play soccer is the Sturbridge Rec Soccer Program.  

Sturbridge Rec Soccer is part of the 5 Town Recreational Soccer Program for kids to play soccer between the ages of 5 yrs to 18yrs. The Rec Soccer Program runs in the Fall ONLY with games on Saturdays and practices once or twice during the week depending on the coach. The Sturbridge Rec Soccer Program is part of the overall 5 town "Tantasqua" TRY Soccer Program which plays games on Saturdays against any of the 5 towns in the district during the fall season. The soccer program completely relies on volunteers.  All and any help is greatly appreciated.  


The Recreational Soccer Program is "generally" a fall season sport with signs up online for Sturbridge from March to June 1st. The Fall soccer teams are created through out the month of June, scheduling of the rec soccer games for the 5 towns will be completed throughout July and teams wills be communicated to all families and coaches between the third week of July to first week of August.  There is a mandatory all coaches meeting usually the 3rd thursday of August to also pick up all the team equipment on that same night.


The Sturbridge Recreational Soccer Program offers Spring Recreational Programs through the Real Fútbol Program available for any of the 5 towns within the "Tantasqua" district to keep the kids active and playing if they would rather not participate in the "TRY" Competitive Spring Travel Program.  As stated above, the Recreational Soccer Program completely relies on volunteers and functions completely on having these volunteers.  Volunteers help with coordination, equipment, fields, coaches, assistant coaches, and referees!!  Please consider helping out as the existence of the program is based on volunteers.  If you are wanting to coach, assist or ref there are 2 saturday mornings in August that Jack Keough (longtime volunteer and Board Member) offers time to go over the rules of each division (not mandatory to attend but can gather some great information).  Also the TRY league encourages and will reimburse the $40 fee for any coach to take and obtain their G license - let the league know once you pass and complete the course for reimbursement. Click on the link tab on this website to take you to the G license website or click here: https://www.massyouthcoachingcourse.org/.


The Recreational Soccer league has 5 divisions that are co-ed;

            Pee Wee- Generally Kindergarten and 1st Grade (U7) but kids 5 & 6 years old by December 31st of current year

            Bantam-   Generally 2nd and 3rd Grade (U9) but kids 7 & 8 years old by December 31st of current year

            Freshman- Generally 4th and 5th Grade (U11) but kids 9 & 10 years old by December 31st of current year

            Sophomore- Generally 6th and 7th Grade (U13) but kids 11 & 12 years old by December 31st of current year

            Jr/Sr- Generally 8th Grade to 12th Grade (U14-U16) but kids 13-18 years old by December 31st of current year

visit: www.leaguelineup.com/sturbridgerecsoccer for Sturbridge Rec Soccer information specifically or visit www.tantasquasoccer.com for the overall 5 town "Tantasqua"  TRY Recreational Soccer and TRY Travel Soccer information. 


TRY Soccer oversees the Travel Programs solely and works to collaborate between the 5 towns of "Tantasqua" to create a fun competitive TRY Recreational Soccer Program within the 5 towns of the "Tantasqua" District. 


The SECOND Program available to kids to play soccer within the town of Sturbridge and 5 Town School System is the competitive TRAVEL soccer league  www.tantasquasoccer.com

The TRAVEL Soccer League is available for kids to play when kids turn 8 years of age  by December 31st of current year so older 2nd grade children are eligible to sign up -- which is usually for kids entering grade 3 so registrations would be mid-April to June 1st of the 2nd grade and up but for the older kids of the grade (Sept to Dec birth years -- these aged kids are eligible 2nd grade, therefore registrations would be amid-April to June of that child's 1st grade).  

Sign ups / Registrations run from mid-April to June 1st timeframe for Fall Travel Soccer and than November sign ups for Spring Travel Soccer). The TRAVEL program has both Fall and Spring leagues and play against towns outside of the "Tantasqua" district, which traveling is required for 4 of the 8 games.  The TRAVEL program has a U10, U12, U14 and U16 division. The TRAVEL program is made up of same gender/sex teams. Please visit website www.tantasquasoccer.com for more information about the TRAVEL soccer program. Sign ups for the travel league are online through the state sports manager website but can be directed  by visiting the "TRY soccer" website at www.tantasquasoccer.com from mid-April to June1st for the Fall travel season and November timeframe for the Spring Travel season.