Last Updated: July 3, 2015
  • Stewratstown-10 Conrads-3
  • Jacobus-6 York Township-2
  • Hallam-1 Red Lion-0
  • East Prospect-1 Felton-0
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Susquehanna Baseball League

Gentzler/Smith and Shawn P. McCullough Scholarship Forms

The Susquehanna League will award two different scholarships. In order to be considered for both scholarships, applicants MUST complete both forms. You may use the same information for both, but you must submit two separate scholarship applications. Though applicants who complete two separate forms will be considered for both scholarships, no applicants can win both scholarships in the same year.

Check the Handout section of the website for the documents.

Susquehanna League Records - UPDATED through the 2013 Season

Check out the Susquehanna League Records Link to the left for Single Season Team and Individual records as well as Lifetime Managerial Records.

Special thanks goes out to Steve Kline for updating this information through the 2013 season (note:  the 2014 final stats are not issued until the February 7 banquet).

Great job, Kliney!!!!


Historical Stat Packets Available Online!

All Season Stat Packets available from 1964 through last completed season.

Thanks to John Woltman, Jack Markey, Larry Jacobs, Dale Lloyd, and John Crist for submitting missing packets.
Follow the link on the left to find previous year's stat packets.
A Special Thanks to Don Poet for providing pre-1969 stat packets and great baseball stories!
1950 and 1951 Statistics online. Provided through the York County Historical Society.

1935 Season schedules available online! Thanks to Dave Woltman and The Gazette and Daily.

Schedule located in the Historical Section of the website.

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Jul 4
Conrads @ East Prospect 10:00am East Prospect
Jacobus @ Felton 10:00am Felton
Stewartstown @ Hallam 10:00am Hallam
York Township @ Windsor 10:00am Windsor
Windsor @ Conrads 2:00pm Conrads
Hallam @ Jacobus 2:00pm Jacobus
East Prospect @ Stewartstown 2:00pm Stewartstown
Red Lion @ York Township 2:00pm York Township
Tuesday,  Jul 7
Hallam @ Felton 6:00pm Felton
Conrads @ Jacobus 6:00pm Jacobus
Windsor @ Red Lion 6:00pm Red Lion
Stewartstown @ York Township 6:00pm York Township
Wednesday,  Jul 8
East Prospect @ Jacobus 6:00pm Jacobus
Hallam @ Red Lion 6:00pm Red Lion
Thursday,  Jul 9
York Township @ Conrads 6:00pm Conrads
Jacobus @ East Prospect 6:00pm East Prospect
Windsor @ Felton 6:00pm Felton
Red Lion @ Stewartstown 6:00pm Stewartstown
Saturday,  Jul 11
Stewartstown @ Felton 1:30pm Felton
Jacobus @ Red Lion 1:30pm Red Lion
East Prospect @ Windsor 1:30pm Windsor
Hallam @ York Township 1:30pm York Township
Monday,  Jul 13
Jacobus @ Red Lion 6:00pm Red Lion
Tuesday,  Jul 14
Conrads @ Hallam 6:00pm Hallam
Felton @ Red Lion 6:00pm Red Lion
Stewartstown @ Windsor 6:00pm Windsor
East Prospect @ York Township 6:00pm York Township

For a complete schedule listing, click here!