Last Updated: April 25, 2015
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Coach Certification - 2015
Junior Umpire Clinic


Drs. Adam Mark and Steve Silberberg - Optometric Physicians have notified us that they will be donating at least $10 for every homerun that is hit (over the fence) in the 2014 season ($20 for any Grand Slam).  So kids, eat your Wheaties and help support SWSLL and  for the future stars of SWSLL..


Please sign up for Snack Stand - here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots - VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!
Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.



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Sayrewood South Little League Families,


Please be advised that as of April 2007, the State of New Jersey passed a law mandating that any child under the age of 18, that requires corrective lenses for better eye sight, that participate in any organized sports are required to wear safety sport glasses. Regular fashion eyewear does not provide the proper protection to prevent serious eye injuries.

SWS Little League would like to announce a program to help enhance the continued safety of your children while participating in youth sports. One of our sponsors, Drs. Mark & Silberberg will provide a discount of 25% off a complete pair of safety sport glasses. In addition, a $15.00 donation, for every pair of safety sport glasses sold, will be contributed back to the SWS Little League. A current and valid eyeglass prescription is all that is needed.

If you have any further questions, please contact the doctor’s office at (732) 583-9797 or see our website for contact information


Thanks you,   
SWS board of directors


Drs. Mark and Silberberg

Main Street Village Executive Plaza
935 Route 34
 Matawan, NJ 07747


Junior Umpire Clinic

We are looking for junior umpires for the upcoming season.

Any league player 12 years of age or older who has a solid understanding of the game of baseball is eligible.  If you would like to be a junior umpire for our Minor-B Division this Spring 2014 season, click on the Junior Umpire Clinic - 2014 tab on our side menu to complete and submit a form.

The Junior Umpire Clinic will be held at SWSLL on a Saturday in April 2014 @ 10:00am


Coach Certification - 2015

This certification class meets all state requirements.
In order to be eligible for the civil immunity protections
provided by the Little League Law (A:62A-6) volunteer coaches are required to attend a "safety orientation and training skills program". The V.C.T.A. is based upon the Minimum Standards for Volunteers Coaches Safety Orientation and
Training Skills Program (N.J.A.C.5:52) and has been tested in court as having met standards.
 This year's clinic is being held on
TDB  @ Civic Center
$35.00 Per Person CASH ONLY
Registration Starts at 6:30pm
Class is from 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Bring a Pen or Pencil
For More Information Please Call
732-721-5600 Ext. 4999
If you do not want to wait for this course, you can cut and paste link below to your browser to see if there are any courses nearby:

Athletic Code of Conduct

In accordance with the Law in the State of New Jersey and in conjunction with Old Bridge Township Ordinance NO. 47-03, Sayre Woods South Little League will begin enforcing an Athletic Code of Conduct policy. Before the start of the season, each parent and coach will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging their acceptance and understanding of the consequences of violating such policy. Uniforms will not be distributed without such signed statements. Forms will distributed to parents by team managers. You can read the Athletic Code of Conduct by going to our Handouts section or by clicking here.

Volunteer Grants

Some companies encourage and recognize the efforts of employees who devote their personal time to volunteer activities. These employees who do substantial volunteer work for nonprofit, tax-exempt public charities in their community are usually encouraged to apply to their company for a grant to their organization. As an active volunteer through our work bond program, any league family who is able to secure such a grant from their employer, may have all or portions of their registration fee waived depending on the monetary size of the grant. Ask your employer if they provide volunteer grants and help support our league.

Batting Cage Scheduling Information

For batting cage scheduling information as well as our rules and conduct policy regarding its use, please click here.

Field Maintenance Workers Needed

Families who would like to work off some of their 9 hours of work bond service by doing field maintenance are encouraged to come down early on Saturday or Sunday mornings during the season.  Upon arrival, please ask a board member for your time card and remember to punch in and punch out your time card on our clubhouse time clock.  This is our only verification of your presence and service to our league.

If you would like more information, please call our voice mail at (732) 679-6500 and leave a message.




A new and exciting opportunity offered by SWSLL gives your family a chance to REGISTER YOUR KIDS FOR FREE. Please visit our Handouts section or click here for all the details.

Call the clubhouse at (732)679-6500 for further information.

Got Pictures?
If you plan to take pictures at any of the games or upcoming events this year and would like to see them on our site, send them in. We'd love to post them! Just click the mailbox on the left or send them to SWSLL

SWSLL Family Recognition Wall Continues to Grow

As you know SWSLL is always trying to raise money in order to provide the best possible Little League experience for your child. As you can see there have been many changes at our fields over the last couple of years and along with our commitment as board members, we will continue to do so for the future success of the League. We have come up with a new fundraising method that is quite unique and in time will grow into something very special. This is not required by any family in any way and is only an alternative option developed by SWSLL to try and raise money.

As you enter the complex, you will notice the SWSLL RECOGNITION WALL. This has been put in place and is open for any family to participate. With a one-time donation to the league of $50.00, you will have a special plaque ordered and mounted on the wall for everyone to see. (PLEASE NOTE: this is not for businesses). Check out the plaques that are already mounted and get an idea from one of them. They come in various colors to choose from and can have your FAMILY NAME, an “ IN MEMORY OF” to remember a loved one, even from GRANDMA & GRANDPA TO THEIR GRANDCHILD. These plaques will remain on the wall each year. As the years go by, the many plaques that have graced our wall will be a lasting reminder of the many families who were a part of our family oriented little league.

Once again, the money raised goes directly to SWSLL , which will benefit all members of our league.

