• Keep your parks clean! Pick up your trash!
  • Players play, coaches coach, parents cheer!
  • The Soccer Advisory Board meets every second Tuesday of the month 6:30 p.m. at the Youth Center.


Registration for Rec Soccer Fall 2018 Starts May 1!

Registration for the fall 2018 recreation soccer is open on May 1. Come register in the office at 599 S. Main St or online through this site. See flyer for more info.

Templeton Youth Soccer Registration Flyer


2018 Age Matrix:

2018 Challenger Soccer Academy Spring Skills Program Returns to Templeton

Challenger Soccer is running a Spring Skills Program in Templeton! Their programs will go April 9-June 1 at Bethel (Tom Jermin) Park. To register go to www.challengersports.com .

2018 Challenger Soccer Academy Spring Skills Program

2018 Challenger Summer Soccer Camp in Templeton


British Soccer Camps will be coming back to our community this summer!
Local Program: Templeton Recreation
Dates: August 6 - 10                                    

Improve your game with the most popular soccer camp in the USA and Canada!

• Incredible Coaching Staff
• Develop new skills and refine existing ones
• Play with more confidence and have more fun
• Learn the NAIA Champions of Character traits; respect, responsibility, 
  integrity, sportsmanship and leadership
• Represent your country in your very own World Cup

Practices and Heat

Soccer has started, which means we're in for a heat wave!

It is up to the coach to decide whether or not to cancel practices due to excessive heat. Templeton Recreation will only cancel in extreme cases, such as intense heat combined with poor air quality (local fires, etc.). 

Parents and coaches, please be sure to follow the steps below to help keep your child safe. 

1. Hydrate - If you're thirsty, it's too late. Make sure everyone has plenty of water every day, not just at practices. It's wise to hydrate the day before practices or games, giving your body a chance to process the fluids. Sports drinks are excellent for replacing lost electrolytes. 

2. Water Breaks - If a player is thirsty, let them get water. Coaches should never deny a player the opportunity to hydrate. This doesn't mean the whole team needs a break, send the kid for water and require they return quickly. 

3. During games, we will offer lots of opportunities for water breaks. We do not cancel games for heat. It's good to let your kids get used to the heat. Proper hydration will prevent heat related illnesses. 

More tips for preventing heat related illness

TYSL 2018 Registration begins May 1

Registration for the 2018 season will begin May 1!