Last Updated: November 23, 2015
  • Tri-City In-Line Hockey League - Oceanside Hockey
  • Operating at MLK Jr Park in Oceanside, Ca

Fall Season Updates


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No practices or games this week. TCIHL will resume with practices on Tuesday, Dec. 1st.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!



Weather Update:
All activities are on as scheduled.



Tentative Play-Off Schedule:

Friday, Dec. 4th (PW/Bantams Play-off Games)

6:30 pm           YETIS 2nd vs SMASHING PUMPKINS 3rd

Image result for snow cone7:40 pm           BLACK BEARS 1st vs MARBLES 4th

Saturday, Dec. 5th (Play-off Games)

9:30 am           Mites - TRI-CITY WARRIORS (2nd)  vs BARRACUDAS (3rd)

10:30 am         Mites - HOTWINGS (1st) vs SHORT RIBS (4th)

11:45 am         Squirts – WOLVES (2nd) vs SCALLYWAGS (3rd)

12:45 pm         Squirts – RAPTORS (1st) vs GOLDEN NUGGETS (4th)

Afternoon Championship Games

2:10 pm           PW/Bantam championship

3:20 pm           Mite championship

4:30 pm           Squirt championship

If teams are tied in total points at the end of the regular season the following criteria (in the order listed) will be used to determine play-off position: 

1.   Most Wins in overall standings
2.   Most points in head to head competition
3.   Highest goal differential (goals for minus goals against) in head-to-head competition
4.   Least Goals Against in overall standings
5.   Most Goals For in overall standings
6.   Coin Flip

If any play-off or championship game is tied after regular play the game will go into a 10 minute sudden death period with a non stop clock and a two minute break between last period and OT. If the game remains tied after OT it will proceed to a shoot-out. Each team will choose four skaters to participate (visiting team shoots first).  Any player still in the penalty box at the end of OT is not eligible to participate in the shootout. If the game is still tied after all four players have gone then the game will go into sudden death shootout. The same four players will go again. In sudden death if one team scores, but the other team doesn’t score, then the game is over (visiting team shoots first).  If the game is still tied after the 2nd round then the rest of the bench will participate.

Nominations for Board of Directors:
During the fall play-offs and up until the Annual Elections in January, TCIHL we will be accepting nominations for the Board of Directors. If you are interested in helping please nominate yourself or someone you know by placing a ballot in the nomination box during play-offs or by emailing the league We are looking for easy-going, dedicated individuals who work well with others and are willing to put forth what it takes to keep this great league moving forward! TCIHL is required to hold elections each year as part of its 501c3 non-profit status. Please contact us for more information.



 AAU Insurance (Required for ALL players, referees, coaches & staff)

(NOTE - all players must renew for the 2015 fall season)

AAU insurance is not available until late Aug. Make sure you get it for 2015-16 season.

 TCIHL requires that ALL players, coaches, assistants, refs, and Board members purchase an AAU membership to participate in league activities.
$14 for players (Athlete) 
$16 for coaches, refs, and league staff and volunteers (non-athlete) ALL memberships expire on 8/31 each year!

Registration Instructions: Please click on the AAU menu tab on left (3rd item from the top).


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