Last Updated: May 24, 2016


  • !!!!! ULMK BLUE-GREY ALL STAR GAME JUNE 18th !!!!!



Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, May 24
A Division
B-Vets Navy @ Alburtis Orange6:00pmBreinigsville Lower
LMYA Orange @ LMYA Royal Blue6:00pmChurch Lane Small
AA Division
LMYA Royal Blue @ UMYA Dirt Devils6:00pmLenape Lower
AAA Division
Alburtis Tigers @ B-Vets Seal Team 66:00pmBreinigsville Upper
UMYA Orioles @ NW Tigers Serulneck6:00pmNW Rec Field 2
Wednesday, May 25
A Division
LMYA Royal Blue @ Alburtis Blue6:00pmAlburtis Middle
UMYA Black Sox @ LMYA Green6:00pmChurch Lane Small
AA Division
B-Vets Navy @ Alburtis Tigers6:00pmAlburtis Upper
UMYA Falcons @ B-Vets Army6:00pmBreinigsville Lower
LMYA Royal Blue @ NW Tigers Dunstan6:00pmNW Rec Field 4
Thursday, May 26
A Division
NW Tigers Fitzgerald @ Alburtis Orange6:00pmAlburtis Middle
AA Division
Kempton @ UMYA Dirt Devils6:00pmLenape Lower
AAA Division
NW Tigers Serulneck @ Alburtis Tigers6:00pmAlburtis Upper
UMYA Orioles @ NW Tigers Rebert6:00pmNW Rec Field 2
Friday, May 27
A Division
NW Tigers Moyer @ Alburtis Blue6:00pmAlburtis Middle
LMYA Green @ B-Vets Army6:00pmBreinigsville Lower
NW Tigers Nemeth @ UMYA Black Sox6:00pmLenape Lower
AA Division
Kempton @ NW Tigers Dunstan6:00pmNW Rec Field 4
Alburtis Tigers @ LMYA Orange6:00pmQuarry 3
Saturday, May 28
A Division
Alburtis Orange @ Kempton9:00amKempton Lower
AAA Division
NW Tigers Serulneck @ B-Vets Seal Team 63:00pmBreinigsville Upper

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Jun 8
Monthly League Meeting8:30pmBreinigsville Middle
Friday, Jun 17
Playoff Coach Meeting7:00pmBreinigsville Middle
Saturday, Jun 18
ULMK 2016 All - Star Games10:00amNW Rec Field 5
Wednesday, Jul 13
Monthly League Meeting8:30pmBreinigsville Middle
Wednesday, Aug 10
Monthly League Meeting8:30pmBreinigsville Middle

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