Hello fellow Baseballer's  

We have two urgent communications

First the AGM is very close!!!!   If you care at all about this league you SHOULD be there.  I understand people have family and work commitments, but aside from that, get yourself to the AGM.  If you have a Playoff Jacket or Championship sweater they'll presented at the AGM.  

If you want to see changes in rules, teams, safety, captains, uniforms, constitution, tournaments or anything else about the league, get to the AGM to have your say.  

If you want to keep things the way they are with NO changes, then you'd best get to the AGM and have your voice heard.  

If you'd like to run for or vote for your next executive, you'll need to be at this meeting.  

Saturday February 3rd, 2018

Tottenham Legion,

Downstairs, 1pm SHARP!

Finally, registration is open!!!  You can click the registration link on the side of this page or you can click REGISTRATION here and it will bring you to the sign up page.  

Welcome back gang!!!


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