• Congratulations 10U Hurricanes on your first win.
  • There is no parking allowed in the dirt parking lot. The city will be ticketing.

Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association

TVIHA will have a larger than normal snack bar on Saturday and we will be selling raffle tickets, to help offset costs of the tournament. We ask you to please come out and support all of the players and support our organization. Along with our regular snack bar we will have donuts in the morning, and the afternoon will include hot dogs, nachos and snow cones.




10U Schedule              
POOL A:       POOL B:        
#1 Robinson J., Bilek J./Erling J., Moroz (G) #4 Alvarez, Charyuk, Harris K., Gonzalez, (G)  
#2 Betsch C., Betsch, K., Olson, Betsch J (G) #5 Gaeta E., Hansen C., Silhan, Pelaez (G)  
#3 Burnett, Grafton, Ochoa M., Bilek D. (G) #6 Gowen Kai, Gutierrez, Williams N., Michaelsen (G)
730am 1 vs. 2              
745am 4 vs. 5              
800am 1 vs. 3              
815am 4 vs. 6              
830am 2 vs. 3              
845am 5 vs. 6              
900am Pool A 3rd place vs. Pool B 3rd place          
915am Pool A 1st place vs. Pool B 2nd place (semifinal)        
930am Pool A 2nd place vs. Pool B 1st place (semifinal)        
945am Championship Game            


8U Schedule      
#1 Bilek J., Cason J., Erling J., Betsch K. (G)  
#2 Harris K., Hughes T., Littlefield J., Erling G. (G)  
#3 Hansen N., Sher, Welcher, Robinson L. (G)  
#4 Dobbins, Ford, Ochoa To, Betsch C. (G)  
1015am 1 vs. 2      
1030am 3 vs. 4      
1045am 1 vs. 3      
1100am 2 vs. 4      
1115am 1 vs. 4      
1130am 2 vs. 3      
1145am 1st place vs. 2nd place (Championship)  



12U Schedule                  
POOL A:           POOL B:        
#1 Gowen R., Mertzel, Williams A., Mata (G)     #5 Bilek D., Lammatao, Tasevski E., DeShong (G)  
#2 Ewing, Gowen Kai, Swearingen, X       #6 Gutierrez, Murphy R., Littlefield B., O'Malley A. (G)
#3 Dunford, Gowen K, Ochoa Ti, Taylor B. (G rotates)   #7 Briney, Castleman, Walters, X    
#4 Pennington, Vita, Wood, X       #8 Betsch J., DeBoe, Harris, X    



1215pm 1 vs. 4                  
1230pm 5 vs. 8                  
1245pm 2 vs. 3                  
100pm 6 vs. 7                  
115pm 1 vs. 3                  
130pm 5 vs. 7                  
145pm 2 vs. 4                  
200pm 6 vs. 8                  
215pm 1 vs. 2                  
230pm 5 vs. 6                  
245pm 3 vs. 4                  
300pm 7 vs. 8                  
315pm Pool A 1st place vs. Pool B 1st place (Championship)            


15U Schedule                
POOL A:         POOL B:        
#1 Lammatao, Littlefield P., Showalter Z., X     #4 Apodoca, Murphy C., Zaragoza, X    
#2 Armstrong, Blaskovich A., Blaskovich E., X   #5 Charrier, Dawson A., McKenzie, Murchison C. (G)  
#3 Maurer Ja., Murchison D., Platek, Tasevski M. (G)   #6 Christensen, Gudat G., Williams B., DeShong (G)  
400pm 1 vs. 2                
415pm 4 vs. 5                
430pm 1 vs. 3                
445pm 4 vs. 6                
500pm 2 vs. 3                
515pm 5 vs. 6                
530pm Pool A 3rd place vs. Pool B 3rd place            
545pm Pool A 1st place vs. Pool B 2nd place (semifinal)          
600pm Pool A 2nd place vs. Pool B 1st place (semifinal)          
615pm Championship Game              


18U Schedule              
POOL A:         POOL B:      
#1 Carillo, Chamberlain, Fajt, Gutierrez (G)     #4 Dawson, Platek, Williams B., Skaggs (G)
#2 Maurer Jo., Reich, Sakata, Fink (G)     #5 Lange, Ponder, Rotell, Durbin (G)  
#3 Armstrong, Teague, Tetzlaff, Gardiner (G)   #6 Barone, Moring, Vickers, Tasevski (G)  
645pm 1 vs. 2              
700pm 4 vs. 5              
715pm 1 vs. 3              
730pm 4 vs. 6              
745pm 2 vs. 3              
800pm 5 vs. 6              
815pm Pool A 3rd place vs. Pool B 3rd place          
830pm Pool A 1st place vs. Pool B 2nd place (semifinal)        
845pm Pool A 2nd place vs. Pool B 1st place (semifinal)        
900pm Championship Game            