Grab an order form from the Hand Outs section of the web page


Board Of Directors

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Apr 25
Farm 6
Red Sox @ Twins 9:00am Tee Ball Field
Majors 11/12
Yankees @ Reds 1:30pm Major Field
Minors 9/10
Rockies @ Cardinals 11:15am Minor B Field
White Sox @ Cubs Postponed Minor B Field
Tee Ball
Indians @ Tigers 10:30am Tee Ball Field
OBLL - OB Collision @ OBLL - Moose Lodge 10:00am OBLL
Milltown @ SWS - Angels 10:00am Senior Field
New Brunswick @ South River - Grey 10:00am South River
Girls Softball 12U
SWS 12u BLUE @ East Brunswick 1 4:00pm East Brunswick
Monday,  Apr 27
Farm 6
Red Sox @ Dodgers 6:00pm Tee Ball Field
Minors 9/10
Astros @ Brewers 6:00pm Major Field
Rockies @ Mariners 6:00pm Minor B Field
North Brunswick @ SWS - Rangers 6:00pm Senior Field
South River - Grey @ East Brunswick - Kelly Green 7:15pm East Brunswick
SWS - Angels @ East Brunswick - Forest Green 7:15pm East Brunswick
South River - Maroon @ Sayerville 7:15pm Sayreville
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Majors 11/12
Yankees @ Orioles 6:00pm Major Field
Minor B 7/8
Phillies @ Giants 6:00pm Minor B Field
Tee Ball
Nationals @ Tigers 6:00pm Tee Ball Field
OBLL - Moose Lodge @ Milltown 7:15pm Milltown
New Brunswick @ OBLL - Gillette Enterprises 7:15pm OBLL
Girls Softball 10U
SWS 10u RED @ Sayreville 6:15pm Sayreville
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Farm 6
Dodgers @ Red Sox 6:00pm Tee Ball Field
Minor B 7/8
Athletics @ Marlins 6:00pm Minor B Field
Minors 9/10
Cubs @ Rockies 6:00pm Major Field
OBLL - Nead Electric @ SWS - Rangers 6:00pm Senior Field
OBLL - Moose Lodge @ Milltown 7:15pm Milltown
South River - Maroon @ OBLL - OB Collision 7:15pm OBLL
North Brunswick @ South River - Grey 7:15pm South River
Girls Softball 12U
SWS 12u BLUE @ South Amboy 6:15pm South Amboy
Thursday,  Apr 30
Majors 11/12
Braves @ Mets 6:00pm Major Field
Reds @ Orioles 6:30pm Mannino 1
Minor B 7/8
Rays @ Padres 6:00pm Minor B Field
Tee Ball
Indians @ Nationals 6:00pm Tee Ball Field
Sayerville @ SWS - Angels 6:00pm Senior Field
Girls Softball 8U
South River @ SWS Bulldogs 6:15pm South River
Friday,  May 1
Minors 9/10
Astros @ White Sox 6:00pm Major Field
Mariners @ Brewers 6:00pm Minor B Field
OBLL - OB Collision @ Milltown 7:15pm Milltown
North Brunswick @ New Brunswick 7:15pm North Brunswick
East Brunswick - Kelly Green @ OBLL - Nead Electric 7:15pm OBLL
East Brunswick - Forest Green @ Sayerville 7:15pm Sayreville
Saturday,  May 2
Farm 6
Dodgers @ Twins 10:30am Tee Ball Field
Majors 11/12
Orioles @ Braves 11:15am Major Field
Mets @ Yankees 1:30pm Major Field
Minors 9/10
Astros @ Cubs 9:00am Minor B Field
Mariners @ White Sox 11:15am Minor B Field
Brewers @ Cardinals 1:30pm Minor B Field
Tee Ball
Nationals @ Indians 9:00am Tee Ball Field
South River - Maroon @ OBLL - Moose Lodge 10:00am OBLL
South River - Grey @ OBLL - Gillette Enterprises 1:00pm OBLL
SWS - Angels @ Milltown 7:15pm Milltown
St. Ambrose
Opponent @ St. Ambrose 10:00am Senior Field
Monday,  May 4
Minor B 7/8
Giants @ Athletics 6:00pm Minor B Field
Minors 9/10
Astros @ Mariners 6:00pm Major Field
East Brunswick - Kelly Green @ SWS - Rangers 6:00pm Senior Field
Milltown @ Sayerville 7:15pm Sayreville
Girls Softball 10U
SWS 10u RED @ Spotswood 6:15pm Spotswood
Girls Softball 12U
SWS 12u BLUE @ Spotswood 6:15pm Appleby Elementary School
Tuesday,  May 5
Farm 6
Twins @ Red Sox 6:00pm Tee Ball Field
Majors 11/12
Braves @ Yankees 6:00pm Major Field
Minor B 7/8
Phillies @ Rays 6:00pm Minor B Field
South River - Maroon @ East Brunswick - Forest Green 7:15pm East Brunswick
North Brunswick @ OBLL - OB Collision 7:15pm OBLL
New Brunswick @ South River - Grey 7:15pm South River
Wednesday,  May 6
Minor B 7/8
Marlins @ Padres 6:00pm Minor B Field
Minors 9/10
Rockies @ Brewers 6:00pm Major Field
Tee Ball
Tigers @ Indians 6:00pm Tee Ball Field
SWS - Angels @ SWS - Rangers 6:00pm Senior Field
East Brunswick - Kelly Green @ OBLL - Gillette Enterprises 7:15pm OBLL
OBLL - Moose Lodge @ Sayerville 7:15pm Sayreville
Girls Softball 12U
Sayreville @ SWS 12u BLUE 6:15pm Minor B Field
St. Ambrose
Opponent @ St. Ambrose 5:00pm Senior Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!