Last Updated: July 25, 2016
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  • Congratulations to SYFA 2015 champions!!!!!
  • Peewee Jets (Back to Back)
  • Division 1 Bulldogs
  • Division 2 Broncos
  • Division 3 Vikings (Back to Back)

Welcome to the home of the

Slidell Youth Football Association




Monday 7/25 5:30pm 

SYFA will conduct LATE registration for football players and cheerleaders at our Field House, 3158 Terrace Ave., tonight ONLY on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis to lock the Divisions! The following Divisions have spots available. Once spots have been filled the division will be LOCKED!! Spots are NOT GUARANTEED!   

PeeWee (4) spots open
D1 (12) spots WAITING LIST
D2 (3)spots open
D3 (3)spots open 


SYFA Tryouts*

(*Players are asked to wear cleats and comfortable clothing)

Peewee & Division 1

Tuesday, July 26th @ 6pm


 Division 2 & Division 3

Wednesday, July 27th @ 6pm


SYFA Draft

(Open to Board of Directors and 5 Coaches/team ONLY)

Peewee & Division 1

Thursday, July 28th @ 6pm


 Division 2 & Division 3

Friday, July 29th @ 6pm



                            IMPORTANT NOTICE to all Coaches!

 All coaches are required to hold a NYSCA Certification and a SYFA issued Coach’s Card in order to coach from the sidelines. Per the SYFA Rules - Any persons coaching on a team’s sideline without proper credentials will cause the team to be assessed a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty per play (10 yards in Peewee and Division 1) until the individual leaves. If conduct persists, the Head Coach will be ejected.


Please visit our website at and click on the NYSCA Coaches Certification for information on how to renew or get a membership.


NYSCA Certifications must be valid for the entire 2016 season and you MUST show proof of Concussion Training upon receipt of your SYFA Coach’s Card. Please have a copy available to show the Secretary. 






Join us this Saturday, July 16th for SYFA Day at Dick's Sporting Goods. Everyone that mentions SYFA will receive 20% off your total purchase price.

(Some exclusions apply. See store for more details)  




SYFA Parent Dance, Saturday, September 17, 2016 




SYFA presents it's

5th Annual SYFA Football Camp would like to send a 

Special Thank You to the players and coaches for Pope John Paul, Northshore High, and Brother Martin for helping out with our Football Camp! 







                 Slidell Youth Football Association Mission Statement


The Mission of Slidell Youth Football Association is to provide all youth in our community the opportunity to play football or cheer; without regards to his or her size, athletic ability or experience. Our goal is to teach our Youth the Fundamentals of Football, Discipline, Respect, Team Work, Sportsmanship, Leadership, and Character. This will help our Youth develop important life skills while cheering and playing the game of football. Together with the participation of parents, coaches and players, we will have a fun and exciting season.





               Welcome SYFA Family!

I am truly grateful to serve as your 2015 President.  Having served as Vice-President previously and coaching for several years I can say that I am thrilled to once again serve our local youth.  It is my desire to work along with my fellow Board Members to accomplish great things for SYFA this year.  Our goal is to continue to fulfill the mission of SYFA and inspire youth to respect themselves, their coaches, teammates and parents as they learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.  I will continue to work diligently to ensure that our park provides a safe environment for families and all children are treated with RESPECT. I ask that as a community we stand together to prove that we are "100% Kids First".  To all Board Members, Ladies Auxiliary, Coaches, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Parents, please join me in making this Season one of the Best and Most Memorable.

Many Thanks for your Support and electing me as President!

Troy Santa Marina Sr., President



 Congratulations to the newly elected 2016 Board of Directors

President - Troy Santa Marina 

Vice President - Kevin Morgan

Treasure - Hedgemann Carter 

Secretary - Robin Marquez

Assistant Secretary - Angie Williamson

Field Manager #2 - Everett Harris

Field Manager #1 - Jermaine Buckley

Field Manager # 3 - Corey Hurt

Equipment Manager - Kevin McGowan

Parking Lot Manager - Hugh "Chip" Hamilton

Head of Commissioners - Charles Williamson

Head of Officials - Johnny Sullivan

Web Master - Chad Chagnard

Tournament Director - John Griffin

Corporate Sponsor - LeGrande Ferguson