Last Updated: August 27, 2015


  • The ULMK Fall Season is under way!!!
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UMPIRE FEE FOR FALL 2015:  A & AA $35.00(one umpire)

                           AAA $40.00( two umpires @ $45.00 each for a total of $90.00)


8th Batter Rule - When the 8th batter comes to the plate in any half inning, all play should proceed as though the team at bat has TWO OUTS. This has always been the intent of the rule and it eliminates any confusion as to the status of runners who may be on base at the time. If the 8th batter is out before reaching first base, the half inning is over: Situations have arisen where the teams were uncertain as to the status of runners (e.g., if there was only one actual out when the 8th batter flew out to left with a runner on 3rd, could the runner tag up and score?; or could the runner on 3rd score on a ground out by the batter?). Using the TWO OUT scenario for the 8th batter clears up any and all situations, and allows the teams to play proper situational baseball.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  Aug 28
A Division
LMYA Green @ LMYA Red Postponed Church Lane Small
LMYA Orange Crush @ NW Tigers 2 6:00pm NW Rec Field 5
Saturday,  Aug 29
A Division
UMYA Scorpions @ LMYA Royal Blue 9:00am Church Lane Small
AA Division
Alburtis Tigers @ NW Tigers 1 9:00am NW Rec Field 5
LMYA Green @ NW Tigers 2 Postponed NW Rec Field 5
AAA Division
NW Tigers 1 @ B-Vets Navy 9:00am Breinigsville Upper
Sunday,  Aug 30
A Division
LMYA Red @ LMYA Orange Crush 1:00pm Church Lane Small
NW Tigers 2 @ LMYA Green 4:00pm Church Lane Small
AAA Division
LMYA Bulls @ NW Tigers 2 1:00pm NW Rec Field 2
Monday,  Aug 31
AA Division
LMYA Green @ Alburtis Tigers 6:00pm Alburtis Upper
B-Vets Army @ NW Tigers 1 6:00pm NW Rec Field 4
AAA Division
LMYA Thunder @ UMYA Orioles 6:00pm Jasper Park
B-Vets Seal Team 6 @ NW Tigers 1 6:00pm NW Rec Field 2
Tuesday,  Sep 1
A Division
LMYA Red @ LMYA Royal Blue 6:00pm Church Lane Small
LMYA Green @ UMYA Scorpions 6:00pm Lenape Lower
Lime Green Tigers @ NW Tigers 1 6:00pm NW Rec Field 5

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Upcoming Events

Monday,  Aug 31
Wednesday,  Sep 9
ULMK MONTHLY BOARD MEETING 8:30pm Zions Lutheran Church
Saturday,  Oct 3
Fall Tournament 9:00am
Wednesday,  Oct 14
ULMK MONTHLY BOARD MEETING 7:30pm Zions Lutheran Church

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