Last Updated: June 26, 2015
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  • "Play hard, Play Smart, Play together."

Congratulations to the new 2015-2016 Vacaville Bobby Sox Board

President - Blair Young

Vice President - Chris Smith

Secretary - Jaime Jacobson

Treasurer - Michelle Redline

Player Agent I - Lisa Stieper

Player Agent II - Jennifer Featherstone





 Thursday May 28th

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM - Field 2 / 10U Playoffs 3rd Seed vs 2nd Seed

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM - Field 1 / 8U Playoffs 3rd seed vs 2nd seed

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM - Field 2 / 12U Playoffs 3rd Seed vs 2nd Seed

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM - Field 1 / 14/16/18 Playoffs 3rd Seed vs 2nd Seed


 Saturday May 30th

9:00 AM - Field 2 / 10U Playoffs winner game 1 vs winner game 2

9:00 AM - Field 1 / 8U Playoffs winner game 1 vs winner game 2

11:00 AM - Field 2 / 12U Playoffs winner game 1 vs winner game 2

11:00 AM - Field 1 / 14/16/18 Playoffs winner game 1 vs winner game 2


Closing Ceremonies - Approximately 2:00 PM or as soon as possible after last game!


***Rules for Playoffs***

Pitching rules will be that the pitcher can pitch a complete game(unlimited
innings)for the first game and will be able to pitch in the championship
game as well (unlimited innings). 

Once the lineup is established and turned in prior to the game that will be
the official lineup.  No changes can be made once the game has started.  If
you are not sure if a player will be there, that player needs to go to the
bottom of the lineup(last batter) and if she does not show up by the time
her turn comes to bat or the end of the third inning(whichever comes first)
she will not be able to play. 

**If you put her in the lineup earlier than the last batter and her turn
comes up prior to her arriving, it will be an out the first time around(you
will NOT be able to change the lineup) and if she does not show up by the
second time we will skip her at bat and it will not be an out.  **

The run rules will stay the same as regular season:
8u will have 3 runs per inning until the 5th inning. 
10u will have 3 runs per inning until the 7th inning.
12/14u will have 4 runs per inning until the 7th inning

The championship games (on Saturday, 30 May)

will be played under no time limit rules through 7 innings for 10u and up.
8U will play unlimited time as well but for only 5 innings. (we do the same
in tournaments)

Home team will be the highest seeded team in each game.

ANY EJECTIONS will have the player or manager/coach ineligible to play any
other playoff games.  For example if you are ejected for the first playoff
game, you will not be able to participate in the championship game.

Any ejection could also jeopardize a player or manager/coach's eligibility for All-Stars.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me.

Al Chicovsky - or 707-631-5753



Vacaville Bobby Sox Local Rules

Parent Code of Conduct




We need a few 2014-2015 Executive board members and regular board members

Any interested parents please contact a current board member




Please take notice! Dogs are not allowed at any Bobby Sox function. That includes all practices and games at all fields. The only exception is for service dogs. Mixing dogs with little kids is just asking for trouble and if we can avoid kids being bitten we can keep our insurance & player costs low. Board members will be enforcing this policy this year. We don't want parents to miss their kids’ games and we don't want dogs locked in cars in the parking lot either. Thank you for your support.

Important! The following equipment rules will be enforced during this season:
** All bats shall be clearly marked "OFFICIAL SOFTBALL" by the manufacturer. **
** The bat shall be no more than 34 inches in length. **
** Titanium bats are considered illegal. **
** Batting Sleeves are legal for warming up in the "pitching circle". ** Bat "donuts" or "rings" are considered illegal. **
** Only helmets which are stamped with "NOCSAE" shall be allowed. **
** All batting helmets will have a face guard and safety chinstrap attached.**
** The pitcher's glove may NOT be gray, white or yellow. **


Please note the Bobby Sox NO TOLERANCE POLICY (9.28)
Any managing personnel ejected from the game by a director/board member/umpire will be removed from the team and will be restrained from future game attendance.
The Team Staff needs to work together in controlling emotional behavior which can only harm the girls and their effort as a team.
PENALTY Regular Season: 
A minimum of 3 game suspension unless the violation requires removal from future participation, by a Board vote.
Second suspension-Immediate removal from future participation in the League.

Vacaville Bobby Sox is a Fast Pitch Softball League for girls ages 4 to 18. There are no tryouts and we're committed to giving everyone the freedom to explore the great game of softball. We operate under these guiding principles: Citizenship, Friendship, Leadership, Sportsmanship and Scholarship. Our emphasis is on playing the game and having fun and our goal is that all Bobby Sox girls feel like winners and develop physically, spiritually and emotionally. We see the softball field as a platform upon which children can perform for their family and friends in healthy and productive ways. Our program encourages participation and involvement of the entire family and relies on parent managers, chaperones and coaches. The Bobby Sox tradition offers a supportive opportunity for participants ensuring a respectful, ethical commitment that views all levels of athletic ability as valuable.

Be sure to join our email list and LIKE us on Facebook!
Thank you to the dedicated volunteer board members, coaches,
managers, chaperones and many others that have given countless hours!
Thank you to all of our awesome sponsors, supportive families and our community!
You all make it possible and our league would not succeed without all of you!
Your children, their teammates and all of Vacaville Bobby Sox greatly appreciate all your efforts!