May 30, 2015 – 08:00 AM


The Ironman tournament will make its triumphant return on Saturday, May 30. The Ironman is a 3 on 3 skater tournament where TVIHA kids get to form their own team with their friends. The age divisions are as followed 8U, 10U, 12U, 15U & 18U. The tournament format and game times will not be known until the week of the event but each team will get to play a few games against their peers. There will be raffles, prizes and food all day. Games will be played at Ronald Reagan as early as 8am and the event could last all day. Each age division block will probably go 2-3 hours. Registration will begin this week and best of all the tournament is FREE.




General Format:


·       3 on 3 skater format of play (teams are encouraged to find a goalie if possible).

·       Each of the 3 team members must register individually and list their teammates and their goalie on their registration form along    with a team name.

·       Individual sign-ups are encouraged and players will be placed on a team if they don’t already have one. Teams may be required to     carry 4 players so everyone has an opportunity to play.

·       Teams without a goalie will be assigned one for each game.

·       Players that are registered in two divisions or players that are playing up in the recreation season are required to skate in their highest age division. They are eligible however to play goalie in the lower age division. Players are only able to skate in one division.

·       Players are requested to bring a dark colored and light colored jersey to the tournament. The home team will wear dark jerseys. TVIHA will provide Pinnies for kids to wear if need be.

·       All TVIHA rules apply, including all equipment requirements.

·       Teams should plan on being ready to play 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

·       The registration deadline is Saturday, May 23, 2015.



Basic Rules:


·       All games are 10 minutes in length and consist of two, 5 minute periods with a 1 minute intermission. Games will be played running time. The clock will stop in the last minute of second period if game is within two goals.

·       Penalties are accumulated and a penalty shot will be given at the end of the period for each penalty assessed.

·       The game will start with a faceoff. After every goal or save that is blown down the official will award the defending team the puck behind their net and the offense will be required to stand back until the whistle is blown.

·       No timeouts will be allowed.

·       Teams are asked to shake hands off the rink after the game. The next game will need to start immediately.

·       The actual tournament format will be decided once TVIHA has an idea of how many teams are registered and how many games can be played for each division. That format will be posted and available when the schedule comes out on our around May 25, 2015.


*Only TVIHA players with current AAU membership are eligible to compete in this FREE event*

Spring Playoff Schedule

2015 Spring Playoff Schedule:


Monday, June 1:

6pm (Game 1) 8U Flames @ Oilers

7pm (Game 2) 10U Hurricanes @ Predators

8pm (Game 3) 12U Blackhawks @ Islanders


Tuesday, June 2:

530pm (Game 4) 8U 8U Game 1 winner @ Blue Jackets

630pm (Game 5) 3rd place @ 2nd place (Ducks vs. Blues seed TBD)

730pm (Game 6) 12U Game 3 winner @ Kings

830pm (Game 7) 12U 3rd place @ 2nd place (Rangers vs. Predators seed TBD)


Wednesday, June 3:

530pm (Game 8) 10U 3rd place @ 2nd place (Bruins vs. Sharks seed TBD)

630pm (Game 9) 10U Game 2 winner @ Rangers

730pm (Game 10) 15U 3rd place @ 2nd place

830pm (Game 11) 15U 4th place @ Predators


Thursday, June 4:

600pm (Game 12) 8U Final (Game 4 winner vs. Game 5 winner). Higher seed will be the home team

730pm (Game 13) 12U Final (Game 6 winner vs. Game 7 winner). Higher seed will be the home team


Friday, June 5:

600pm (Game 14) 10U Final (Game 8 winner vs. Game 9 winner). Higher seed will be the home team

730pm (Game 15) 15U Final (Game 10 winner vs. Game 11 winner). Higher seed will be the home team



Upcoming Games

Thursday,  May 28
8U Spring 2015
Ducks @ Blues 5:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park
10U Spring 2015
Hurricanes @ Rangers 6:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park
12U Spring 2015
Rangers @ Predators 7:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park
15U Spring 2015
Ducks @ Blackhawks 8:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park
Friday,  May 29
8U Spring 2015
Blues @ Oilers 5:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park
10U Spring 2015
Predators @ Bruins 6:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park
12U Spring 2015
Islanders @ Rangers 7:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park
15U Spring 2015
Predators @ Kings 8:30pm Ronald Reagan Sports Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!