Last Updated: March 25, 2017

Sturbridge Youth Basektball

Back Yard Brawl!

Duration & Format:  The tournament begins on the evening of 2/27 and concludes on Sunday 03/05/17.  The format will be single elimination.  
Some Rules, Regs & Requests:  

·        Please keep it positive when cheering.

·        Players are expected to sit on the benches provided, whether at Burgess or the High School.  At the High School this would be at the end of the court where the score table is located.  Players will not be allowed to sit on the sidelines.  However, coaches for the 3/4 & 5/6 divisions will be allowed to walk up and down the sideline to coach their teams. At Burgess, the teams should remain on the side of the court opposite the bleachers

·        We ask that all parents and siblings remain on the bleacher side of the courts at the High School.  This will prevent any interference with team benches, the scorers table as well as any stray basketballs from making their way onto the courts causing potential injury to a player.  

·        We ask that all parents and siblings remain inside the gym at Burgess.  

·        Within the first 7 minutes of each half, all players must have played and all players must have sat out a total of (2) minutes.  

·        Due to the greater proportion of Suburban participants in the 7/8 division, there will be no restrictions as it relates to the number of Suburban players that can be on the floor simultaneously.

·        3-pointers allowed in 5/6 & 7/8 division.

·        There is NO double teaming outside the 3 point arc or zone defense in the 3/4 division.  Help defense is allowed.

·        The offensive team must cross mid-court with the ball within 10 seconds.  

·        Significant leads - teams with varying double digit leads must stay inside the 3 point arc on defense for the entire possession.

o        Grade 3/4 - a significant lead is 10 points

o        Grade 5/6 - a significant lead is 15 points & there is no pressing

o        Grade 7/8 - a significant lead is 20 points & there is no pressing
Thank you for a tremendous season & best of luck to all our teams.