Tickets are now available for the TVIHA Night at the Reign game on Friday, December 2nd, 7pm at Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario. All registered players in the current recreation season are guaranteed a ticket but families and friends can purchase additional tickets here to join us. We are expecting a very large crowd so get your seats today to guarantee your spot with other TVIHA families.  
  • There are only a few spots left for middle school league. Contact right away.
  • High School Tryouts are Saturday, October 29
  • TVIHA night at the Reign game will be held December 2
  • The next board meeting will be at Pizza Factory on Wednesday, November 9 , 630pm on HWY 79.

Ronald Reagan Sports Park

Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association - TVIHA-

School League Tryout Schedule


This is a rain or shine event. If it is raining, players will not take the rink but will provide contact information to the coaching staff. All coaches should plan on attending to pick up your registration packages. You will have one month to get things done. If Coaches cannot attend then it is up to them to contact me, Jim McCann,  to arrange for a package pick up time and place.,



FALL PLAYOFF SCHEDULE (weather permitting)

TUESDAY, 11/8 17U Semifinal 830pm (Barracuda vs. Gulls)
MONDAY, 11/14 8U Quarterfinal (5th @ 4th) 6pm
MONDAY, 11/14 12U Quarterfinal (6th @ 3rd) 7pm
MONDAY, 11/14 12U Quarterfinal (5th @ 4th) 8pm
TUESDAY, 11/15 8U Semifinal (3rd @ 2nd) 6pm
TUESDAY, 11/15 10U Quarterfinal (5th @ 4th) 7pm
TUESDAY, 11/15 17U Final (3rd/2nd winner @ 1st) 8pm (Barracuda/Gulls @ Reign)
WEDNESDAY, 11/16 8U Semifinal (5th/4th winner @ 1st) 530pm
WEDNESDAY, 11/16 12U Semifinal (lowest seeded winner @ 1st) 630pm
WEDNESDAY, 11/16 12U Semifinal (highest seeded winner @ 2nd) 730pm
WEDNESDAY, 11/16 14U Semifinal (3rd @ 2nd) 830pm (Kings vs. Panthers)
THURSDAY, 11/17 10U Semifinal (5th/4th winner @ 1st) 6pm (4th/5th @ Bruins)
THURSDAY, 11/17 10U Semifinal (3rd @ 2nd) 7pm
THURSDAY, 11/17 14U Final (3rd/2nd winner @ 1st) 8pm (Kings/Panthers @ Stars)
FRIDAY, 11/18 8U Final (lowest seed @ highest seed) 540pm
FRIDAY, 11/18 10U Final (lowest seed @ highest seed) 7pm
FRIDAY, 11/18 12U Final (lowest seed @ highest seed) 820pm

Upcoming Recreation Games

Tuesday, Nov 1
8U Fall 2016
Predators @ Reign5:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
10U Fall 2016
Bruins @ Reign6:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
AHL Fall 2016
Reign @ Barracuda7:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Reign @ Gulls8:10pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Barracuda @ Gulls8:50pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Wednesday, Nov 2
10U Fall 2016
Hurricanes @ Islanders5:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
12U Fall 2016
Kings @ Canadians6:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Stars @ Ducks7:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
14U Fall 2016
Panthers @ Kings8:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Thursday, Nov 3
8U Fall 2016
Wild @ Predators5:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
10U Fall 2016
Stars @ Islanders6:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
12U Fall 2016
Flames @ Avalanche7:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
14U Fall 2016
Stars @ Kings8:30pmRonald Reagan Sports Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!