Last Updated: May 24, 2016
  • Tri-City In-Line Hockey League - Oceanside Hockey
  • Operating at MLK Jr Park in Oceanside, Ca

Tri-City In-line Hockey Updates

Tri-City In-Line Hockey League (TCIHL) is a non-profit organization established over 20 years ago in 1993 for the development of Youth In-line Hockey. TCIHL was the first inline hockey league in California sanctioned by USA Hockey. Our co-ed recreational program is open to new and experienced players aged 5-17.


Weather Update: 

Practices are on this week but NO GAMES Memorial Day weekend.


Latest News

Play-offs & Championship Games (Friday-Sunday)

The first team listed for each game is the HOME team.

FRIDAY, June 3rd (Play-off Games)
  6:30 pm     PW's   (2nd) The Darkside vs Stingrays (3rd)
  7:30 pm     PW's   (1st) Lightning vs  Knights (4th)
SATURDAY, June 4th (Play-off Games)
  8:10 am     Mites   (2nd) Yellow Jackets vs Cobras (3rd)
  9:10 am     Mites   (1st) Raptors vs Short Ribs (4th)
  10:20 am   Squirts  (2nd) Darth Maulers vs Jedi Knights (3rd)
  11:20 am   Squirts  (1st) Fireballs vs Second Order (4th)
  12:30 pm   Bantams  (2nd) Phantoms vs Rangers (3rd)
  1:30 pm     Bantams  (1st) Flyers vs The Revolt (4th)
SUNDAY, June 5th
  1:00 pm        Mite Championship Game
  2:00 pm        Squirt Championship Game
  3:15 pm        Peewee Championship Game
  4:15 pm        Bantam Championship Game
Tied Game Format --- If any play-off or championship game is tied after regular play the game will go into a TEN (10) minute sudden death period non-stop clock with a two minute break between 2nd period and OT. If it is still tied the game will proceed to a shoot-out. Each team will choose four skaters to do shoot out (visiting team shoots first). If the game is still tied after all four skaters go then the game will go into sudden death shoot-out.  The same four players will go. In sudden death if one team scores, but the other team doesn’t score, then the game is over (visiting team shoots first).  After the same four players go and there still isn’t a winner then the rest of the bench goes. If after overtime a player is in the penalty box, that player CANNOT participate in the shoot-out. For more information about tied games go to rule 638.
Other League News: 

Season Tie-Breaking Format:

If teams are tied in total points at the end of the regular season the following criteria (in the order listed) will be used to determine play-off position: 


1.   Most Wins in overall standings
2.   Most points in head to head competition
3.   Highest goal differential (goals for minus goals against) in head-to-head competition
4.   Least Goals Against in overall standings
5.   Most Goals For in overall standings
6.   Coin Flip

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  AAU Insurance

 TCIHL requires that ALL players, coaches, assistants, refs, and Board members purchase an AAU membership to participate in league activities. No membership = No participation!
$14 for players (Athlete) 
$16 for coaches, refs, and league staff and volunteers (non-athlete) ALL memberships expire on 8/31 each year!

Registration Instructions:
1)  Go to: or use link below

2)  Select Join AAU!  (red tab)

3)  If you do not have an account select "Create Account " tab, otherwise log in

4)  Complete Application:

               Select "Manage Memberships" to renew,  or "New Membership"

        Select "Athlete" for players or Non-Athlete for Coaches, Refs, League Officials
        For Programs, select “Youth Program"
        Select Sport “Hockey (Youth)
        Select Coverage "Regular"
        Select Membership Term/Category for "1 year"
        For Club Code – enter WWAW97

5)  Continue to Checkout
6)  Enter Billing Information and submit registration
7)  Print out your “printer friendly” receipt.  The AAU membership card will be on the third page.
8)  Please email your AAU number to the league to make sure it gets recorded

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