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  • Opening Day Monday April 9th
  • Parade Day Saturday April 14th
  • Registration is now open

Welcome to the home of

Sayre Woods South Little League


Registration is now open!!!!!




$145 for single child

$60 for second child

3rd child is free

$40 raffle fundraiser

$75 work-bond (eligible to be refunded with 9 hours of service)


In person registration dates are in the process of being schedule. Please keep checking the website for details.





SWSLL is looking for Junior umpires (league age 12 and older) to umpire in it's Minor B, Minors and Majors Division games (must be 13 or older for Majors Division). Please click the link or visit the Junior Umpire section of the website to fill out an application today. There will be a mandatory Junior Umpire class at a date TBA. Keep checking the website for updates. 





If you are interested in managing or coaching, you must have taken the Rutgers Safety Course. 

Click here for  a link to the upcoming classes. 


Background check forms which are mandated from little league are available in the forms section of the website. Parents will not be allowed on the field without a background check. Please send completed forms to the SWSLL Safety office Brian Burns (timspa@aol.com). All information will be kept confidential. 





Sponsorship information and volunteer forms for the 2018 season have just been posted in the FORMS/HANDOUT section of the site. If you plan on managing or coaching during the 2018 season, please fill out a volunteer form and send it to the SWSLL Safety Officer Brian Burns ( timspa@aol.com ). If you are interested or have any questions about sponsorship, please contact Matt Hefter (matthefterswsll@gmail.com)


Also, please check out our 





Modell's Uniform Day:  Saturday March 31st

Opening Day: Monday April 9th

Parade Day: Saturday April 14th


Registration will open up after the new year. 









Sayrewood South Little League Families,

 Please be advised that as of April 2007, the State of New Jersey passed a law mandating that any child under the age of 18, that requires corrective lenses for better eye sight, that participate in any organized sports are required to wear safety sport glasses. Regular fashion eyewear does not provide the proper protection to prevent serious eye injuries.

SWS Little League would like to announce a program to help enhance the continued safety of your children while participating in youth sports. One of our sponsors, Drs. Mark & Silberberg will provide a discount of 25% off a complete pair of safety sport glasses. In addition, a $15.00 donation, for every pair of safety sport glasses sold, will be contributed back to the SWS Little League. A current and valid eyeglass prescription is all that is needed.

If you have any further questions, please contact the doctor’s office at (732) 583-9797 or see our website (aneyetothefuture.com) for contact information.

 Thank You Drs. & Silberberg,   

SWS board of directors


Drs. Adam Mark and Steve Silberberg - Optometric Physicians have notified us that they will again be donating at least $10 for every homerun that is hit (over the fence) in the 2017 season ($20 for any Grand Slam). They graciously donated $400 dollars for last years homer totals.
So kids, eat your Wheaties and help support SWSLL and the future stars of SWSLL..
Thank you again Drs Mark and Silberberg for your continued support of SWS.

Athletic Code of Conduct

In accordance with the Law in the State of New Jersey and in conjunction with Old Bridge Township Ordinance NO. 47-03, Sayre Woods South Little League will begin enforcing an Athletic Code of Conduct policy. Before the start of the season, each parent and coach will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging their acceptance and understanding of the consequences of violating such policy. Uniforms will not be distributed without such signed statements. Forms will distributed to parents by team managers. You can read the Athletic Code of Conduct by going to our Handouts section or by clicking here.