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  • Welcome to Upland American Little League - UALL
Composite Bats

 Spring signups are here!
The 2015 Spring Season is right around the corner, and sign ups are now open.  Please click here to register your child online for our 2015 spring season.
These are early bird signups so you get a $10 discount because you are registering early.  Early bird prices will be in effect until December 8th, when they will go up to the regular price.  So if you want to get the lowest registration price, be sure to register online (or in person) before December 7th.
Registration prices for the 2015 spring season are as follows:
Majors - $130 ($120 earlybird)
Minor A - $130 ($120 earlybird)
Minor B - $120 ($110 earlybird)
T-Ball - $80 ($70 earlybird)
There is also a $60 buyout fee if you don't want to sell candy
 In Person Registration Dates
If you don't want to register online, we will be holding five in person registration dates.  These will be your only five chances to register in person so please do not miss them:
1. Saturday, December 6th - the only earlybird sign up day
2. Wednesday, January 7th
3. Saturday, January 10th
4. Wednesday, January 14th
5. Saturday, January 17th
 Other important dates for the 2015 spring season:
Tryouts (required for all Minor A and Majors players) - Wednesday, January 28th and Saturday, January 31st
If your child is playing in Minor A or Majors and is not a returning Majors player they MUST ATTEND one of these two tryout dates!
Majors Draft - Monday, February 2nd
Minor A Draft - Tuesday, February 3rd
  Opening Day is Saturday, March 7th
Please email Mario Lanza at if you have any registration questions
 Winter Ball game schedules are now posted
The 2014 Winterball Schedule is now up.  Here are the game schedules:
 Updated Majors Winterball Schedule - ** updated on 9/19 **
* Majors Games played at either Citrus Park (UALL), Westwind Park (Ontario), or Saratoga Park (Montclair)
* On the schedule, UA1 refers to Brian Cooper's team (the Angels), UA2 refers to Bobby Mojarro's team (the Dodgers), UA3 refers to Ronnie Beltran's team (the Nationals), and UA4 refers to Kevin Haaz's team (the Mets)
Updated Minor A Winterball Schedule - ** updated on 9/19 ** 
* Minor A Games played at either Citrus Park (UALL), Westwind Park (Ontario), or Saratoga Park (Montclair)
* On the schedule, UA1 refers to Steve Hill's team (the Angels) and UA2 refers to Jon Keller's team (the Orioles)
 Updated Minor B Winterball Schedule - ** updated on 9/19 **
* Minor B Games played at either Citrus Park (UALL), Westwind Park (Ontario), or Saratoga Park (Montclair)
* On the schedule, UA1 refers to Evan Isham's team (the Braves) and UA2 refers to Hector Rivas's team (the Dodgers)
 Updated T-Ball Winterball Schedule - ** updated on 9/19 **
 * T-Ball Games played at either Citrus Park (UALL) or at Westwind Park (Ontario)
* On the schedule, UA1 refers to Emmanuel Lizama's team (the Dodgers) and UA2 refers to Robert Alvillar's team (the White Sox)
 Here are the rules for 2014 Interleague Winterball, make sure that you know them for your division
UALL Facebook Page!
Upland American Little League now has a Facebook page.  Please stop by and "like" the page, that way you can keep up to date on all the latest updates and league news.
Upland American Little League is always looking for new players to join our league. Haven't played for a year or two? No problem! Are you thinking about introducing baseball to your young son or daughter?  We have a great team of experienced coaches ready to create a fun and positive environment to help improve the skills of all players.

Upland American Little League Baseball is a non-profit organization run solely by dedicated volunteers. We've been providing a safe place for the youth of our community to play baseball, meet new friends, and build self-confidence and self-esteem. Baseball has developed a tradition of service to young people, teaching them to play by the rules, so they will learn to live by the rules.
UALL started our first season in 1951. We are located in Upland, CA, the "City of Gracious Living". We are proud to have over 200 boys and girls from Upland playing in our league this year. Upland American Little League strives to teach sportsmanship, citizenship, and a sense of fair play to all of our youth participants. We are proud of our children and proud of the City of Upland that we call our home.

Little League Pledge


The Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

 Parents and volunteers, please remember why we are all here.  We are here for the kids.  To not only teach them how to play baseball, but to also teach teamwork and sportsmanship.  Please read this pledge and remember it whenever we feel the need to be a positive role model to our kids.

The Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge
I will teach all children to play fair and do their best
I will positively support all managers, coaches and players
I will respect the decisions of the umpires
I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Dec 6
Early Bird In-Person Sign Up Day 9:00am
Monday,  Dec 8
Early Bird Signups end - regular price begins 1:00pm
Wednesday,  Jan 7
Registration Sign Ups 6:00pm
Saturday,  Jan 10
Registration Sign Ups 9:00am
Wednesday,  Jan 14
Registration Sign Ups 6:00pm
Saturday,  Jan 17
Registration Sign Ups 9:00am
Wednesday,  Jan 21
Manager Interviews 8:00pm
Wednesday,  Jan 28
Spring Tryouts 6:00pm
Saturday,  Jan 31
Spring Tryouts 9:00am
Monday,  Feb 2
Majors Draft 7:00pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Upland American Little League

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