• Youth Football and Cheerleading
  • 70 Seasons of Football Excellence


Welcome to the start of our 70th Season.

Good Luck to All our teams!

PRIDE and TRADITION since 1948
The Prospect Park Termites were founded in 1948 by
Frank P. Witmer, Jr.
We are the oldest continuously run Youth Football program in Delaware County.


Generations of Termite families from both Interboro and Ridley have come back year after year, registering their children, volunteering their time and building
lifelong friendships that continue to fuel the traditional Ridley-Interboro High School Thanksgiving Day rivalry.

We have been a member of the
Bert Bell Memorial Football Conference of Southeastern Pennsylvania since 1968. Bert Bell celebrated it's 50th Year in 2012.

We have 5 age/weight divisions divided into both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.

Flag Division
Ages 5-6 (no weight)

80 Pound Division
Ages 7 & 8 weighing under 82 lbs.
Age 9 weighing under 64 lbs (**See www.bertbell.org
 for additional requirements)

105 Pound Division
Ages 8, 9 & 10 weighing under 107 lbs.
Age 11 weighing under 85 lbs (**See www.bertbell.org
for additional requirements)

130 Pound Division
Ages 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 weighing under 130lbs (**See www.bertbell.org for additional requirements)


We have JV Football and Cheerleading squads for each weight class and Competition Cheer Squads.