Last Updated: March 21, 2017
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  • We are now Little League
  • Please check the website often for updates, game cancellations, and rescheduled games.

THS Camp Info

Tooele High School is offering their Baseball Spring Training Camp, Please CLICK HERE to download the information packet.



Rosters are up and ready to view for each team.  If you have not been contacted by a coach, find your division & player and then contact that coach.

Team names are up to the coaches/teams, if you want a different team name let your coordinator know.  Your coordinator is your "go-to" guy/gal for all your league questions.


Registration is closed

Registration for the 2017 Little League season is closed and we are unable to accept anymore players. 

Each year we begin registration/sign-ups at the end of January and run them until around the 10th of March, roughly 40 days.  After that date we have tryouts, drafts, and teams being formed and the season begins.  Thank you


Interested in being an Umpire?

If you are interested in being an umpire, please attend the first umpire meeting:

  • Date/Time:  Monday, March 20th, 7pm
  • Location:  Tooele Springs Church, 47 N. Main Street.

Help support and make the league great by becoming an umpire.  We do need you.


Looking to Volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers to help the league.  In order to have a successful league we need as many volunteers as possible.  We can never have enough umpires and coaches.   The more coaches we can have less players per team, giving kids more playing time.  Please volunteer!!

What is needed:

  • Coaches
  • Umpires
  • Snack Bar Manager
  • Board Members / League Coorinators

  If you are interested, please email

Thank you.


2016 Tournament Champions

2016 Tournament Champions - Good job!


Player Pitch Bracket           PICTURES: 3rd Place - 2nd Place -  Champions

National League Bracket    PICTURES:  3rd Place - 2nd Place - Champions

American League Bracket   PICTURES:  3rd Place - 2nd Place- Champions

Senior League Bracket       PICTURES:  3rd Place - 2nd Place - Champions


Game Status Update:

  • Red Del Papa:  Game On
  • Dow James Fields:  Game On
  • Oquirrh Hills:  Game On
  • Elton East and West:  Game On
  • Parkers Park West and East:  Game On
  • Grantsville:  Game On


Scores and Pitch Counts

Coaches, remember to report all scores and pitch count here on the site right after your game. Failing to do so well make your pitcher ineligible to pitch until the next Sunday regardless of their pitch count.   


1. Click on schedule and go to your team.

2. Above the schedule is a "report scores" button, click on it.

3. Select the day of the game and enter the password.

4. Right after the location column is the report scores/pitch count link, click it.

5. Enter the score and pitch count info and hit submit.

BOTH TEAMS must do it.    


To see if a player is eligible to pitch in a given team:

1. Click Teams/Roster from menu, find the team you wish to look at.

2. Click the "Pitch Tracker" button and you now can see who is eligible and when. A baseball icon means they are eligible.




League Uniform Requirements

All players must show up to play in the league uniforms provided by the league; this is a league requirement.  Teams are not allowed to wear any uniform other than what was provided.  The uniforms were approved by the board to help instill pride in the organization and the city they live in.  Wearing any other uniform will result in a forfeit by your team.  If you have any questions, please contact the league:


Coaching & Parent Instruction Guide for Better Baseball

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Apr 8
American League - (10-12's on 70's)
Astros @ Buffs10:00amElton East
Cubs @ Utes12:00pmElton East
Buffs @ Cubs2:00pmElton East
Utes @ Astros4:00pmElton East

For a complete schedule listing, click here!