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46 Days
Hot out of the gate: Texas Stallions have early success in LSABA
Looking ahead: Stallions' baseball team looks to rebound off rough start
Because, sometimes, the opposing team has the higher score: 

“Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It's also a powerful motivator.” - Yogi Berra
But then:

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up!" By Babe Ruth


Established in the Fall 2009, the TEXAS STALLIONS BASEBALL CLUB prides itself on nurturing and developing young talented PLAYERS into COMPETITIVE BASEBALL PLAYERS who can compete for a roster position on their High School team and beyond. We expect our players to work hard, be focused, and be selfless while having FUN playing the Great Game. Every player can improve through self awareness of their abilities and hard work to improve.

We started with one good 10U team with boys hungry to learn and develop. Those boys developed their skills and knowledge to become a highly successful team of strong players.

As our teams have shown success, new players come to us each season asking to become a Stallions. Therefore, we have added teams every year and expect to grow again in the Spring.

Our approach is simple....





October 4 - 5, 2014:  

Our Fall boys went down to Waco to play in the 18U ASE Tournament.  This is a young team with a couple of 17U boys, 6 - 16U boys,  3 - 15U players, and a 14U player.   The team invited Joel Stone to come out to play in this tourmanent from the 14U Stallions team.  

The team went 2 - 0 on Saturday to be one of 3 teams who were undefeated.   They were down for much of the second game against the 18U Burleson Buccaneers, but kept playing the game to pull out a close win with an 8 - 7 score.   

In the Championship game, the opposing team used their slower pitchers who threw mostly breaking balls.   They had the boys on their heels with the slow pitches and movement.   The boys couldn't get a good solid hit.   But, the Stallions pitching was also great and the defense kept their opponent scoring down.    Going into the 6th inning, the team was down 2 -1.   With one out, the boys had a runner in scoring position when the 14U - Stone - came up clutch with his biggest hit of the tournament.   With a hard shot triple to the left-center fence, Stone drove in the run to tie the game.   With Stone at 3rd, Matt Dotson attempted a suicide bunt on the second pitch.   Stone was coming hard to home, but Dotson missed the bunt.   Luckily, although he was almost half way down the line, Stone was able to get back to third without getting picked off.   On the next pitch, Dotson laid down the bunt that scored Stone for a 3 - 2 Stallions Win!  

It was an EXCITING Game and a FUN Tournament!



We are looking for good players with winning attitudes who want to learn, develop and grow to play in high school, college and beyond.  

We will be holding tryouts for the Spring 2015 season for all teams soon.  We are already looking for players and will be happy to have you practice with any of our teams as a Tryout session.   Or, we will schedule private tryouts as YOU call in.   Fill out the I WANNA TRYOUT questionnaire on the left menu, then, Keep checking back here for more information.    

11U:   We call our 11U team the "Stallions Cooperstown Team".   We are looking to have a set stable roster of 12 to 13 players who will develop and prepare to go to play in the 2016 Cooperstown World Series.   The team will be raising funds over the next year strictly to cover the costs of this trip.   Coach Brown took a Florida team to Cooperstown 4 years ago and they had an amazing time playing baseball and seeing the historic sites including the Hall of Fame.   We have a solid core of 11U players looking to play AAA starting in the Spring.   We need a few more players to make it happen.  

10U:   The 10U team will also be a Cooperstown Team.  We have several players asking to come play.  It will be a new team so we are looking for player with great attitudes who will commit to a stable team for two years.   This team will also go to the Cooperstown World Series at age 12. 

14U:    We will have two teams at 14U this spring.   Our 16U coach,  Coach Edge, will be coaching a 14U AAA/Majors team in the spring.   Coach Edge has a great deal of experience from playing through college and coaching in high school.  Second coach still to be named, but we have a couple of other coaches who have been successfully coaching players at the AAA level.

16U:   Come summer we will be back with two, possibly three,  solid 16U teams ready to compete at those college showcase tournaments.   Coming back to coach  Coach Marshall,  Coach Edge,  Coach Ross,  Coach Brooks, Coach Brown, and Coach Burt.  

18U:   Summer ball playing college showcases with Coach Tony and Coach Jim.  We will need just a few more players.    

Unlike some club teams, we will not carry more players than we need on a team.  Therefore, rosters  are typically as small as 11 highly committed players on the young teams to as many as 16 high school players, including "pitcher only" players on our high school teams.  

