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Last Updated: April 26, 2015
  • UMLL's Adult Social is on Sat., April 25th from 7PM to 11PM at LuLu Country Club. Be sure to attend!
  • Be sure to sell & return all sold and unsold UMLL Raffle Calendars by this Saturday, April 25th.
  • Take advantage of Modell's Team Weeks now thru April 30th! 15% discount for you & 5% rebate to UMLL!


Upper Moreland Little League has been a longstanding contributor to the community by providing a safe and fun environment for youth to play baseball and softball for over 60 years.  UMLL is a part of Little League District 22 and continues to stand out as a top program in the district.  UMLL is a 100% volunteer organization.

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March 26, 2015

UMLL Fundraiser Calendars Due by Saturday, April 25th

UMLL is once again holding its annual May Calendar Raffle.  The calendar raffle is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year.  Our fundraising efforts not only help maintain the facilities and furnish new equipment, but they help keep our registration costs down, which remain lower than most other surrounding organizations.  Managers will be distributing calendar raffles to players soon.  Each player is asked to sell a minimum of (10) tickets, at $5.00 each.  On May 1, 2015, we will begin drawing tickets daily (except Sundays) throughout the month.  The daily drawn winner will receive a cash prize.  Tickets pulled Monday-Friday are worth $50.00.  Tickets pulled on Saturday are worth $100.00.


Modell's Team Weeks now through April 30th

Modell's Sporting Goods is hosting its UMLL Team Weeks promotion, which runs now through Thursday, April 30th.   All participating players, coaches and their family members who present the linked flyer will receive 15% off their purchases, plus UMLL will receive a 5% rebate on ALL sales.  You "Gotta Go To Mo's!!"



Golden Generals Baseball Camp at UMLL




sponsored by Upper Moreland Little League


Please refer to the attached flyer for information on a summer baseball camp being hosted at the UMLL complex. We hosted this camp in July 2013 and July 2014 and it proved to be a great learning experience and a lot of fun for all campers!  Registration information will be posted soon.



UMLL's Expanded Boudaries

The UMLL Board of Directors is excited to announce that it has approved an expansion to its existing league boundaries!

Our boundaries have been expanded Southeast along County Line Road, into Lower Moreland, to the Montgomery–Philadelphia County line at Bustleton Pike, and South to Philmont Road.

Players who live within these expanded boundaries, or who attend a school located within these expanded boundaries, are eligible to play at Upper Moreland Little League without obtaining a residency waiver (though, a school enrollment form may be required).

You can view UMLL’s revised boundary map HERE.

Please refer any questions relating to the expanded boundaries to



UMLL 2014-2015 Executive Board

Introducing your UMLL Executive Board for the 2014-2015 Season:

  • President - Joe Gallen
  • VP of Baseball - Greg Durphy
  • VP of Softball - Mike Cuozzo
  • Treasurer - Steve Olexa
  • Secretary - Jim Kitchen
  • Umpire in Chief - Chuck Dixon
  • Player Agent Jr/Sr Baseball - Chuck Jones
  • Player Agent Majors/AAA Baseball - John Lowry
  • Player Agent Minors Baseball - Shannon Bryan
  • Player Agent Softball - Ken Jeinnings
  • Past President - Jeff Stainback

Congratulations to those elected!


We also offer a hearty Thank You to those ‘retiring’ Executive Board members, including: outgoing League President Jeff Stainback, Vice President Eric Mull, and Treasurer Scott Wister.  Collectively, those three individuals have over 15 years of volunteer service to UMLL and have each been instrumental in the league’s continued success.  Thank you Jeff, Eric, and Scott!


UMLL's Juniors Baseball tournament team are District 22 Champions!

July 13, 2014

Congratulations to the players and coaches from UMLL's 13/14 Baseball team on winning the District 22 Junior League championship with their 7-6 victory over Cheltenham Little League on Sun., 7/13!  The team won the flag in exciting fashion, with a two-out, full-count walk-off two-run double in the bottom of the 7th inning, with UMLL trailing 6-5 at the time.  The team was undefeated throughout the District 22 tournament, finishing pool play at 4-0 and the championship round at 2-0.  Next up is the Little League Section 8 tournament, which begins for UMLL on Thurs., 7/17 at Morrisville Little League!  Go UM!



