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Practice Gyms Cancelled:

Tamerac is cancelled tonight, Friday, 11/17 

Cayuga is cancelled on Tuesday 11/21










Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Nov 29
Boys 7th
605-Brame @ 606-Vurchio7:10pmSagamore Middle School
604-Bartnick @ 607-Brame Harry8:20pmSagamore Middle School
Thursday, Nov 30
Boys 5th
405-Pitman @ 406-Snyder6:10pmCayuga Elementary School
410-McAuliaff @ 401-Lalonde6:10pmTamarac Elementary School
403-Gullo @ 404-Tomeo7:20pmCayuga Elementary School
407-Denning @ 408-Holton7:20pmTamarac Elementary School
Boys 6th
507-Draghi @ 508-Brownsworth6:00pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
510-Ford Fred @ 501-Apicella6:10pmChippewa Elementary School
506-Ilasio @ 509-Ford7:20pmChippewa Elementary School
503-Beeker @ 504-Deutsch7:20pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
Boys 7th
603-Makowski @ 604-Bartnick7:10pmSagamore Middle School
601-Paravalos @ 602-DeLucca8:20pmSagamore Middle School
Friday, Dec 1
Boys 1st/2nd
103-Denning @ 104-LaRocca6:00pmLynwood Elementary School
105-McGovern @ 106-Turano6:00pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
101-Lawrence @ 102-Hogan7:15pmLynwood Elementary School
107-Crispo @ 108-Barfield7:15pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
109-Elefante @ 110-O'Neill8:30pmChippewa Elementary School
Boys 3rd
203-Rivera @ 204-Rohan7:15pmMerrimac Elementary School
205-Moore @ 206-Davis7:15pmTamarac Elementary School
201-Hansen @ 202-LaRocca8:30pmTamarac Elementary School
Boys 4th
307-Travalee @ 308-Unverzagt6:00pmChippewa Elementary School
301-White @ 302-Vitiello6:00pmWenonah Elementary School
303-Lane @ 304-Killeen7:15pmWenonah Elementary School
305-Licata @ 306-Collins8:30pmWenonah Elementary School
Girls 1st/2nd
903-Enea @ 904-Cordaro8:30pmLynwood Elementary School
901-Lubicich @ 902-Glasser8:30pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
Girls 3rd/4th
911-DiMenna @ 912-Ruggiano6:00pmHiawatha Elementary School
905-Pedreira @ 906-Sharp7:15pmChippewa Elementary School
907-Makowski @ 908-Pitman7:15pmHiawatha Elementary School
909-Breen @ 910-Colon8:30pmHiawatha Elementary School
Intermediate Girls
1005-Lipani @ 1006-Lalonde6:00pmNokomis Elementary School
1001-Dittmer @ 1002-Acciaccarelli6:00pmTamarac Elementary School
1007-Gandolfi @ 1008-Hinchman7:15pmNokomis Elementary School
1003-Glasson @ 1004-Rohan8:30pmMerrimac Elementary School
Sophomore Girls
1101-Morrongiello @ 1102-Goodman7:10pmSagamore Middle School
1105-Anello @ 1106-Parente7:10pmSeneca Middle School
1103-Ancilleri @ 1104-Bozzella8:20pmSagamore Middle School
1107-Maier @ 1108-Turano8:20pmSeneca Middle School
Saturday, Dec 2
Boys 8th/9th
708-Davidson @ 705-Court2:10pmSagamore Middle School
702-Hauss @ 706-Murphy3:20pmSagamore Middle School
703-Wilkins @ 707-Brame Harry4:30pmSagamore Middle School
704-McFaul @ 701-Brame5:40pmSagamore Middle School
Boys Seniors
801-Quiery @ 804-Bozzella2:10pmSamoset Middle School
802-Guarino @ 806-Ruland3:20pmSamoset Middle School
803-Maldonado @ 805-Karnes4:30pmSamoset Middle School
Wednesday, Dec 6
Boys 7th
602-DeLucca @ 604-Bartnick7:10pmSagamore Middle School
601-Paravalos @ 603-Makowski8:20pmSagamore Middle School
Thursday, Dec 7
Boys 3rd
205-Moore @ 207-Calabria6:10pmNokomis Elementary School
201-Hansen @ 203-Rivera7:20pmNokomis Elementary School
Boys 5th
405-Pitman @ 407-Denning6:10pmCayuga Elementary School
408-Holton @ 410-McAuliaff6:10pmTamarac Elementary School
402-Vurchio @ 404-Tomeo7:20pmCayuga Elementary School
409-Chester @ 401-Lalonde7:20pmTamarac Elementary School
Boys 6th
508-Brownsworth @ 510-Ford Fred6:10pmChippewa Elementary School
505-Rotolo @ 507-Draghi6:10pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
509-Ford @ 501-Apicella7:20pmChippewa Elementary School
506-Ilasio @ 504-Deutsch7:20pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
Friday, Dec 8
Boys 1st/2nd
