Last Updated: November 24, 2015
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End of the Year Coach’s Party!

A big thank you to the coaches of SYFA! We know you spend a great deal of time and effort working with our kids. You do a great job and we appreciate the talent and kindness you bring to the gridiron. 


Sunday, December 6th at 6:30pm – till   


The 2016 Board of Directors election will be held immediately after the party. ALL SYFA card carrying coaches MUST present their SYFA coach’s card at the sign-in table before being allowed to vote.


ARTICLE IV-MEMBERSHIP Section 1- VOTING MEMBERS Voting members shall be defined and limited to the Head Coach, four assistant coaches, and one cheer coach of each duly authorized and recognized team participating in the SYFA and the Board of Officers of the SYFA. The Head Coach of each team shall compile and present to the Secretary of the SYFA, a list of his assistant coaches, and the Cheer Coordinator shall compile and present to the Secretary of the SYFA, a list of her cheer coaches. If during the year the Head Coach, any assistant coach, or cheer coach change, the Secretary must be notified, and the new names added to, and the old names deleted from the list as only the names appearing on the list and present shall have the power to vote at a General Membership meeting. The lists shall be read aloud at the meetings to ascertain the number of eligible voters present. All new coaches, or coaches moving up to head coach status, must come before the Board for approval and admittance to the league.


Humbled. Grateful. Thank you.

There really is no other way to put it into words.

SYFA would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who generously gave up their weekend to make our 8th Annual Battle on the Bayou Tournament a huge success. In all, over 40 teams consisting of 950+ players, over 2,000 young people, parents, grandparents and community members came through our gates.

Our Board of Directors, Ladies Auxiliary and countless volunteers worked tirelessly from field preparations, registration, check-ins, concessions, scheduling brackets, refereeing, and commissioners to clean-up.  It took some very special people to accomplish a truly tough task. Very special thank you goes to the referees for also working extremely hard to move the games along smoothly. With 75 games being played, it was a very daunting task.

Of course, we cannot say thank you enough to the true backbone of this effort, our Tournament Director, Mr. Jermaine Wiltz. He did an extraordinary job coordinating this tournament and has set a new record for SYFA.  

Like any event, we learned a lot. We understand there were some hiccups along the way but that only gives us room for improvement and lessons learned. You can bet that we will strive to continue to give you the BEST football experience on the Northshore. It is our mission to think of every single player and their family as our family, and we want all of you to understand that we will always work tirelessly to make your experience a valuable one.


Lastly, congratulations to all the Battle on the Bayou Championship winners!!!

Peewee: New Orleans Allstars - NOLA   

Division 1: SYFA Hurricanes - Slidell, LA

Division 2: JPRD, Metairie - LA

Division 3: Lacombe Seminoles - Lacombe, LA

Division 4: Lacombe Seminoles - Lacombe, LA


To ALL, thank you for making our tournament a TOUCHDOWN! 



Registration for the Back to the Bayou tournament is still open!! 


Visit our tournament tab on the left for more information on Back to the Bayou! 























                 Slidell Youth Football Association Mission Statement


The Mission of Slidell Youth Football Association is to provide all youth in our community the opportunity to play football or cheer; without regards to his or her size, athletic ability or experience. Our goal is to teach our Youth the Fundamentals of Football, Discipline, Respect, Team Work, Sportsmanship, Leadership, and Character. This will help our Youth develop important life skills while cheering and playing the game of football. Together with the participation of parents, coaches and players, we will have a fun and exciting season.





               Welcome SYFA Family!

I am truly grateful to serve as your 2015 President.  Having served as Vice-President previously and coaching for several years I can say that I am thrilled to once again serve our local youth.  It is my desire to work along with my fellow Board Members to accomplish great things for SYFA this year.  Our goal is to continue to fulfill the mission of SYFA and inspire youth to respect themselves, their coaches, teammates and parents as they learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.  I will continue to work diligently to ensure that our park provides a safe environment for families and all children are treated with RESPECT. I ask that as a community we stand together to prove that we are "100% Kids First".  To all Board Members, Ladies Auxiliary, Coaches, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Parents, please join me in making this Season one of the Best and Most Memorable.

Many Thanks for your Support and electing me as President!

Troy Santa Marina Sr., President