Last Updated: January 2, 2015

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Spring/Summer 2014

Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2014 Season of the Union County Coed Softball League.  We are looking for more teams to participate in the league, but we do cap it at 12 teams.  So if you are interested in joing the league please contact me.    The league will be part of the ABL Sports website this year with plenty of added features and fun news items. None of the rules or format is planned to change unless someone wants to bring up something at the league meeting.    
FYI:  There is a free agent list now if you look to the navigation menu you will see it.

Looking forward to another GREAT SEASON!!!

League President:  Jason Ross,

Commissioner:  Kirk Tarabokia, 732-735-2945,

Congratulation to the UNION COUNTY COED SOFTBALL LEAGUE on our 10 year anniversary!