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Established in the Fall 2009, the TEXAS STALLIONS BASEBALL CLUB prides itself on nurturing and developing young talented PLAYERS into COMPETITIVE BASEBALL PLAYERS who can compete for a roster position on their High School team and beyond. We expect our players to work hard, be focused, and be selfless while having FUN playing the Great Game. Every player can improve through self awareness of their abilities and hard work to improve.

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College-age coach brings experience to local team: Marshall credits youth for accessibility, recruiting success

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Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2015 10:39 am

Will Marshall, who graduated from Frisco Centennial in 2013 and now pitches for the University of Dallas, is listed at 5 feet 5 inches tall and 150 pounds on the school’s athletic website.

His age and his stature could not be any less related to the size of his passion for helping young baseball players achieve their dreams.

Last fall, in between classes, team workouts and giving individual lessons, Marshall coached six select baseball teams. This summer, he’s the head coach of the 18-and-under club in the Texas Stallions organization, which he helped establish.

While some may question his age, Marshall believes that it only works to his advantage.

“From a coach-to-player relationship standpoint, I think it’s much more beneficial,” Marshall said. “Not very many kids can go up to a 45-year-old coach and tell him exactly how they feel or say, ‘I want to go play this position and this is what we should do.’ … It’s more of a team effort. People can voice their opinions, rather than [me saying], ‘This is the law, and this is how it’s going to be.’”

Marshall coaches a team that includes local standout players such as Centennial’s Alexei Cazarin, Paul Marshall, George Sell, John Mobley, Jack Briggs, Cayden Coleman, Cade Martinez and Noah Burt; The Colony’s Logan Jones; Allen’s Heath Weimer; McKinney Christian’s Will Jacobs; Frisco Legacy Christian’s Justin Bush; and Frisco Lone Star’s Tony Yaniello.

So far, those players have responded.

As of June 29, the Stallions are 5-3 in the Connie Mack Division of the Lone Star Amateur Baseball Association, good enough for second place in the early going.

In addition to playing in the LSABA, Will Marshall takes his team to showcase tournaments nearly every weekend. His club, which is made up of mainly 16 and 17 year olds playing up a division, has already traveled to the University of Oklahoma and Texas Tech University and has plans to travel to Oral Roberts University, the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Central Oklahoma later this summer.

“Once we get to the 16-year-old division, every tournament that they play in will be a showcase tournament. We’re going to one of the major schools,” Will Marshall said. “We go to these tournaments, we know which coach is going to be there, and we send them an email with our roster and what kids are probably eligible to go to that school in hopes that all the kids are going to get a chance to be recruited.”

Will Marshall believes that exposing kids to the high-pressure showcase environment early only helps them in the long run.

“They go to the tournaments and say, ‘These tournaments are for real, they really matter,’” he said. “[If] they see a coach standing there watching them play and watching their every move at an early age, by the time they get to 18-year-old ball, even if they’re only 17, they have a much better chance of being relaxed and getting recruited.”

The young coach also uses his recent experience doing exactly what his players are attempting to do now gives his team a leg up.

“We just went through the process of trying to get recruited, so it’s not like some guy saying, ‘When I went to college,’” Will Marshall said. “We’re in college right now. We can tell them the names of the coaches that we’re playing for and what exactly they do when they go recruit players. … You see someone who’s actually doing it right now and it makes it a little bit more real.”

There are currently two 18-year-olds on Will Marshall’s team, and both have committed to playing at the collegiate level. Jacobs will be attending Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Copeland will be playing for Ranger College.

The coach sees the Stallions as a way for kids to access summer ball and have a positive experience without fighting for playing time or breaking the bank.

“We’re not the big [McKinney Marshals] team, we’re not a D-BAT team or anything like that,” Will Marshall said. “Everyone looks at those teams and says, ‘Oh, that’s gonna be an awesome team.’ But D-BAT may have four teams in the 16-year-old division, and there might only be one good team out of those four.

“… We want to have [one or two teams] that are going to be able to compete.”

While many have come to recognize and respect Will Marshall as a coach, even he has to laugh at the reactions of opposing coaches that haven’t run into the Stallions.

“The only disadvantage of being a younger coach is you go out to the plate meeting and they go, ‘Who’s this 12-year-old kid coming out here?’” he said. “They don’t believe that you’re the coach.”




Beginning of the season, mid-season, or end of a season, we are always looking for good players with winning attitudes who want to learn, develop and grow to play in high school, college and beyond.  

Tryouts are held as players contact us for a tryout by phone calls and e-mails.  All tryouts are held either with a team practice or individually as is most convenient for coach, player and parent.  If you see a practice scheduled on our calendar and you are free to come out, we will be happy to see you. 

Please fill out a tryout questionnaire under the "I WANNA TRYOUT" tab and/or contact a coach directly.

If you have some buddies who you want to play with, bring them out to the tryouts with you.  We know that Stallions run together, so we anticipate they are as good as you!   If they do well, we will do our best to make room for good players.  

If you are a coach of a team who needs help taking his team to the next level,   Contact us about bringing your team over to the Stallions.   We can provide a good coach to take over the team,  OR provide coaching assistance to help you with practice planning and organization.   

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10U:   A Cooperstown Team.  Contact Coach Brown at or call 

We are looking for a committed roster of 10 to 12 players who we will send to the 2017 Cooperstown World Series when they are 12 year olds.  The team will play in a local league and tournaments to develop their skills and knowledge of the game.   Looking for AAA/Majors players to joing us for the 2015 spring season

11U:   A Cooperstown Team.  Contact Coach Brown at or call 

We are looking for a few players to add to a great core of committed players.   The 10 - 12 players will also raise funds while the play league and tournament baseball developing their skills to go play in the 2016 Cooperstown World Series.   Looking for AAA/Majors players to join us for the 2015 spring season.  

14U:   Contact Coach Marshall at .

We have two teams at 14U this spring.  We have a solid core of AAA players coming to play in the spring.  Looking for a few more players to add to the second AAA/Majors team.  

15U/16U:  Contact Coach John at or call 214-869-6489. We are looking for some more 15U/16U players for our third team this summer.  Teams will compete in several College Showcase tournaments.

17U/18U:  Contact Coach Edge at or Coach Marshall at .  We have two strong returning teams of 16U/17U high school varsity players that will be playing at 17/18U.   Coaches are ready and excited about these teams.   Teams will compete in the Lonestar League and at several College Showcase tournaments.  Returning players and several new guys from the fall give us a great base for three solid teams.   

We are always interested in good players with winning attitudes who want to learn, develop and grow to play in high school, college and beyond.  




First Signing day of the season for a Stallions player!  Congratulations to Tim Torres playing one more summer with the Texas Stallions, then off to Central Methodist University to be an Eagle!


Congratulations to David Pope signing to go to Northwood University.


Congratulations to Adan Ross (yellow shirt) signed to play ball at Frank Phillips Jr. College and Wes Ahlfield (blue shirt) gone to Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Will Marshall in light blue shirt signed to play ball at the University of Dallas.


David Pope again in the white tee shirt.

Other Stallions now playing college include Paul Garcia at Clarendon Jr. College;  Jimmy Gallarda at Biola University;  Blake West at Mountain View Jr. College;  and Graham Ackal to Louisiana Tech.




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