Last Updated: September 29, 2016

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Game Schedule Changes

1Waynesville has no 3rd grade team, Oakwood does not have 3rd or 4th grade teams . 

**Brookville vs. Carlisle @ Waynesville 3rd grade 1 pm. 09/10/2016

**Brookville vs Waynesville 4th grade 1 pm.  09/18/2016

**Games vs Oakwood 5th Grade will start at 1 pm & 6th at 2:30 pm

**NEW** TCN no longer has a 5th grade team.  There numbers dropped down and they were forced to combine 5th/6th graders together.  They will be playing a 6th grade schedule for 2016!


Parents Day

Bellbrook-Last Home Game of Season

Piqua-October 16th @ 1 pm




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August 18, 2016

September Meeting

September 28, 2016 – 08:00 PM

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Oct 1
North Overall
Tipp City @ Brookville5:30amBrookville
Tipp City @ Brookville1:00pmBrookville
Preble Shawnee @ Eaton1:00pmEaton (Park Ave)
Piqua @ Northridge1:00pmNorthridge High School
Dixie @ Tri County North1:00pmTri-County North
Tipp City @ Brookville2:30pmBrookville
Preble Shawnee @ Eaton2:30pmEaton (Park Ave)
Piqua @ Northridge2:30pmNorthridge High School
Dixie @ Tri County North2:30pmTri-County North
Tipp City @ Brookville4:00pmBrookville
Preble Shawnee @ Eaton4:00pmEaton (Park Ave)
Piqua @ Northridge4:00pmNorthridge High School
Dixie @ Tri County North4:00pmTri-County North
Preble Shawnee @ Eaton5:30pmEaton (Park Ave)
Piqua @ Northridge5:30pmNorthridge High School
Dixie @ Tri County North5:30pmTri-County North
South Overall
Carlisle @ South Dayton10:30amSouth Dayton (Kettering Alter HS)
Carlisle @ South Dayton12:00pmSouth Dayton (Kettering Alter HS)
Carlisle @ South Dayton1:30pmSouth Dayton (Kettering Alter HS)
Carlisle @ South Dayton3:00pmSouth Dayton (Kettering Alter HS)
Sunday, Oct 2
South Overall
Monroe @ Bellbrook1:00pmBellbrook H.S.
Valley View @ Oakwood1:00pmOakwood High School
Monroe @ Bellbrook2:30pmBellbrook H.S.
Valley View @ Oakwood2:30pmOakwood High School
Monroe @ Bellbrook4:00pmBellbrook H.S.
Monroe @ Bellbrook5:30pmBellbrook H.S.
Monday, Oct 3
South Overall
Massie @ Madison1:30pmMadison High School
Massie @ Madison3:00pmMadison High School
Massie @ Madison4:30pmMadison High School
Massie @ Madison6:00pmMadison High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!