Last Updated: September 28, 2014

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Oct 4
BURNS @ N.J. 11:00am New johnsonville
GILES CO @ CHARLOTTE 4:00pm Charlotte
STEWART CO @ DICKSON 4:00pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ HOUSTON CO 4:00pm Houston co
WHITE BLUFF @ LEWIS CO 4:00pm Lewis co
WAVERLY @ MCEWEN 4:00pm Mcewen
BURNS @ N.J. 12:00pm New johnsonville
GILES CO @ CHARLOTTE 5:00pm Charlotte
STEWART CO @ DICKSON 5:00pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ HOUSTON CO 5:00pm Houston co
WHITE BLUFF @ LEWIS CO 5:00pm Lewis co
WAVERLY @ MCEWEN 5:00pm Mcewen
BURNS @ N.J. 1:00pm New johnsonville
GILES CO @ CHARLOTTE 6:00pm Charlotte
STEWART CO @ DICKSON 6:00pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ HOUSTON CO 6:00pm Houston co
WHIT BLUFF @ LEWIS CO 6:00pm Lewis co
WAVERLY @ MCEWEN 6:00pm Mcewen
BURNS @ N.J. 2:30pm New johnsonville
GILES @ CHARLOTTE 7:30pm Charlotte
STEWART CO @ DICKSON 7:30pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ HOUSTON CO 7:30pm Houston co
WHITE BLUFF @ LEWIS CO 7:30pm Lewis co
WAVERLY @ MCEWEN 7:30pm Mcewen
Saturday,  Oct 11
STEWART CO @ N.J. 11:00am New johnsonville
COLUMBIA @ CHARLOTTE 4:00pm Charlotte
BURNS @ DICKSON 4:00pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ EAST 4:00pm East hickman
GILES CO @ MCEWEN 4:00pm Mcewen
HOUSTON CO @ WAVERLY 4:00pm Waverly
CENTERVILLE @ WHITE BLUFF 4:00pm White bluff
STEWART CO @ N.J. 12:00pm New johnsonville
COLUMBIA @ CHARLOTTE 5:00pm Charlotte
BURNS @ DICKSON 5:00pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ EAST 5:00pm East hickman
GILES CO @ MCEWEN 5:00pm Mcewen
HOUSTON CO @ WAVERLY 5:00pm Waverly
CENTERVILLE @ WHITE BLUFF 5:00pm White bluff
STEWART CO @ N.J. 1:00pm New johnsonville
COLUMBIA @ CHARLOTTE 6:00pm Charlotte
BURNS @ DICKSON 6:00pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ EAST 6:00pm East hickman
GILES CO @ MCEWEN 6:00pm Mcewen
HOUSTON CO @ WAVERLY 6:00pm Waverly
CENTERVILLE @ WHIT BLUFF 6:00pm White bluff
STEWART CO @ N.J. 2:30pm New johnsonville
COLUMBIA @ CHARLOTTE 7:30pm Charlotte
BURNS @ DICKSON 7:30pm Dickson
FAIRVIEW @ EAST 7:30pm East hickman
GILES @ MCEWEN 7:30pm Mcewen
HOUSTON CO @ WAVERLY 7:30pm Waverly
CENTERVILLE @ WHITE BLUFF 7:30pm White bluff
Saturday,  Oct 18
WHITE BLUFF @ BURNS 4:00pm Burns
WAVERLY @ COLUMBIA 4:00pm Columbia
DICKSON @ GILES CO 4:00pm Giles co
EAST @ HOUSTON CO 4:00pm Houston co
CHARLOTTE @ LEWIS CO 4:00pm Lewis co
CENTERVILLE @ STEWART CO 4:00pm Stewart co
WHITE BLUFF @ BURNS 5:00pm Burns
WAVERLY @ COLUMBIA 5:00pm Columbia
DICKSON @ GILES CO 5:00pm Giles co
EAST @ HOUSTON CO 5:00pm Houston co
CHARLOTTE @ LEWIS CO 5:00pm Lewis co
CENTERVILLE @ STEWART CO 5:00pm Stewart co
WHIT BLUFF @ BURNS 6:00pm Burns
WAVERLY @ COLUMBIA 6:00pm Columbia
DICKSON @ GILES CO 6:00pm Giles co
EAST @ HOUSTON CO 6:00pm Houston co
CHARLOTTE @ LEWIS CO 6:00pm Lewis co
CENTERVILLE @ STEWART CO 6:00pm Stewart co
WHITE BLUFF @ BURNS 7:30pm Burns
WAVERLY @ COLUMBIA 7:30pm Columbia
DICKSON @ GILES 7:30pm Giles co
EAST @ HOUSTON CO 7:30pm Houston co
CHARLOTTE @ LEWIS CO 7:30pm Lewis co
CENTERVILLE @ STEWART CO 7:30pm Stewart co

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