Last Updated: May 8, 2017
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Schedule Notice

 By now, most of you have been contacted by your captains letting you know that ball this weekend has been cancelled.  Yes, its disappointing, but the prospect of playing Sunday in flurries and sub zero temperatures wasn't thrilling either.  

Hopefully, by next weekend things will be warm and dry and we'll be playing ball.  Keep an eye on this page as information about the season's offical start date is communicated as well as changes to the schedule.  The schedule is still in development.  Please DO NOT print it off and stick it to you fridge.  The online version is the one that will be accurate!

Also, Captains, you will get your score card and rule books at our fist games. 


Part I

According to Rule 5, Section 10, Paragraph D of the SPN rulebook, to "approach an umpire with a rulebook visibly in hand, in an attempt to question, argue, or dispute an umpire's decision" results in "immediate ejection"

True story, I can't make up stuff like that.  

Part II

You can get alerts to your cell phone 24 hours before the start of all of your games?  This will keep you up to date on scheduling changes too.  After signing into League Lineup, Simply, a) click on schedules from the main page, b) select your teams specific schedule c) right above the list of games are a series of options, select "Get Schedule Reminders", d) select "Text Alerts" (or email if you prefer), e) hit save and your done!  No more late or missed games.  

Part III

There are two "FUN" tournaments that you can enter this summer.  One is the HTKP (Help the Kids Play) from July 7-9.  Cost and registration details will come from your captains in coming weeks.  The second is the Oldtimers Fun Tournament from August 11-13.  This Tournament is $10.00 per player and you can put your own team together of family and friends.  You can email me (Doug) for me details.  This tournament also offers a designated driver program for people that live within the GTA (Greater Tottenham Area)  


Contact, TMSPL 2017 Executive:

President - Doug Dwyer, email: 

1st Vice President -Jason Jack, email:  

2nd Vice President - David Caldwell, email:

Secretary/Treasurer - Scott Bullen, 


Past President - Alan Frans,


Upcoming Games

Sunday, May 28
TMSPL - 2017
Intellifilm @ The Rough Cut Podcast5:30pmC1
Mill Market @ Midas Touch Painting Services5:30pmC2
Feebes @ Tottenham Foodland5:30pmC3
Mary Catherine's Hair Salon @ Tottenham Foodland6:50pmC2
Intellifilm @ Little Kickers6:50pmC3
Mary Catherine's Hair Salon @ John's Firewood8:10pmC2
Hindsight Automation @ BMI8:10pmC3
Splashys @ Middletown Sheet Metal8:10pmKeogh Park
Sunday, Jun 4
TMSPL - 2017
Hindsight Automation @ Mill Market5:30pmC1
BMI @ Splashys5:30pmC2
Middletown Sheet Metal @ Midas Touch Painting Services5:30pmC3
Splashys @ Mill Market6:50pmC2
Hindsight Automation @ Feebes6:50pmC3
Mary Catherine's Hair Salon @ Little Kickers8:10pmC2
Tottenham Foodland @ The Rough Cut Podcast8:10pmC3
John's Firewood @ Intellifilm8:10pmKeogh Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!