Last Updated: June 25, 2017
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Welcome to the

Unionville Slo Pitch League

Congratulations to DST, the 2016 USPL champions.

Congratulations to Sylvia Morris, the 2016 USPL Masters champions.


Congratulations to DST, the 2015 USPL champions.

Congratulations to Village Grocer, the 2015 USPL Masters champions.

2015 Cony Champs

USPL Scorecard ---- Please print

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Congratulations to MAS medical supplies, the 2014 USPL champions.





Congratulations to Paul Love, the 2014 Masters champions.



Congratulations to Summit, the 2014 USPL consolation champions. 




Congratulations 2013 USPL Champions DST.

Congratulations 2013 Masters champs Paul Love.




Congratulations to the 2013 Cony champions Harding Display.


The new 2013 Unionville Pride photos are online.




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More pics of the Crosby's

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Alcohol Policy

The U.S.P.L. has implemented a policy of zero tolerance in relation to the consumption of alcoholic beverages by U.S.P.L. members before, during or after a U.S.P.L. softball game or other U.S.P.L. function or event, which takes place in park or diamond facilities, including adjoining parking facilities, licensed to the U.S.P.L. by the Town of Markham (the “Alcohol Policy”) and that if a written complaint is received by the U.S.P.L. Executive from any member of the public or from a U.S.P.L. members, which involves an alleged breach of the Alcohol Policy by a U.S.P.L. members, the Executive is fully empowered to investigate the complaint and impose such penalties and/or sanctions against the breaching members and/or member’s team, which may include, without limitation, financial fines, forfeit of game points and individual or team suspension or expulsion from the U.S.P.L., as deemed necessary by the Executive. 

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, Jun 26
Arthur Toogood Division
M.J.Connell Real Estate @ Nvision/Ed's6:30pmMilliken 5
Ben Gayman Division
Union @ Cairney Homes8:00pmMilliken 4
Active Health Center @ Duchess8:00pmMilliken 5
MAS Medical Supplies @ Unionville Arms9:30pmMilliken 4
Kelsey's @ Dave Houghton Realty9:30pmMilliken 5
Masters Division
Active Green & Ross @ The School6:30pmCrosby Park
Paul Love @ Stephen Tar6:30pmMilliken 4
Sylvia Morris @ State Farm8:00pmCrosby Park
Village Grocer @ Parkway Honda9:30pmCrosby Park
Tuesday, Jun 27
Arthur Toogood Division
Nvision/Ed's @ Beaver Army Surplus6:30pmMilliken 5
Crupi Law @ Union8:00pmMilliken 4
M.J.Connell Real Estate @ Unionville Pools8:00pmMilliken 5
The Roberts Group @ Kevin Wilson Law9:30pmMilliken 4
Ben Gayman Division
Cairney Homes @ Dave Houghton Realty6:30pmMilliken 4
Harding Display @ DST9:30pmMilliken 5
Masters Division
The School @ State Farm6:30pmCrosby Park
Village Grocer @ Stephen Tar8:00pmCrosby Park
Active Green & Ross @ Paul Love9:30pmCrosby Park
Thursday, Jun 29
Ben Gayman Division
Unionville Arms @ MAS Medical Supplies9:30pmCrosby Park
DST @ Duchess9:30pmCrosby Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!