• Summer Practices for 12U & Up will take place Tuesdays, 7-9pm starting June 14.
  • Summer Practices for 8U & 10U will take place Thursdays, 7-830pm starting June 16.
  • Skating 101 Practices will be held for newer players on Thursdays 6-7pm beginning June 16
  • Warriors teams to compete in AAU West Coast Championships Memorial Weekend in Corona
  • TVIHA members are encouraged to send any pictures at the rink to president@tviha.com

Ronald Reagan Sports Park

Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association - TVIHA-

Spring Playoff Schedule

Thursday, May 26

6pm 8U - 5th @ 4th place (Jets @ Kings)

7pm 10U - 5th @ 4th place (Kings @ Sharks)

8pm 12U - 5th @ 4th place (Stars @ Kings)

Tuesday, May 31

6pm 8U - 3rd @ 2nd place (Stars @ Coyotes)

7pm 15U - 3rd @ 2nd place (Flames @ Maple Leafs)

8pm 15U - 4th @ 1st place (Jets @ Senators)

Wednesday, June 1

6pm 8U - 4th/5th winner @ 1st place (Jets/Kings @ Red Wings)

7pm 12U - 3rd @ 2nd place (Sabres @ Ducks)

8pm 12U - 4th/5th winner @ 1st place (Kings/Stars @ Capitals)

Thursday, June 2

6pm 10U - 3rd place @ 2nd place (Avalanche @ Islanders)

7pm 10U - 4th/5th place winner @ 1st place (Kings/Sharks @ Blackhawks)

8pm 15U - Final

Friday, June 3

530pm 8U - Final

700pm 10U - Final

830pm 12U - Final



Reign Games, May 21 & 22


TVIHA is proud to announce the Ontario Reign, the primary affiliate of the LA Kings as our new official partner.  The Reign and TVIHA have teamed up for the upcoming 2016-17 season and TVIHA couldn’t be happier with this partnership. This coming fall season TVIHA and the Reign will be host to a variety of events for our players and their families.


Stay tuned for more details…






Upcoming Recreation Games

Tuesday, May 31
8U Spring 2016
Stars @ Coyotes6:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
15U Spring 2016
Flames @ Maple Leafs7:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Jets @ Senators8:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Wednesday, Jun 1
8U Spring 2016
POSITION/TBD @ Red Wings6:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
12U Spring 2016
Sabres @ Ducks7:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
POSITION/TBD @ Capitals8:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
Thursday, Jun 2
10U Spring 2016
Avalanche @ Islanders6:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park
POSITION/TBD @ Blackhawks7:00pmRonald Reagan Sports Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!