Last Updated: April 24, 2015
  • NO park clean-up on Saturday, April 25th.
  • Games will officially begin on May 4th.
  • Uniforms will be available on May 2nd.
Welcome to the home of

Tooele County Girl's Softball

 We will not be doing the "Park Clean-Up" on Saturday, April 25th. It is not needed this year. Hooray!! 


Uniforms will be available on Saturday, May 2nd.


The game schedules are listed on the website!!!



The Practice Schedules have their own icon on the website. Please see what time your coach has signed up for and what field they are practicing on.



If you have not received your 2014 pictures from your coach last year, please call Steve Thomas at 435-882-0525 and talk to him personally. Thank you!




The Softball League wants your input!!  

If you are interested in being on the Board of Directors, on a Committee, or would like to help in the Snack Bar - please send an email to the League at or reach out to one of us under the Contact Info Tab.


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