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Region III Champions VIDEO

Our excitement for being this year's Region III CHAMPIONS still has not worn off! Especially as we prepare to head up to Tulsa on July 13! Please take some time to watch the inspirational video following our journey thus far. We are so incredibly proud to represent not only Immokalee or the state of Florida, but the entire region in Tulsa. ¡Seguimos adelante!



The Cobras U17 boys team took home the Region III Championship in College Station, Texas Sunday morning!

Here's the quick recap:

Group play victories Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with a 5-2 victory against Georgia, 3-1 against South Texas, and 4-0 against Louisiana. Going into Semi-finals, we were the second top-scoring team in the tournament! We moved into the Semi-finals against Tennessee and won 2-0. It was on to finals against North Carolina, and the boys brought home a 4-0 victory. What an amazing weekend!

And it's not over: we'll be traveling to Tulsa in July to represent Immokalee and hopefully take home a major victory for the boys! Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement! ¡Seguimos adelante!



 The U17 boys team is currently playing in group play in College Station, Texas! Congrats on a 5-2 victory over Georgia. Next up: South Texas!

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Presidents Cup and Region C Champions 2016

 After four tries since they were 13 years old, the now U17 Soccer Pit Cobras boys are Region C Champions!