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Fall/Winter Playoffs Heating Up

Welcome to the web site of Woodbridge Community Center, one of the largest Ice Hockey Leagues in New Jersey. We play out of the state of the art Woodbridge ice rink in the Woodbridge Community Center at 600 Main St. Woodbridge, NJ. This site contains schedules, standings, stats, and on line registration forms for NJ's finest Ice Hockey Leagues.

To correspond directly with a league staff member, please use the following:

phone: 732-596-4103
fax: 732-596-4112

The WCC Ice Hockey Department Staff:
Paul Losik.........General Manager
Jane Dulemba..........League Registrar

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Dec 6
Fall/Winter 2016/17 B Division
Buk Hockey @ OTJ10:45pmWCC
Wednesday, Dec 7
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C South
Sharknado @ CPR10:15pmWCC
Thursday, Dec 8
Fall/Winter 2016/17 B Division
RufNex @ Firebirds9:15pmWCC
Knights @ CIRIUS10:45pmWCC
Sunday, Dec 11
Fall/Winter 2016/17 B Division
Royal Selects @ ODB7:15pmWCC
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C South
Sharknado @ Aces8:45pmWCC
Sabres @ Blues10:15pmWCC
2016 8U Fall
8U All Players @ Game3:30pmChampionships Medal Games
2016 12U Fall
Minnesota @ Penn State4:45pmChampionship Game
Michigan @ Ohio State6:00pmBronze Medal Game
Monday, Dec 12
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C North
The Finest @ Thundercats10:30pmWCC
Tuesday, Dec 13
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C North
RufNex @ Buk Hockey10:45pmWCC
Wednesday, Dec 14
Fall/Winter 2016/17 B Division
Rhinos @ OTJ10:15pmWCC
Thursday, Dec 15
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C North
Firebirds @ Royal Selects9:15pmWCC
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C South
Misfits @ Bulldogs10:45pmWCC
Sunday, Dec 18
Fall/Winter 2016/17 B Division
Buk Hockey @ ODB8:30pmWCC
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C North
CIRIUS @ The Finest7:00pmWCC
Firebirds @ Rhinos10:00pmWCC
Monday, Dec 19
Fall/Winter 2016/17 C North
Thundercats @ Knights10:30pmWCC

For a complete schedule listing, click here!