Fall Registration is open. See below for details. Warriors tryouts dates are set. See Temecula Warriors page on left column for more details!!!  
  • Congratulations to the 8U Red Wings, 10U Blackhawks, 12U Sabres & 15U Flames on their Championship!
  • Summer Hockey practices begin on Tuesday, June 14th. Check the summer hockey tab for more info.
  • Skating 101 Practices will be held for newer players on Thursdays 6-7pm beginning June 16
  • Warriors tryouts will be held on August 16, 18, & 27. Please see the Warriors page for more details.
  • The July board meeting will be held on 7/20 at Pizza Factory 630pm.

Ronald Reagan Sports Park

Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association - TVIHA-



Registration is now open for the 2016 Fall Recreation Season. Please contact registration@tviha.com for more information (late fees do apply beginning August 14).


The Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association (TVIHA) welcomes any and all skaters, ages 4 to 17 to join our fun and exciting league. All player registrations will need to be submitted using the linked TVIHA online registration form. Credit card payments can be made online at the time of registration. TVIHA will try and accommodate any parent/player requests however we cannot guarantee it.


All new players will be required to provide TVIHA with a copy of the players birth certificate for age verification. All players will also need to purchase AAU insurance ($14 a year) good through 2017 or 2018 (if you currently have insurance do not purchase new insurance until TVIHA has the new club code and insurance is available. TVIHA cannot be responsible for families purchasing insurance that ends August of 2016). Go to aausports.org for more information. All players will need insurance prior to participating in assessments. (The new club code will not be available until on or around August 1st. When purchasing membership please enter the new club code so that TVIHA can monitor that each player/coach does have insurance). Again, please make sure the expiration is 2017 or 2018.


Players of all ages and skill levels are required to attend one of the two player assessments (Saturday, August 6 or 13), no exceptions. The players will be assessed in skating, agility and puck handling. Do not worry if your child is new to hockey and has little or no experience. The purpose of the assessments is to provide an accurate skill level rating for each skater that can then be used in the Player/Team draft. All assessments, most practices and all games are held at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park inline hockey rink (42596 Margarita Road). Players that are high in skill level are eligible to play up a division however the Player Agent and the Board of Directors will make that final decision. Girls are eligible to play down one year if needed. Ultimately the Player Agent and the Board of Directors will make that decision.

August 6 & 13 Assessment Times:

8am (8U)

9am (10U)

10am (12U)

11am (14U)

11am (17U) 


The draft will be held on Sunday, August 21 (only coaches need to attend) from 1-5pm at the Temecula Library.


August 22nd - Fall Practices Begin

Practices can begin as early as the day following the draft. A practice schedule will be determined by the coaches prior to the draft and the coaches will then notify their teams of their practice time and location. All teams will get one practice time slot per week and most practices will be held at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park Hockey Rink (42596 Margarita Road). Depending on the number of teams we have, teams may need use the Margarita Hockey Rink at Margarita Community Park (29119 Margarita Road).


September 6th - Games Begin

Most games are held on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Games may be played on Monday or Wednesday due to holidays, rain makeups or rink maintenance. Special Saturday day or night game(s) may be needed depending on the number of teams and players or for makeup purposes.


September 10th - Special Opening Weekend Celebration (Ontario Reign)

A special Opening Weekend Celebration will occur on Saturday, September 10th. All players are invited to participate in an on rink parade, there will be recreation games played and a special coaches vs. Ontario Reign office staff game. Kingston, the Reign's mascot, and the Ontario Reign cheer squad will be in attendance. More details are still to come. In addition to the opening weekend celebration all players registered for the fall season will receive a ticket to TVIHA night at the Reign game. Game date TBD. Families can purchase additional tickets for $20.


TBD- Picture / Skills Day

Individual and team pictures will tentatively be taken on a Saturday in early October. Along with pictures each player will have an opportunity to compete in a free skills competition for each division. The skills competition begins shortly after pictures are taken. Prizes are provided.


November 18 - Playoffs End

The Cole Chamberlain Cup playoffs are tentatively scheduled to begin the week of November 14. All teams will make the playoffs. Playoffs are a single elimination tournament and take place over 1 week. Teams could play as many as three (3) games during playoffs. Playoffs may need to begin one week prior depending on the number of teams we have.




Summer Hockey Clinics

Even though summer is here and the league is dark that does not mean we won’t be playing hockey. We have several opportunities for our players to get on their skates and improve their skills for the upcoming fall recreational season.




Tuesdays 7:00 to 9:00 PM – Practice & Scrimmage for 12U and Up – Beginning June 14th. 12U and up players are invited to the Ronald Reagan rink to participate in practice drills and a scrimmage


Thursdays 6:00 to 7:00 PM – Improve your Skating Session 
– Beginning June 16th newer players are invited to the Ronald Reagan rink to participate in drills focused on improving their skating


Thursdays 7:00 to 9:00 PM – Practice & Scrimmage for 8U and 10U – Beginning June 16th 8U and 10U players are invited to the Ronald Reagan rink to participate in practice drills and a scrimmage


Sundays 7:00 to 10:00 AM – Intermediate and advanced players are invited to participate in practice drills and scrimmage.


Sundays 10:00 to 11:00 AM – New players and parents are invited to participate in a learn to skate / improve your skating clinic.


Please Note: Players that have not participated in a TVIHA season are welcome to join us for practice sessions but all participants need current AAU insurance.  https://play.aausports.org/ (TVIHA club code WWAY97) Parents will need a helmet and players will need all required gear. For information on summer practices please contact Tom Bilek at president@tviha.com

We look forward to seeing you this summer,