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  • Transcona Ringette is excited to announce their

  • 35th Annual Tournament!


January 17 – 21, 2018 at

East End Arena


Hosting loops for:




U10 – $570 playing 3 games.  As all U10 players are winners there will not be playoff games and all players will receive a medal.


U12A3, U14A, U16B, U19A, U19B - $700 with 3 games guaranteed and top 2 teams playing for medals.


For information or to register please contact Kim Fraser at





We are now looking for

U14B Teams

for our





One of our own has been inducted into the Ringette Hall of Fame!



Congratulations Joan Lachance!



Thank you for giving so much to the sport we love!

Ringette Equipment


Do you have new or gently used Ringette Equipment gathering dust in your basement or garage?
Do you want to buy, sell or give away new/used Ringette equipment?
Send an email to Sandy at
with your contact information, a brief description and size of the item(s) you want to buy, sell or give away and we will post it on this website for 30 days.

Let's be "Green" and recycle our outgrown ringette equipment!

See all the items for sale or needed under the "RINGETTE SURPLUS" tab on this site.



As Tim Hortons as done such a wonderful job contributing to our Bunny program over the years by providing team jerseys and supporting the Bunny Jamboree, it seems only fitting to return the favour. If you usually grab a hot beverage for the game, click on the Tim Horton's Logo below to locate one of their stores and drop in on your way to the rink.