Last Updated: October 8, 2015


  • A and AA Division Tournament Brackets have been updated with changes.
  • Tournament on schedule for 10/10 and 10/11.


New Fall 2015 AAA Tournament Bracket - Updated 10/4/15 10:14 PM

New Fall 2015 AA Tournament Bracket - Updated with changes 10/9/15 12:16 AM

New Fall 2015 A Tournament Bracket - Updated with changes 10/9/15 12:15 AM 

                    Game score to be emailed to Tim Hamm by winning coach 


                                          Game, division, score, winning team


   Home team established by coin toss for all games except Championship Game.

            Championship Game will seed the winners bracket as the home team.

             All games are timed except the winner take all Championship Game.

   Game clock starts when the home team pitcher throws his first warm up pitch.

              Please take note with the umpire the time of the start of the game.

  All tournament games are 3 outs per half inning with no 8 batter maximum rule.



Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Oct 10
A Division
B-Vets Marines @ UMYA Scorpions 9:00am NW Rec Field 5
NW Tigers 2 @ NW Tigers 1 9:00am NW Rec Field 6
LMYA Green @ LMYA Royal Blue 11:00am NW Rec Field 3
Lime Green Tigers @ LMYA Orange Crush 11:00am NW Rec Field 5
W4 @ LMYA Red 11:00am NW Rec Field 6
W2 @ W3 1:00pm NW Rec Field 5
L4 @ L2 1:00pm NW Rec Field 6
W9 @ W10 3:00pm NW Rec Field 5
W6 @ L3 3:00pm NW Rec Field 6
W7 @ L9 5:00pm NW Rec Field 5
W8 @ L10 5:00pm NW Rec Field 6
AA Division
LMYA Green @ NW Tigers 2 9:00am NW Rec Field 2
NW Tigers 1 @ W1 11:00am NW Rec Field 4
L1 @ L3 1:00pm NW Rec Field 2
B-Vets Army @ W3 1:00pm NW Rec Field 4
AAA Division
LMYA Bulls @ NW Tigers 1 9:00am Breinigsville Lower
B-Vets Navy @ LMYA Thunder 9:00am Breinigsville Upper
Alburtis Tigers @ B-Vets Seal Team 6 11:00am Breinigsville Lower
NW Tigers 2 @ UMYA Orioles 11:00am Breinigsville Upper
W3 @ W4 1:00pm Breinigsville Lower
W1 @ W2 1:00pm Breinigsville Upper
L1 @ L2 3:00pm Breinigsville Lower
L3 @ L4 3:00pm Breinigsville Upper
W5 @ L8 5:00pm Breinigsville Lower
W6 @ L7 5:00pm Breinigsville Upper
Sunday,  Oct 11
A Division
W11 @ W12 11:00am NW Rec Field 5
L13 @ W14 1:00pm NW Rec Field 5
W13 @ W15 3:00pm NW Rec Field 5
AA Division
W6 @ L5 11:00am NW Rec Field 4
W5 @ W7 2:00pm NW Rec Field 4
AAA Division
W7 @ W8 11:00am Breinigsville Lower
W9 @ W10 11:00am Breinigsville Upper
L11 @ W12 1:00pm Breinigsville Lower
W11 @ W13 3:00pm Breinigsville Lower

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  Oct 14
ULMK MONTHLY BOARD MEETING 7:30pm Zions Lutheran Church

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