102-Hogan @ 108-Barfield6:00pmLynwood Elementary School
104-LaRocca @ 106-Turano6:00pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
103-Denning @ 107-Crispo7:15pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
101-Lawrence @ 109-Elefante8:30pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
Boys 3rd
202-LaRocca @ 204-Rohan7:15pmMerrimac Elementary School
Boys 4th
301-White @ 303-Lane6:00pmWenonah Elementary School
302-Vitiello @ 305-Licata7:15pmWenonah Elementary School
306-Collins @ 308-Unverzagt8:30pmWenonah Elementary School
Girls 1st/2nd
901-Lubicich @ 903-Enea7:15pmLynwood Elementary School
902-Glasser @ 904-Cordaro8:30pmLynwood Elementary School
Girls 3rd/4th
905-Pedreira @ 907-Makowski6:00pmHiawatha Elementary School
908-Pitman @ 911-DiMenna6:00pmMerrimac Elementary School
910-Colon @ 912-Ruggiano7:15pmHiawatha Elementary School
Intermediate Girls
1008-Hinchman @ 1005-Lipani6:00pmNokomis Elementary School
1007-Gandolfi @ 1006-Lalonde7:15pmNokomis Elementary School
1004-Rohan @ 1001-Dittmer8:30pmMerrimac Elementary School
Sophomore Girls
1101-Morrongiello @ 1103-Ancilleri7:10pmSagamore Middle School
1104-Bozzella @ 1107-Maier7:10pmSeneca Middle School
1102-Goodman @ 1105-Anello8:20pmSagamore Middle School
1106-Parente @ 1108-Turano8:20pmSeneca Middle School
Saturday, Dec 9
Boys 8th/9th
705-Court @ 701-Brame2:10pmSagamore Middle School
707-Brame Harry @ 702-Hauss3:20pmSagamore Middle School
706-Murphy @ 703-Wilkins4:30pmSagamore Middle School
708-Davidson @ 704-McFaul5:40pmSagamore Middle School
Boys Seniors
801-Quiery @ 806-Ruland2:10pmSamoset Middle School
802-Guarino @ 803-Maldonado3:20pmSamoset Middle School
804-Bozzella @ 805-Karnes4:30pmSamoset Middle School
Thursday, Dec 14
Boys 5th
405-Pitman @ 402-Vurchio6:10pmCayuga Elementary School
410-McAuliaff @ 407-Denning6:10pmTamarac Elementary School
401-Lalonde @ 403-Gullo7:20pmCayuga Elementary School
409-Chester @ 408-Holton7:20pmTamarac Elementary School
Boys 6th
509-Ford @ 508-Brownsworth6:10pmChippewa Elementary School
501-Apicella @ 503-Beeker6:10pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
510-Ford Fred @ 507-Draghi7:20pmChippewa Elementary School
505-Rotolo @ 502-Apicella Kim7:20pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
Friday, Dec 15
Boys 1st/2nd
102-Hogan @ 109-Elefante6:00pmLynwood Elementary School
105-McGovern @ 108-Barfield6:00pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
106-Turano @ 107-Crispo7:15pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
103-Denning @ 110-O'Neill8:30pmChippewa Elementary School
101-Lawrence @ 104-LaRocca8:30pmWaverly Avenue Elementary School
Boys 3rd
202-LaRocca @ 203-Rivera6:00pmTamarac Elementary School
201-Hansen @ 204-Rohan7:15pmMerrimac Elementary School
206-Davis @ 207-Calabria7:15pmTamarac Elementary School
Boys 4th
308-Unverzagt @ 305-Licata6:00pmChippewa Elementary School
304-Killeen @ 301-White6:00pmWenonah Elementary School
302-Vitiello @ 306-Collins7:15pmWenonah Elementary School
303-Lane @ 307-Travalee8:30pmWenonah Elementary School
Girls 1st/2nd
904-Cordaro @ 901-Lubicich7:15pmLynwood Elementary School
903-Enea @ 902-Glasser8:30pmLynwood Elementary School
Girls 3rd/4th
908-Pitman @ 905-Pedreira6:00pmHiawatha Elementary School
910-Colon @ 906-Sharp7:15pmChippewa Elementary School
912-Ruggiano @ 909-Breen7:15pmHiawatha Elementary School
911-DiMenna @ 907-Makowski8:30pmHiawatha Elementary School
Intermediate Girls
1003-Glasson @ 1001-Dittmer6:00pmMerrimac Elementary School
1007-Gandolfi @ 1005-Lipani6:00pmNokomis Elementary School
1008-Hinchman @ 1006-Lalonde7:15pmNokomis Elementary School
1009-Hansen @ 1004-Rohan8:30pmMerrimac Elementary School
Sophomore Girls
1104-Bozzella @ 1101-Morrongiello7:10pmSagamore Middle School
1103-Ancilleri @ 1107-Maier7:10pmSeneca Middle School
1102-Goodman @ 1106-Parente8:20pmSagamore Middle School
1108-Turano @ 1105-Anello8:20pmSeneca Middle School

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