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Changes to the Fitness Programs for 2018

The Teutopolis Park District is pleased to announce exciting changes to its fitness programs for 2018!

Instead of signing up for a specific class, participants will register for the number of classes per week they want to work out then, attend the classes that interest them and accommodate their schedule.  Weekday class offerings are as follows:

Mondays:        Cardio Kickboxing
Tuesdays:       Prime2Power - Legs, Glutes, Cardio and Abs
Wednesdays:  Prime2Power - Shoulder, Chest, Cardio and Abs
Thursdays:      Prime2Power - All muscle groups
Fridays:           Prime2Power - Biceps, Triceps, Core, Cardio and Abs

For example, John registers for 2 classes per week.  Each week, he can participate in any 2 classes offered Monday through Friday.  The first week he chooses to participate in Cardio Kickboxing on Monday and Prime2Power on Thursday.  The next week he participates in Prime2Power on Thursday and Friday because of a business trip earlier that week.

"Shape Up Saturdays" will still be offered as a separate program.

The "Super Pass" will still be offered, discounting 5 Classes per Week and Shape Up Saturdays 20%!

The first 13-week session will be January 1 through March 31.  Weekday classes will be held from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Shape Up Saturdays will be held from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.  All programs will be held in the Teutopolis Grade School gym. 

Registration is available online or the registration form can be downloaded. The sign up deadline is December 20, 2017.

A description of the Teutopolis Park District's fitness classes can also be downloaded.

Pavilion Reservation Requests

The Teutopolis Park District is now accepting requests for pavilion reservations online.  Pavilion availability also can be found online.  For details, please download "Pavilion Reservation Requests" (see the "Download Forms" menu option). 

Park Rules

Motorized vehicles, including golf carts and scooters, are NOT allowed on park grounds, except parking lots.

Pets must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after.

These rules apply to the Community Park, Mini-Park, and Church Diamond.  They have been established for the safety of and enjoyment of the parks by everyone.  Thank you for your cooperation!   :)

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Dec 16
Basketball - Girls 5th and 6th Grade
Pod C @ Pod D
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Basketball - Boys 5th and 6th Grade
Team A @ Team D
Team B @ Team C
Dec 22
Basketball - Girls 5th and 6th Grade
Basketball - Boys 5th and 6th Grade
Team B @ Team E
Team C @ Team D
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