Age Divisions Modified!!! Taking registrations for 14U & 16U age divisions now!!!!! Next Assessment August 8th!!!  
  • The school league is right around the corner. Students should be forming their teams now.
  • 8U Warriors win silver at the Junior Olympics.
  • 10U & 12U Warriors win bronze at the Junior Olympics.
  • Tryouts for the 2015/2016 Temecula Warriors teams are scheduled for August 22 & 29. Times TBD.
  • Second Assessment for the Fall Recreation Season will be held on Saturday, August 8th.
Fall 2015 Season Registration Closing
5 Days
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Player Registration Form - Fall 2015

Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association

Summer Hockey Clinics

Join us for free Summer Hockey on Wednesdays. 8U & 10U age divisions will practice/scrimmage 630-800pm. 12U/14U/ 16U will practice/scrimmage 800-930pm. There is only 1 more to go this summer. Also, senior official Jim McCann will be stopping by the next Wednesday to answer any questions you may have about the game of hockey as it pertains to the rules. This is an excellent opportunity for players and parents to educate themselves on any rules and as to why certain things are or are not called in a game.



Online Registration is available June 16, 2015 to August 9, 2015.

The Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association (TVIHA) welcomes any and all skaters, ages 5 to 17 to join our fun and exciting league. All player registrations will need to be submitted using the linked TVIHA online registration form. Credit card payments can be made online at the time of registration. TVIHA will try and accommodate any parent/player requests however we cannot guarantee it.

All first time players will be required to provide TVIHA with a copy of the players birth certificate for age verification. They will also need to purchase AAU insurance good through 2016 or 2017. Go to for more information. New players will need insurance prior to participating in assessments or summer hockey nights. Returning players will need to re-purchase their insurance in August. When purchasing membership please enter club code #WW6A7C.

Assessments will take place on August 1, 2015 and August 8, 2015.

Players of all ages and skill levels are required to attend one of the two player assessments, no exceptions. The players will be assessed in skating, agility and puck handling. Do not worry if your child is new to hockey and has little or no experience. The purpose of the assessments is to provide an accurate skill level rating for each skater than can then be used in the Player/Team draft. All assessments, most practices and all games are held at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park inline hockey rink (42596 Margarita Road). Players that are high in skill level are eligible to play up a division however the Player Agent and the Board of Directors will make that final decision. Girls are eligible to play down an age group if needed. New players may be eligible to play down a division. Ultimately the Player Agent and the Board of Directors will make that decision.

Assessment Times:

10U - 7:30am (2005, 2006)

8U - 8:30am (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

14U/16U - 9:30am  (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002)

12U - 10:30am (2003, 2004)

The draft will be held on Sunday, August 16 (only coaches need to attend) from 2-6pm at the Temecula Community Center located at 28816 Pujol Street in downtown Temecula.

August 17th - Fall Practices Begin

Practices can begin as early as the day following the draft. A practice schedule will be determined by the coaches prior to the draft and the coaches will then notify their teams of their practice time and location. All teams will get one practice time slot per week and most practices will be held at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park Hockey Rink (42596 Margarita Road). Depending on the number of teams we have, teams may need use the Margarita Hockey Rink at Margarita Community Park (29119 Margarita Road).

September 8th - Games Begin

Most games are held on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Games may be played on Monday or Wednesday due to holidays, rain makeups or rink maintenance.

September 26th - Picture / Skills Day

Individual and team pictures will be taken on this day. Along with pictures each player will have an opportunity to compete in a free skills competition for each division. The skills competition begins shortly after pictures are taken. Prizes are provided.

November 16th - Playoffs Begin

Playoffs are tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, November 16, 2015. All teams will make the playoffs. Playoffs are a single elimination tournament and take place all week long. Teams could play as many as three (3) games this week.



Why am I a hockey official


I am a hockey official because I believe that I am an instructor of the game.

I am a hockey official because I enjoy teaching both the players, coaches and parents.

I am a hockey official because I have taken the time to go to class and learn the rules and their interpretations.

I am a hockey official because I believe that the rules of the game need to be followed.

I am a hockey official because no one else would step to the plate and be one.

I am a hockey official because I am good at what I do.

I am a hockey official because I can look at a play objectively and not emotionally.

I am a hockey official because I love the game.

I am a hockey official because without me, there is NO game.


I am not a hockey official because I enjoy you berating me for a penalty that you think should be called.

I am not a hockey official because I enjoy the abuse that coaches and parents give me.

Please remember that this is a game that kids want to play. Please remember that the officials are doing the best that they can. Please remember that officials are human and make mistakes.

Please remember that our junior officials are just that. Young men/women who are wanted to learn and grow in another area of the sport. When you ridicule them, boo them, make fun of them, you deter them from making any calls for fear of repercussion.

Please remember that when you act inappropriately, use of foul language, sign language, poor sportsmanship, your children and every other person around you is watching and taking note.

Recreational hockey is just that, recreation. Enjoy your child’s development in the sport. Cheer their successes and growth. Stop putting pressure on them for not playing to your expectations. You think it is easy, put on some skates and give it a try. You think officiating is easy, take a class and become one. 




Jim McCann

Official TVIHA