Last Updated: December 19, 2014

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  • Keep your parks clean! Pick up your trash!
  • Players play, coaches coach, parents cheer!
  • The Soccer Advisory Board meets every third Tuesday of the month 6:30 p.m. at the Youth Center.


December 19, 2014 – 11:30 AM

Parks are closed today. Thank you for your understanding. 

Please understand we do not want to cancel practices by closing parks, however we must protect the fields as we do not have unlimited resources (money, water, etc.) to rebuild fields on an annual basis. Practices on muddy fields create major issues down the road, making it difficult for us to maintain fields at an acceptable level. 

End of Season Tournament (U10, U12, U14 Divisions only)

End of Season Tournament Brackets are becoming available! 

BU14 Brackets

GU14 Brackets

GU12 Brackets

BU12 Brackets

BU10 Brackets

GU10 Brackets

Tournament Rules BU12 in Templeton

Tournament Rules South Bay (Los Osos)

More will be posted as they become available!

This is a recreational tournament that will promote integrity and sportsmanship rather than a win at all costs mentality. All regular season rules apply, including those regarding play time. 

All-Star Information

Coaches for All-Stars will be:

GU10 - Beto Puita

BU10 - Donnie Miller

GU12 - Cole McDaniel

BU12 - Kelly Bobbitt

GU14 - Charlie Thomas

BU14 - We do not currently have a coach but are encouraging players to turn in their commitment forms. If we have enough players to create a team, we'll work to find a coach. 

Please remember, the All-Star Player Commitment forms are due into the Rec Office on or before Monday, October 27th. 

All-Star try-outs will take place Sunday, November 2nd with make-ups taking place Monday, November 3rd. 

EOS assessments and All-Star applications

We have made available the EOS assessment forms and All-star coach and player applications below. Remember that the EOS assesments are extremely important! We use the EOS assessments to create balanced teams for next year, and each coach needs to turn EOS assessments in to receive their team awards!


EOS Assesment form

EOS Directions

Applications for All-Star players

Schedules are ready!

Download just YOUR teams schedule by using the schedule function on the left side of this page! You can also download the schedule for the entire division, or entire league! 

Thank you for submitting an All Star Player Application for the 2014-15 All Stars season!


Try Outs are this Sunday, November 2nd.  No Try Outs will be necessary for the GU12 team, BU12 team or the BU14 team*.  Try Outs for the other teams are as follows:


GU14:  1pm at Jermin (Bethel)

GU10:  2pm at Evers

BU10:  3pm at Evers.

If you are unable to attend Try Outs on Sunday, November 2, we are offering a Try Out Make up on Monday, November 3.  6pm at Evers – lighted U8 field.

We highly encourage you to attend one of these Try Out dates so that the Coaches can properly assess your player amongst the other applicants.  These Try Outs will play a major role in the Head Coaches decisions when creating his team.

Things to bring to Try Outs:

1.  have your son or daughter wear their recreation season team jersey so that we can identify each player by a color and a #
2.  a ball

3.  water

4.  cleats and shinguards

5.  a good attitude and lots of energy to play some fun soccer!


The All Star teams will be announced no sooner than Sunday, November 9 and practices may begin as early as Monday, November 10.  You will receive a phone call from either the All Star Head Coach or your daughter/sons regular season coach to let you know either way.




*BU14 Team – we are still accepting player applications since we are close to being able to create a team, but do not have enough yet.  Talk to your friends and have them bring their application to the Recreation Office ASAP.



Bree Heil
TYSA Treasurer and All Stars Coordinator