We like to say that our team rosters are fluid.   If we learn that a team will be short on players for a tournament, we will look at a younger Stallions team to see if there is a player who can fill in and wants to play UP on an older team.   We avoid bringing in an outside "guest" player when we have other "guest" players within the organization.   For example, if a player on our 14U team is playing at a high level, we don't have a problem asking them to fill in on a 16U or an 18U team.  We will give our younger players the first and every opportunity to play up to give them additional experience and development.   As players improve, the overall strength of our organization improves. 

We are looking for good players with winning attitudes who want to learn, develop and grow to play in high school, college and beyond.  




First Signing day of the season for a Stallions player!  Congratulations to Tim Torres playing one more summer with the Texas Stallions, then off to Central Methodist University to be an Eagle!


Congratulations to David Pope signing to go to Northwood University.


Congratulations to Adan Ross (yellow shirt) signed to play ball at Frank Phillips Jr. College and Wes Ahlfield (blue shirt) gone to Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Will Marshall in light blue shirt signed to play ball at the University of Dallas.


David Pope again in the white tee shirt.

Other Stallions now playing college include Paul Garcia at Clarendon Jr. College;  Jimmy Gallarda at Biola University;  Blake West at Mountain View Jr. College;  and Graham Ackal to Louisiana Tech.




Are YOU interested in learning baseball from top-notch coaches?
Are YOU Looking for an established club to grow with?

We are always looking for Great Attitudes.   If you are looking for a team, the Stallions are ready to help YOU improve!    Tryouts are held any time potential players contact our coaches.  We may ask you to come to a team practice so we can see you work with other current players.  Or, we may schedule a private or small group tryout with a few new guys if that works better for all. 

If you are 9U through 18U,  please fill out and submit your tryout request now.  Look for the link labeled "I WANNA TRYOUT" on the left to let us know you are interested. The questionaire gives us some information that will help us know what you can do before you come out.  The tryout form goes directly to the coach for the team and they will call you to schedule your tryout.

If you have some buddies who you want to play with, bring them out to the tryouts with you.  We know that Stallions run together, so we anticipate they are as good as you!   If they do well, we will do our best to make room for good players.  

If you are ready to take your game to the next level,contact us about joining the STALLIONS!



We have coaches ready to teach young men proper mechanics for fielding, hitting, and pitching. We focus on players knowledge and strategy of the game. Let's see what you can do and we'll help you get BETTER!

COACHES: We would LOVE to add more teams, but we need more coaches for next season.  If you are interested in coaching a competitive group of players and you have the patience to impart your knowledge and help young men develop their skills, please contact John Galvan at or 214-869-6489.


This site will be used to manage the club news and updates and teams information, schedules, game results, display photos and video clips, maintain statistics, and provide communication for players and parents. Share the site information with your family and friends, and we will work hard to make this an interesting place to follow the progress of the team year around.

We update this site regularly, so keep checking back.


Saturday,  Oct 25
Pro Source v. Texas Stallions 14U 9:00am The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - THE GABE
11U TNT HALLOWEEN BASH TOURNAMENT Railroad Park - Lewisville
14U - TNT HALLOWEEN BASH Railroad Park - Lewisville
Texas Stallions 14U v. E.C. Prospects 1:00pm The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - THE GABE
Texas Stallions 11U v. Hornets 6:00pm The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - Field 10
Texas Stallions 11U v. Texas Rattlers 8:00pm The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - Field 10
Sunday,  Oct 26
11U TNT HALLOWEEN BASH TOURNAMENT Railroad Park - Lewisville
14U - TNT HALLOWEEN BASH Railroad Park - Lewisville
Saturday,  Nov 1
ASE Fall State - High School Burleson Chisenhall Fields
14U Perfect Game Super 25 Tournament 1:00pm
Sunday,  Nov 2
ASE Fall State - High School Burleson Chisenhall Fields
Sunday,  Nov 9
Barons v. 14U Tx. Stallions 1:00pm Roberts Field in Mack Park - Denton
14U Tx. Stallions v. Barons 3:00pm Roberts Field in Mack Park - Denton
Saturday,  Nov 15
17U ASE Waco Tournament 1:00pm Riverbend Park in Waco
Saturday,  Nov 22
14U Santa Cops Tournament 1:00pm Big League Dreams - Mansfield
ASE Fall STATE Tournament 17U 1:00pm Riverbend Park in Waco

For a complete calendar listing, click here!


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