Last Updated: September 30, 2014

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  • Welcome to SYFA 2014 football season!!!!


OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and SYFA is once again contributing to this great cause via the Susan G. Komen Foundation!

All Football and Cheer Coaches are asked to have their teams PINK OUT the Park for the entire month of October! Go Pink with socks, mouthpieces, shoe strings, tshirts, bandanas, eyeblack strips, gloves, ribbon, tape, caps, sweatbands, etc.

The Park will be distributing stickers for the helmets and buttons for the cheerleaders. The stickers and buttons should be picked up by a team representative BEFORE YOUR GAME from the ticket booth on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th.

The ticket booth will sell pink items and accept cash donations the weekends of 9/27, 10/4, and 10/11.  The donation to Susan G. Komen will be made on 10/18. Thanks in advance for your support to this most worthy cause!


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That's right , The Div. 1 Cardinal, Noah Greer has scored another TD!!!

No Matter what the "Diagnosis" they are given, they have the right and opportunity to play football.

100% Kids FIRST!!!

Noah has a form of Autism, known as PDD NOS (Pervasive Developmental Delay Not Otherwise Specified) but it doesn't stop his love and commitment to play football. "Scoring that touchdown is a moment he will never forget" said his mother. Special thanks to the Div.1 Bulldogs for this great gesture of sportsmanship. So SYFA family.....when you see Noah be sure to give him a high five!!!


To learn more about Autism, Please visit the link below.


*****To all SYFA Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches*****

The Time has come and gone for you to get your 2014 SYFA coaching card which allows you to be on the sideline during your games!!!!  


Board members & Commissioners will be walking the sidelines checking for cards, anyone without their coaching card will be asked to leave the field.











Photo: Family and friends I need your help selling these spirit cards for SYFA Slidellyouth Footballassociation Fundraiser (only $20)#Thanks100Percent Kids#God, Family, Education&SYFAFOOTBALL#with John Griffin Robin Janine Marquez Kayla Kelley Marva Price Neek Gaudin Price Craig Price Kevin Morgan Rhonda M Payne-Morgan Sherrell Griffin

S.Y.F.A. proudly introduces our very first "Spirit Card". Get great savings all while supporting our youth. Cost is $20 and can be used unlimited times until August 1, 2015. Get urs today! Only limited cards available!

100% Kids Frist




Here is the link to all the photos from the 2014 Matt Forte Camp.


All images are FREE for Personal use.





Welcome SYFA Family!

I am truly grateful to serve as your 2014 President.  Having served as Vice-President previously and coaching for several years I can say that I am thrilled to once again serve our local youth.  It is my desire to work along with my fellow Board Members to accomplish great things for SYFA this year.  Our goal is to continue to fulfill the mission of SYFA and inspire youth to respect themselves, their coaches, teammates and parents as they learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.  I will continue to work diligently to ensure that our park provides a safe environment for families and all children are treated with RESPECT. I ask that as a community we stand together to prove that we are "100% Kids First".  To all Board Members, Ladies Auxiliary, Coaches, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Parents, please join me in making this Season one of the Best and Most Memorable.

Many Thanks for your Support and electing me as President!

Troy Santa Marina Sr., President





                 Slidell Youth Football Association

                                                            Mission Statement


The Mission of Slidell Youth Football Association is to provide all youth in our community the opportunity to play football or cheer; without regards to his or her size, athletic ability or experience. Our goal is to teach our Youth the Fundamentals of Football, Discipline, Respect, Team Work, Sportsmanship, Leadership, and Character. This will help our Youth develop important life skills while cheering and playing the game of football. Together with the participation of parents, coaches and players, we will have a fun and exciting season.





Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Oct 4
Pee Wee
Titans @ Tigers 9:00am Field 1 (Progressive Waste Solutions)
Crimson Tide @ Raiders 2:15pm Field 1 (Progressive Waste Solutions)
Saints @ Jets 2:30pm Matt Forte Field (Jon Nastasi Photography)
Division I
Steelers @ Cardinals 9:15am Matt Forte Field (Jon Nastasi Photography)
Bulldogs @ Cowboys 12:30pm Field 1 (Progressive Waste Solutions)
Chiefs @ Spartans 12:45pm Matt Forte Field (Jon Nastasi Photography)
G5 Jets @ Saints 2:45pm Field 3 (Blue Star Pest Control)
Vikings @ Tigers 4:30pm Field 3 (Blue Star Pest Control)
Division II
Broncos @ Saints 11:15am Field 3 (Blue Star Pest Control)
Bears @ VooDoo 1:00pm Field 3 (Blue Star Pest Control)
Ragin Cajuns @ Rams 4:15pm Matt Forte Field (Jon Nastasi Photography)
Seahawks @ Cowboys 6:15pm Field 3 (Blue Star Pest Control)
Division III
Panthers @ Trojans 10:45am Field 1 (Progressive Waste Solutions)
Ducks @ Outlaws 11:00am Matt Forte Field (Jon Nastasi Photography)
Cowboys @ Vikings 4:00pm Field 1 (Progressive Waste Solutions)
Saints @ Rams 6:00pm Matt Forte Field (Jon Nastasi Photography)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Slidell Youth Football Association

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