Last Updated: April 26, 2017
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Draft Day

We are momements away from draft day!

We will be starting at 1pm on Saturday April 22nd at the Legion.  Find a spot, grab a pint and find out what team you're drafted on!

The schedule should be released (online on this website) within a week of the season starting.  This is the only place to find a verified schedule.  The schedule can change slightly throughout the year due to conflicts and weather.  Printed copies don't keep up with changes, so make sure you're checking here!

Also, this website has a facility to sign up for txt notifications of games.  Once the schedule is out, I'll post instructions on how to do that.  And your txt notifications WILL keep up with scheduling changes.  


All for now folks, See you Saturday.





Contact, TMSPL 2017 Executive:

President - Doug Dwyer, email: 

1st Vice President -Jason Jack, email:  

2nd Vice President - David Caldwell, email:

Secretary/Treasurer - Scott Bullen, 


Past President - Alan Frans,