Last Updated: August 22, 2016

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Game Schedule Changes

Waynesville has no 3rd grade team, Oakwood does not have 3rd or 4th grade teams . 

**Brookville vs. Carlisle @ Waynesville 3rd grade 1 pm. 09/10/2016

**Brookville vs Waynesville 4th grade 1 pm.  09/18/2016

**Games vs Oakwood 5th Grade will start at 1 pm & 6th at 2:30 pm

**NEW** TCN no longer has a 5th grade team.  There numbers dropped down and they were forced to combine 5th/6th graders together.  They will be playing a 6th grade schedule for 2016!


Parents Day

Bellbrook-Last Home Game of Season

Piqua-October 16th @ 4 pm




Website updates

August 18, 2016

I have the schedule up and I believe it is up to date.

August Meeting

July 31, 2016 – 08:00 PM

Monthly Meeting

Please have your schedules ready to give to Sue.  We have some of them and they are currently updated on the website.  Please if you something that needs corrected let me know.



Monthly Meeting Location:

Trotwood VFW

4110 Free Pike

Dayton, Ohio 45416

Ohio Department of Health Concussion Info Sheet.

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Aug 27
North Overall
Tri County North @ Brookville1:00pmBrookville
Dixie @ Preble Shawnee1:00pmCamden Elementary Preble Shawnee
Piqua @ Eaton1:00pmEaton High School
Tri County North @ Brookville2:30pmBrookville
Dixie @ Preble Shawnee2:30pmCamden Elementary Preble Shawnee
Piqua @ Eaton2:30pmEaton High School
Tri County North @ Brookville4:00pmBrookville
Dixie @ Preble Shawnee4:00pmCamden Elementary Preble Shawnee
Piqua @ Eaton4:00pmEaton High School
Tri County North @ Brookville5:30pmBrookville
Dixie @ Preble Shawnee5:30pmCamden Elementary Preble Shawnee
Piqua @ Eaton5:30pmEaton High School
South Overall
Massie @ Carlisle1:00pmCarlisle High School
Valley View @ Waynesville1:00pmWaynesville High School
Massie @ Carlisle2:30pmCarlisle High School
Valley View @ Waynesville2:30pmWaynesville High School
Bellbrook @ Madison3:00pmMadison High School
Massie @ Carlisle4:00pmCarlisle High School
Valley View @ Waynesville4:00pmWaynesville High School
Bellbrook @ Madison4:30pmMadison High School
Massie @ Carlisle5:30pmCarlisle High School
Bellbrook @ Madison6:00pmMadison High School
Bellbrook @ Madison7:30pmMadison High School
Sunday, Aug 28
North Overall
Monroe @ Northridge1:00pmNorthridge High School
Monroe @ Northridge2:30pmNorthridge High School
Monroe @ Northridge4:00pmNorthridge High School
Monroe @ Northridge5:30pmNorthridge High School
South Overall
South Dayton @ Oakwood1:00pmOakwood High School
South Dayton @ Oakwood2:30pmOakwood High School
Saturday, Sep 10
North Overall
Preble Shawnee @ Piqua1:00pmPiqua Pitsenbarger Sports Complex
Northridge @ Tri County North1:00pmTri-County North
Carlisle @ Brookville1:00pmWaynesville High School
Preble Shawnee @ Piqua2:30pmPiqua Pitsenbarger Sports Complex
Northridge @ Tri County North2:30pmTri-County North
Preble Shawnee @ Piqua4:00pmPiqua Pitsenbarger Sports Complex
Northridge @ Tri County North4:00pmTri-County North
Preble Shawnee @ Piqua5:30pmPiqua Pitsenbarger Sports Complex
Northridge @ Tri County North5:30pmTri-County North
South Overall
South Dayton @ Monroe1:00pmMonroe High School
South Dayton @ Monroe2:30pmMonroe High School
Carlisle @ Waynesville2:30pmWaynesville High School
Bellbrook @ Massie4:00pmClinton Massie High School
South Dayton @ Monroe4:00pmMonroe High School
Carlisle @ Waynesville4:00pmWaynesville High School
Bellbrook @ Massie5:30pmClinton Massie High School
South Dayton @ Monroe5:30pmMonroe High School
Carlisle @ Waynesville5:30pmWaynesville High School
Bellbrook @ Massie7:00pmClinton Massie High School
Bellbrook @ Massie8:30pmClinton Massie High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!