Last Updated: May 25, 2015
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  • Postponed National League games have been rescheduled for May 1 and May 15.
  • Please check the website often for updates, game cancellations, and rescheduled games.
  • Visit the "Training Center" link to the left to help your team or player.

Rain, Rain Go Away...

With as much rain as we are receiving, the fields just can't absorb the water.   It has been a tough year so far for baseball.  We will try to make up games up in the Babe Ruth division,  all the others 8 and up have the season ensuing tournament and Allstars coming up quick.


Tournament Brackets

 ** please don't schedule vacations until after league tournaments

All-Star selection will start the first part of June for 8's and up.  All-Star tournaments begin 12 June for the 12's and the end of June for the rest.



Pictures will be handed out starting next week.  Please be patient until we get them all to the coordinators.   Thank you


Game Scores

Coaches please email your game scores in as soon as possible so we can keep the records current.



League Uniform Requirements

All players must show up to play in the league uniforms provided by the league; this is a league requirement.  Teams are not allowed to wear any uniform other than what was provided.  The uniforms were approved by the board to help instill pride in the organization and the city they live in.  Wearing any other uniform will result in a forfeit by your team.  If you have any questions, please contact the league:



All Coaches will be required to be certified in order to coach this season. If you have previously been certified through the Cal Ripken/ Babe Ruth program you do not need to repeat the class.

Please use the following link for information on coaching certification from the Babe Ruth League Coaching Education Center.

Coaching Certification Class
After clicking the above link go to the Coaches tab and sign in to create an account and purchase the course. Pick the Coaching Youth Baseball ($19.95) or Coaching Advanced Baseball ($24.95).

A copy of your completed certification must be given to Tooele County Babe Ruth Baseball.



Looking to Volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers to help the league.  If you are interested, please email

Thank you.



Please contact us at our email address if you have any questions about Tooele County Babe Ruth Baseball.

League email address:

Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Coaches:

After your game please email your game scores.

League Game Scores email address:

Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  May 26
American League
Red Sox @ Dodgers 6:00pm Elton Park SB Field (70 foot Diamond)
Orioles @ Angels 8:00pm Elton Park SB Field (70 foot Diamond)
Babe Ruth Division (13-15)
Dodgers @ Royals 6:00pm Red Del Papa
Yankees @ Angels 8:00pm Red Del Papa
Machine Tee
Rockies @ Mets 6:00pm Elton West
Yankees @ Red Sox 7:30pm Elton West
National League
Dodgers @ Diamondbacks 8:00pm Parkers Park East
Red Sox @ Yankees 8:00pm Parkers Park West
Player Pitch
Braves @ Cubs 6:00pm Parker's Park East
A's @ Rockies 6:00pm Parker's Park West
Diamondbacks @ Rockies 6:00pm Dow James 1 (SE)
Angels @ Royals 6:00pm Dow James 2 (SW)
Mets @ Yankees 6:00pm Dow James 3 (NW)
Wednesday,  May 27
Babe Ruth Division (13-15)
A's @ Diamondbacks 6:00pm Red Del Papa
Rockies @ Mets 8:00pm Red Del Papa
Machine Pitch
Mets @ A's 6:00pm Elton East
Yankees @ Angels 7:30pm Elton West
Machine Tee
Yankees @ Dodgers 6:00pm Elton West
National League
Angels @ A's 6:00pm Parkers Park East
Mets @ Diamondbacks 6:00pm Parkers Park West
Angels @ Rockies 8:00pm Elton East
Yankees @ White Sox 8:00pm Parkers Park East
Dodgers @ Red Sox 8:00pm Parkers Park West
Thursday,  May 28
Babe Ruth Division (13-15)
Orioles @ Red Sox 6:00pm Red Del Papa
Diamondbacks @ Yankees 8:00pm Red Del Papa
Machine Pitch
Diamondbacks @ Mets 6:00pm Elton West
A's @ Yankees 7:30pm Elton West
Machine Tee
Rockies @ Orioles 6:00pm Elton East
Red Sox @ Mets 7:30pm Elton East
National League
Rockies @ Angels 8:00pm Parkers Park East
White Sox @ Mets 8:00pm Parkers Park West
Player Pitch
Braves @ Giants 6:00pm Parker's Park East
A's @ Red Sox 6:00pm Parker's Park West
Diamondbacks @ Yankees 6:00pm Dow James 1 (SE)
Angels @ Rockies 6:00pm Dow James 2 (SW)
Mets @ Royals 6:00pm Dow James 3 (NW)
Friday,  May 29
Babe Ruth Division (13-15)
Angels @ Dodgers 6:00pm Red Del Papa
Mets @ A's 8:00pm Red Del Papa
Player Pitch
Cubs @ Rockies 6:00pm Parker's Park East
A's @ Giants 6:00pm Parker's Park West
Cubs @ Rockies 8:00pm Parkers Park East

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  May 27
AL Tournament 6:00pm Elton Park SB Field (70 foot Diamond)
Thursday,  May 28
AL Tournament 6:00pm Elton Park SB Field (70 foot Diamond)
Friday,  May 29
AL Tournament 6:00pm Elton Park SB Field (70 foot Diamond)
Saturday,  May 30
AL Tournament 6:00pm Elton Park SB Field (70 foot Diamond)

For a complete calendar listing, click here!