UMLL Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame Order Form

Order your Walk of Fame bricks today and have your memories be forever stamped at the Upper Moreland Little League complex. Click the file link attached to download the order form.


You can return the form with payment in one of three ways:

1.      Complete the online form at

2.      Drop off the form and payment in our complex mailbox (located at the bottom of the stairs to the conference room) during games.

3.       Mail the form and payment to UMLL, PO Box 63, Willow Grove, PA 19090

Upcoming Games

Monday,  Apr 27
Rookie Baseball
22 @ 25 6:00pm UMLL Field #2
AA Baseball
41 @ 47 6:00pm UMLL Field #1
48 @ 44 8:00pm UMLL Field #2
Major Softball
EAB @ 91 6:00pm UMLL Field #3
Junior Baseball
HORS-C @ UM-A (JBB1) 7:00pm Masons Mill Park (UM)
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Rookie Baseball
28 @ 29 6:00pm UMLL Field #1
AA Baseball
45 @ 43 6:00pm UMLL Field #2
AAA Baseball
54 @ 53 8:00pm UMLL Field #2
Minor Softball
82 @ 84 6:00pm UMLL Field #3
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Minor Softball
83 @ 85 6:00pm UMLL Field #3
Major Baseball
62 @ 66 6:00pm UMLL Field #1
61 @ 63 6:00pm UMLL Field #2
64 @ 65 8:00pm UMLL Field #2
Junior Baseball
HAT-B @ UM-C (JBB2) 7:00pm Masons Mill Park (UM)
Senior Softball
PLYM @ SSB1 8:00pm Hatboro LL - LeFlar
Thursday,  Apr 30
Rookie Baseball
20 @ 26 6:00pm UMLL Field #2
AA Baseball
46 @ 41 6:00pm UMLL Field #1
AAA Baseball
55 @ 52 8:00pm UMLL Field #2
Minor Softball
84 @ 81 6:00pm UMLL Field #3
Friday,  May 1
Rookie Baseball
21 @ 24 8:00pm UMLL Field #2
Saturday,  May 2
12 @ 11 8:45am UMLL Field #1
14 @ 13 8:45am UMLL Field #2
Rookie Baseball
28 @ 27 10:00am UMLL Field #1
23 @ 21 10:00am UMLL Field #2
24 @ 22 11:45am UMLL Field #1
25 @ 20 11:45am UMLL Field #2
Rookie Softball
74 @ 73 10:00am UMLL Field #3
72 @ 71 11:45am UMLL Field #3
AA Baseball
48 @ 46 1:30pm UMLL Field #1
44 @ 41 3:45pm UMLL Field #2
AAA Baseball
56 @ 51 1:30pm UMLL Field #2
53 @ 52 3:45pm UMLL Field #1
Minor Softball
82 @ 85 1:30pm UMLL Field #3
84 @ 83 3:45pm UMLL Field #3
Major Baseball
65 @ 61 6:00pm UMLL Field #1
62 @ 64 6:00pm UMLL Field #2
63 @ 66 8:00pm UMLL Field #2
Junior Baseball
UM-A (JBB1) @ LG-A 10:00am Cutler Field (Lower Gwynedd)
UM-C (JBB2) @ HORS-B 10:00am Horsham LL
UM-B (JBB3) @ HORS-C 12:30pm Horsham LL
Senior Softball
SSB1 @ HATB 4:30pm Hatboro LL - LeFlar
Sunday,  May 3
Senior Baseball
HAT @ UM (SBB1) 1:00pm Woodlawn Park (UM)
HAT @ UM (SBB1) 3:00pm Woodlawn Park (UM)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  May 13
General Board Meeting -- Regular Business 8:00pm UMLL Complex
Wednesday,  Jun 10
General Board Meeting -- Regular Business 8:00pm UMLL Complex
Wednesday,  Jul 8
General Board Meeting -- Regular Business 8:00pm UMLL Complex
Wednesday,  Aug 12
General Board Meeting -- Regular Business 8:00pm UMLL Complex
Wednesday,  Sep 9
General Board Meeting -- Regular Business 8:00pm UMLL Complex

For a complete calendar listing, click here!